Partly Parson's

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Bella's POV:

"Bellllaaa! Bella, get up!" a small bell like voice sang from the foot of my bed. "Bella if you don't get up right now I'm gonna go get the mail by-my-self and then I'ma burn your acceptance letter!" Oh snap! I forgot that was today! Well the mail would still be there in a few hours, so I just rolled over and tried to ignore the pixie I called my sister Alice. Alice and I are fraternal twins, born on September 13. I was born a whole two minutes before her.

"Bella! Now!" Alice snapped, this time I know that if I don't get up she's gonna go get the iced tea, and then I'm gonna be all sticky cuz she's gonna pour that cold mess all over me. "Ok, ok Alice. I'm up, give me a minute and I'll throw on some clothes so we can head to the mail box." Alice eyes me suspiciously but decides to believe me and turns on her heels and leaves me alone. I get up and stretch my arms and legs, capture the flag definitely took a toll on my muscles last night, but it was so worth it to see Alice and Angela tackle Eric and Mike in that pile of manure. I reached in my closet and pulled out my favorite pair of faded blue jeans, they always made my butt look good and a tank top to slip over the cami I was sleeping in. I slipped on a pair of old black flip flops and then walked over to my mirror. My hair wasn't the hay stack it usually was so I was able to put it up in a messy bun that actually looked good, and for my sister's sake I put on some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Don't get me wrong, I'm a diva, just like her, but I don't feel the same way about mornings and definitely not the same way about going to get the stinking mail for a letter that is most likely going to tell me something I really don't wanna hear.

"Bella! Get your cute little ass down here NOW! You know good and damn well Suzanne has come by and I'm sicka waitin!" Alice screeched from the bottom of the stairs. "Ok, I'm comin; can't a girl brush her teeth?" I grumbled at my "little" sister, she hates it when I call her that. "NO!" She hollered again "Alright, short shit! I'm ready!" I yelled back as I began to come down the stairs. When I got to the bottom Alice was waiting on me, with my travel cup of coffee in hand, awww she does love me. "Come on, I don't have time for you to whine about coffee. I have an acceptance letter to receive and then a party to plan." Alice snipped as she turned towards the front door. "Yes, Ma'am" I mock saluted.

So here's the deal, my father ,Charlie Swan, is the chief of police in this little bodunk town we live in and my mother, Rene, is an award winning artist and kindergarten teacher. Around here we're royalty and our home attests to that. We live in a beautiful three story plantation house, and yes a real plantation house not one of those imitation new builds, we have wood burning fireplaces in the bedrooms and a servants quarters, which we use for storage, and the pretty white columns and everything. Volterra Plantation is like way back off the road, probably at least a half a mile, so our dad bought us a four wheeler, not that we wouldn't have gotten one anyway, so we could go down to meet the UPS drivers and get the mail and such.

We rode down the driveway and finally made it to the mailbox. Alice and I had both applied to Parson's School of Design. Alice was going to design clothes and I was going to design shoes and we wanted to one day open our own boutique. Neither of us needed a scholarship, our parents were very conscious about saving for our college funds, so all we really needed was to be accepted. What if only one of us got in? That thought plagued my mind for days now. I would be ok if Alice got in and I didn't but I don't think Alice would be alright at all if she didn't get in.

"Alice, before we even get near that mailbox, I want us to promise each other we won't be upset if things don't turn out like we want. I'm just as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof that this is gonna drive a wedge in between us." I admitted

"Bella, don't worry bout a thing darlin'! I've got a feelin' things are gonna turn out just fine." Alice said soothingly and winked with the last part. Alice is very intuitive; all I can say is NEVER BET AGAINST ALICE.

