Warnings: human names, top!Prussia, bottom!Germany

- Hot Nights -

The clocks were striking one after midnight, but Germany still wasn't sleeping. The unbearable heat, albeit less bothersome than earlier that day, prevented him from falling asleep.

The unmistakable click sound of the door being opened caught his attention, and someone slipped inside quietly. Ludwig didn't feel like opening his eyes, so he abstained from confirming what he knew was true. His nightly visitor circled the bed in few seconds, then sneaked into his bed — apart from the cotton sheet being pushed aside, nothing else could be heard.

It seemed like Gilbert decided to stay still for few moments before making another move. What came next caught Ludwig unaware. While he was lying on his side, Gilbert shifted closer and pressed himself against his bare back, right arm wound around his waist.

Ludwig held his breath, eyes wide opened now.

"You're not sleeping, are you?" The older nation whispered behind him, hot breath caressing his skin sent a tingle up his spine. He wasn't entirely sure if Gilbert has known all along, or if he was trying to find it out.

"No." He whispered back, swallowing. The grip on his abdomen tightened, and Gilbert gave a breathy laugh, just below his ear.

"The guard let me in." He stated, but Ludwig didn't comment on that.

"We're lovers now, right?"

Gilbert's bluntness never failed to amaze Ludwig. And in any other occasion, he would have sputtered or stammered out a response, but he stayed mouse-quiet, giving a single nod in return, cheek rubbing against the fabric of the pillow.

"If you want to call it like that..." He added eventually. He swallowed again, wondering how his brother's arm around his body could be so insanely distracting. Ludwig doubted he would get some sleep anytime soon. A warm sensation on his shoulder pulled him out of his thoughts, and by the time he realized it were Gilbert's lips on his skin, the Prussian had already worked his way up to his neck, lingering there for a while.

Gilbert's actions raised his pulse, but felt so strange and alien at the same time that he thought he would never get used to it. Even odder was the fact that his brother rolled over to his side suddenly, sprawling his body over the free space.

"Good grief, it sure is warm today... Not even a breath of wind." Gilbert complained, but didn't receive any kind of response. He let out an exasperated sigh, trying to get the younger German's attention.

"The temperature sores high during summertime." Ludwig offered monotonously after a long pause, following his brother's actions from earlier as he rolled on his back. He stared at the white ceiling for quite some time before closing his eyes. But alas, it was difficult to fall asleep with someone watching you. He looked to the side and glared at Gilbert.

"What?" He demanded.

The albino gave a vague shrug in response, and drew closer, leaning his head onto Ludwig's shoulder leisurely. Truth to be told, it slightly irritated Ludwig, but amused him at the same time. And above everything else, he felt utterly confused. So the only logical thing he could do is keep quiet, and this he performed rather successfully. The warmth radiating off their bodies snuggled together made him edgy. He wondered whether Gilbert could read his thoughts when the Prussian switched his position again, shifting away from him in order to find a cooler place on the bed.

Ludwig sighed, now eager to get some proper sleep, but Gilbert wouldn't let him.

"It's freaking hot, I can't sleep like this…" He grumbled to himself. Ludwig was on the edge of telling him to shut up, but Gilbert caught him unaware once again as he took his sleeping-pants off, the only piece of clothing covering his body. The garment was thrown onto the floor, making Ludwig's eye twitch dangerously in annoyance.

"Much better..." The Prussian drawled in amusement, "I wouldn't refuse a good fuck either." He added with a growing grin, "I'm really in the mood right now, and—"

Ludwig shut his eyes and proceeded not to listen to the rest, but his brother was as stubborn as a mule.

"… I'd so fuck you into the mattress, you have no idea."

Hold on.

"What?" Ludwig gave him an incredulous stare.

"Hm?" Gilbert cocked an eyebrow innocently, "Is little West afraid?" He mocked with a hint of challenge in his tone. Ludwig wasn't stupid enough to fall for such a childish trap.

"Gilbert… you're unbelievable." Ludwig managed after a few moments, causing the Prussian to flash him a bright grin in return.

"I know, West, I know… My awesomeness is crossing the barriers of the ozone." He chuckled and shifted next to him suddenly, "But, say, would it be alright if I—"

"No." Ludwig interrupted.

"But, if only—"

"No." Having expected another counter-attack, the younger nation didn't allow him to finish.


"Absolutely no." Ludwig cut off a last time, ending their little chit-chat for good. Gilbert groaned pitifully and returned to his previous position.

"A kiss at least?" He remembered after a moment. Ludwig sighed deeply, but didn't protest. This was enough to encourage Gilbert who practically pounced on him and leaned down to capture Ludwig's lips in a chaste kiss. Ludwig's heart fluttered at the somewhat familiar touch – he couldn't deny that it felt good, and they haven't had a chance to explore each other like this before.

He didn't know what he was thinking – if he was thinking at all – as he lifted a hand and placed it on the back of Gilbert's head, fingers threading through the platinum strands, bringing him closer. The angle of the kiss changed, giving them better access, and the kiss turned deeper, more intimate, and thus more pleasurable for both. Gilbert gave a guttural moan, putting his palms flat against the mattress above Ludwig's shoulders, straddling him before rolling his hips suggestively. The movement made Ludwig break the kiss, hissing out his brother's name in a warning.

"Fuuck." Gilbert cursed lowly, grinding his arousal against Ludwig's crotch again, "I want you so much right now, you can't even imagine…" He pleaded tacitly, his voice raw with lust. Ludwig was aware of what he wanted even without Gilbert saying it out loud. He was absolutely aware of what was poking him down there—not that he himself wasn't having the same problems. He desperately wanted to buck up against Gilbert.

There goes his self-discipline.

"West… please," The proud Prussian officially pleaded − it meant the end of the world. "The heat is unbearable, I can't sleep like this without a good work-out… I promise it'll be only one round… Come on…" Before even receiving a proper answer, he leaned in nudged Ludwig's head to the side and launched his first attack, nibbling on his neck with obvious enthusiasm.

Blue eyes closed as lust swelled in Ludwig, senses on alert while the older German continued to mark his playground with both teeth and lips, biting and sucking with the purpose of asserting his ownership on the nation that belonged to him. Ludwig knew it was late to resist now. He repeated the same gesture, twisting his fingers in Gilbert's hair, quietly approving. A pleased groan escaped Gilbert, and he smirked, covering the bite-marks with kisses. However, he wasn't patient enough to stay there for long, moving lower, palms traveling over the broad chest, down to Ludwig's strong abdomen, leaving more marks over the trained body, tongue joined teeth, licking his way down to his prize.

Everything was much slower and considerate, more intimate than the encounter in the office.

Ludwig allowed himself to be spoiled for once, lifting his hips off the mattress to assist Gilbert while he was being freed from the clothes, waiting to see what the Prussian planned next. He surely didn't lose a lot of time with the foreplay, for he jumped directly to the main part. Pale fingers closed around the base of Ludwig's erection, he tensed up in anticipation. Gilbert licked his lips after he settled comfortably between his brother's spread thighs, ready to bless him with the most awesome blow-job of his life.

"Are you ready, West?" He questioned, voice heavy with lust, his breath ghosting over the hard shaft.

"Talk less and do more…" Ludwig repeated one of Gilbert's favorite phrases, making him smirk.

"Damn straight." He breathed out, and licked his lips again, teasing him with a couple of wet kisses along the throbbing erection, mouth quickly closing around the glistening head, and then he sucked, letting his tongue swirl around the glans. Ludwig failed to keep his moth shut at the first sensations, head falling back onto the pillow as he let out a groan.