Alice POV:

Bella worries too much. My sister is wonderful, caring, extremely beautiful, and funny as all get out, but she worries about me and our parents and our brother too much. I know that we are both going to get into Parson's and I also know that we were both awarded full scholarships, even though we don't need it, which is AMAZING because we will have our entire college fund for shopping while we are in New York. Now here is the part where I fess up, I already know that we got in and that we got the scholarship because I called two days ago and told a little white lie. I spoke with Christine in admissions and told her we were out of town for the next few weeks and wouldn't be able to get our mail and really needed to find out if we had made the cut or not. Christine was more than willing to help a small town girl out and inform me that Bella and myself had in fact been accepted to Parson's with a full scholarship, she even went as far to tell me that the administration felt that we were going to be two of its more promising students and would be watching us and if we did well during our first semester we would be recommended to go to Paris to study. Paris! Oh my good Lord! Of course I didn't tell Bella though, she would be all moral on me and tell me how wrong it was to lie to Christine that way, so I just let her sweat.

"Go on Bella, you get the mail." I encouraged "Why?" Bella eyed me suspiciously. Well maybe she is more observant than I thought. "Well, I'm just too excited!" I squealed and jumped up and down. "Oh alright." Bella sighed and took the four remaining steps to the mailbox. She reached inside and pulled out two envelopes, leaving the bills and crap for the rentals. "Here" She said and handed me the letter addressed to Mary-Alice Brandon Swan and she opened hers addressed to Isabella Marie Swan, I'm still not sure why she got the cool name. We both took a deep breath and opened our letters. Bella's face transformed right before my eyes, she's crying? What the heck? "Bella? Why in the world are you crying? You got in!" I asked totally confused. "I'm so relieved." Bella answered. "Well, did you get in?" She asked quickly. "Duh! Of course I did. New York must have me, I'm a hot commodity." I joked with her. "You know what we do now, don't you?" I asked her, my mischievous grin working its way onto my face. Bella smiled at me, "Acceptance Party!" We both screamed in unison and jumped back on our four-wheeler and sped toward the house.

When we made it back to the house it was a little after two in the afternoon. Our parents wouldn't be home until after five thirty so we had just less than three and a half hours to plan our party and invite everybody. Of course we couldn't do it tonight; it was Thursday so we decided to do it tomorrow. The invitation part was easy, we called Angela, Mike, Eric, Sam and Jessica and knew for sure the rest of the school along with the neighboring towns of Kilbourne, Epps, Forest and Delhi would be there.

Charlie and Rene always go away on Friday nights so we called a cleaning company and scheduled them to be at the house Saturday at six in the morning, there was no way in hell we were cleaning that mess with or without a hangover. Then we called Sam's older brother Jason and asked him to come by the house and get the cash for alcohol. We didn't supply the alcohol for the entire party but we would need some, we had to be good hostesses. To finish our planning we called our local bakery, Southern Cakes, and had a humongous cake made. It was white cake with vanilla icing and said Congratulations Alice and Bella (always alphabetical and not by age, hehe) and also asked for six dozen cup cakes. When the lady asked what design we wanted on the cake we just said something fashion inspired and she informed us she had just the thing. We finished up just before Charlie and Rene pulled up, we walked down the stairs, letters in hand, and sat on the arms of the sofas in the living room waiting for them to walk in the door.

Bella's POV:

We really knew better than to sit on the arms of the sofas, it drove Rene crazy, but sometimes you need to do something to make a statement. So of course when they walked in the door that's the first thing she noticed. "Bella, Alice, what have I told you about sitting on the arms of my sofas? They are antiques and can't handle being treated that way…why are you both down here anyway? What is that in your hands?" That's our mom, as scatterbrained as a herd of cattle. She jumps from one thing to the other, which is one of the appealing aspects of her art. "Mom, Dad we have something to tell you." I informed them. "We got accepted, with a full scholarship to Parson's school of design." Alice finished. Our parents stood there dumb founded momentarily. "Both of you?" my dad asked astonished. "Yes, both of us!" Alice squealed. "Oh." Charlie said and walked past us and into the kitchen. I started to follow him but my mom stopped me. "Give him some time honey cakes. His hearts breaking like glass in a tornado, he'll come round. You know he is losing both his babies at the same time." Rene comforted Alice and me. "Now tell me all about what needs to be done." Rene instructed. "Well we have to pack and we are gonna need new laptops. We really need those with the swivel screens that we can draw on. The school recommends them." Alice said cautiously. Rene was an artist and technology wasn't her medium. "Hmm… well if the school insists." That was the best we were gonna get outta her. "Let's go out for supper." Charlie suggested. "Really?" Alice and I both questioned. "Yeah, we'll drive into Monroe and you girls can pick the restaurant." He suggested. "Bella, did you want to invite Sam?" Rene asked. "No." Charlie answered for me, which was fine because things with Sam were going to be awful enough when I told him I was leaving. "Alright, go get dressed girls and be quick we don't have much time." Rene told us, but we were already half way up the stairs.