Gilbert felt like testing his other oral skills—the hard cock in his hand was a perfect testing object—and released him for a moment with a wet sound, gliding the tip of his tongue over the head and down the shaft, all the way to the base, rolling his balls in his fingers, squeezing gently. Ludwig's hips jerked up when he took him in his mouth, swallowing as much as he managed after the first try, increasing the depth with each new thrust, teeth scraping along his length carefully. Down to the base and quickly back up, swirling the warm muscle over the leaking head when it became the only part left in his mouth, repeating the wild cycle until he had Ludwig writhing beneath him. Moans were music to his ears.

The night was young, true, but Gilbert didn't intend spending hours on foreplay – not that they needed it right now – and he decided to hurry up and get on with what he had in mind from the very beginning. His hand sneaked lower to knead the taut buttocks earnestly, groaning at the feel, and spreading the warm globes to find his hole, taking his erection deeper into his mouth to distract him.

It alarmed Ludwig nonetheless, but he didn't voice his thoughts.

Gilbert released his cock with a loud pop short before they shared a look.

"Loosen up a bit, would you?" He reminded, not bothering to hide how impatient he was.

"Wait—Gilbert, it's not going like this." Ludwig lifted himself on his elbows and pushed against Gilbert's shoulder to make him halt. The older German couldn't help rolling his eyes at this.

"Good Lord, West, don't chicken out on me now!" He rose to his feet, then left the bed, visibly disgruntled. "Alright!" He nearly shouted, and Ludwig wanted to strangle him right there and then as he watched him stride towards the bathroom stark naked. Ludwig's palm connected with his forehead with a loud slap, and he groaned out in disbelief, but inwardly waiting to see what Gilbert came up with.

"Here." The older nation announced once he reappeared, strolling over to the bed. Ludwig's gaze instantly fell onto Gilbert's erection, standing proud and glistening with what Ludwig suspected was the lotion his brother found in one of the cabinets. He didn't get much time to ponder about it further, because Gilbert was already on his knees in front of him, spreading his thighs wider and positioning himself flagrantly.

"And don't expect me to be gentle…" Gilbert warned, and before Ludwig was even aware of it, the Prussian found what he searching for, steadily pushing through the tight ring of muscles. Gilbert's behavior started to seriously annoy him, but he bit his tongue and refused to remark while the Prussian's thick shaft was slowly filling him, stretching him, leaving him almost breathless for a good minute. He sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, fighting against the urge to clamp down of him, desperately trying to relax. Slowly, inch by inch, Gilbert seated himself inside entirely, his balls pressed tight against Ludwig's perineum, crotch glued to his rear. A broken groan came from the nation lying when Gilbert rotated his hips in small circles, allowing a hedonistic moan to slip past his lips at the tight sensation.

"Listen…" He began huskily, "I don't have a fucking eternity for you to adjust, West." It wasn't even a proper advice, more like ridicule. In a surge of anger, Ludwig made an attempt to land a punch on Gilbert's jaw, but it seemed like the Prussian has expected this kind of reaction, and thus caught his wrists in a somewhat clumsy grip. A loud laughter resounded above him while Gilbert pinned his both hands on the pillow above, proving his dominant position. He retreated and plunged himself inside swiftly, Ludwig's moan was drowned by wet slaps of their damp skin, Gilbert kept angling his thrusts in different ways while he pounded him ruthlessly, his sexual hunger seemed insatiable.

The younger nation refused to be dominated in this way, attacking when he thought Gilbert wasn't paying attention—it wasn't only hands he could use to liberate himself, after all—hooking his limbs around Gilbert's waist to trap him and switch their positions, turning out to be on top, but almost causing them both to fall out of the bed.

Gilbert regained balance quickly, and pushed himself back towards the center of the bed – at least his upper body that he was able to move, the rest being pinned down by Ludwig's weight. The younger of the two didn't show intentions of changing his position any time soon, sitting on top of Gilbert with a complacent expression, inner muscles pulsing around the cock buried inside him deeper than before. He breathed deeply, finally relaxing and starting to enjoy in the feel of being stuffed by Gilbert's thick manhood, spending a moment at ease.

Gilbert grinned during that time, white teeth flashing in the moonlight, but then did something that no one else dared to even think about. His palm connected with Ludwig's ass with a sharp slap, his hand lingering there after the strike, massaging the taut globe in a kind of a silent apology.

"Is something wrong, little brother?" He breathed out, tone challenging, taunting, "Don't tell me you're exhausted already? Or are you only taking a break?" He raised his hand to slap him again, but in vain. Ludwig would rather take a stroll around the casern naked than allow Gilbert to strike again. He took hold of both hands, keeping them in a tight grip, and he lifted his body, using his knees to poise himself. It was Gilbert who moaned when he slammed himself down. It didn't take him long to set a steady pace, riding Gilbert without any restraints. Ludwig decided that the sex was good.

In fact, so good that he simply wondered how they survived without this for so long.

Gilbert was to 'blame' for breaking the ice, and Ludwig thanked him inwardly for this. He felt a bizarre urge to tell him that. Not with words, but with letting actions convey his message rather than talking.

Still in hold of Gilbert's hands, he now guided them towards his body, making the other nation embrace him. His pace slowed down, he shifted from passionate sex to sensual love-making, clearly taking Gilbert aback. His confusion was short-lived, eyes falling on half-mast as he began exploring Ludwig's body, palms stroking over his torso, tracing the trained muscles, wounding arms around his waist to follow down his spine and feel the strong back under his fingertips, muscles rippling under his touch while Ludwig moved.

Gilbert pulled him down, much to his pleasure, bringing their lips together, groans of pleasure lost in the intimate kiss. The Prussian kept him down so that their torsos remained pressed together, clawing at the sweaty back and shoulders, sounds of their everlasting kiss, sex, and harsh breathing was everything that could be heard in the bedroom.

Gilbert helped his brother up and down, shivers of pleasure ran through him as Ludwig lifted himself off his hips, only to fall back to meet his thrusts. A bursting of bliss swelled in his abdomen whenever they connected fully, neither of them needed much more to finish. The way Ludwig had his thighs tightened around him, the subtle details like the shudders of pleasure, strong body tensing and glistening with sweat under the moonlight – all those images were now imprinted in Gilbert's mind forever. It was something he didn't want to lose anytime soon. Not now, not ever. And he knew—he was sure in it—he would fight for Germany whenever necessary, no matter what the conditions were. Brothers or not, he wasn't ready to give Ludwig away to anyone.

Feeling that he was close to release, Gilbert decided to give his brother a hand and bade him rise again, scarlet eyes falling on the bouncing erection when he did, Ludwig continued to ride him. Fingers wrapped around the base to pump his member, and it surprised him how quickly Ludwig came under his care, spilling his seed over his wrist and across his abdomen with a silent moan.

Jolly and satisfied with the results, Gilbert could now concentrate on himself, slamming up into the welcoming body a few more times, and Ludwig's muscles squeezed him so hard that he was pulled into a sudden orgasm, filling his brother who remained on top, still calming down from the orgasmic bliss.

Gilbert rode his orgasm out in slow, lazy thrusts, and after he was finished Ludwig slid off of him to find some free space on his brother's right side. Gilbert hummed in satisfaction and rolled over towards Ludwig, leaning his head against his shoulder. Not even the bothersome heat could separate them now while they lay, both sweaty and exhausted, already half-asleep.

"… Now I can finally sleep." Gilbert murmured into Ludwig's neck, and pressed a lazy kiss against the skin, the salty taste on his lips made him smile. Unbeknown to Gilbert, the younger German had a small smile on his lips too.

Perhaps Ludwig could get used to this after all.

- The End -

A/N: Well, compared to the rough office sex from the last chapter, this looks really sappy… but forgive this Germancest shipper for being such a sap most of the time…