"Bellllaaa, what should I wear?" Alice whined. "Here, I'll go in your closet and pick your clothes out and you go in mine and we'll accessorize together. Sound good?" I asked "Yeah." Alice answered heading to my closet. I went into Alice's closet and picked out a Miss Selfridge rain tonal crochet dress with a drop waist and white ballet shoes. When I was finished I went into my room and Alice had laid out a pair of Chloe Lux skinny jeans in a light wash with a yellow InStyle blouse that laced up the front but was very conservative and a pair of Christian Louboutin pink peep toe sling back pumps. I smiled because both of these outfits had been bought with money we had received for graduation last month. I dressed quickly and curled my chocolate brown hair in long loose curls and put my make up on, this time for real. My brown eyes weren't the dull brown you saw so often, they were a warm chocolate and you could see every emotion I had in them so I always played them up with gold and warm pink eye shadows. When I was done I took a step back and surveyed myself, all I needed was a few accessories and I would be done so I grabbed a blue eyelet clutch and a blue flower hair clip for Alice and went into her room. "Alice, I'm done." I informed her. She was standing in front of her full length mirror applying some lip gloss. "Good, I have just what you need." She said and walked over to her bureau and pulled out a long silver locket and a daisy print clutch. She handed them to me and then stepped back to the bureau and brought out a pair of silver daisy shaped earrings and a bracelet with silver daisies on it, I put those on also and she nodded. "Here" I said and put the blue clip in her hair and handed her the clutch "Hang on one second." I said and ran back into my room and brought back a pair of tear drop crystal earrings and Alice put them on. "Perfect." I proclaimed and we headed down stairs.

We met our parents by the front door and all headed out to our family's SUV. The drive to Monroe took us about an hour and a half, during which we discussed where to eat and why. We finally decided, much to Charlie's chagrin, to eat at Ronin Hibachi Grill. Alice and I loved to eat at the grill; the atmosphere was always so much fun. "Bella, what are you going to design?" Charlie asked. "Shoes. I want to be the next Jimmy Chu!" I exclaimed. "And Alice is going to design clothes?" He questioned again. "Yep!" Alice said popping the 'p'. We spent the next several minutes talking about packing; what we would be able to take on the plane with us and what we would have to have shipped. "When are you girls leaving?" Rene asked before taking a bite of her shrimp. Alice and I looked at each other and then pulled our letters out of our clutches. "The orientation is June 20th." Alice said. "Alice, what is today?" I asked, mortified. "Today is Thursday." Alice answered matter of factly. "No Alice, the date!" I demanded "Oh, it's the 16th." Alice said. It took several moments for it to dawn on everyone that in exactly three days we would be leaving for New York. "Oh my." Rene breathed. "Finish eating girls. We have things to do." Charlie added and continued to eat silently. I couldn't eat, three days; I only had three days to break up with my boyfriend of four years. I'm not stupid, I have no intentions of asking Sam to wait for me, I don't know when, if ever, I will be coming back to the hell hole we call home. Sam wants to stay in Oak Grove and live his life there like his dad and his dad's dad and so on. I want something bigger, I always have. That's why Alice and I chose Parson's in the first place. I just thought I would have time to say goodbye properly.

We finished eating and Charlie paid the bill. We loaded back into the SUV but instead of getting back on I-20 Charlie headed around the Mall towards a new shopping center. We passed Target and Toys-R-Us and stopped at Best Buy. Mine and Alice's jaws dropped. "Dad?" We asked in unison. "Well we are going to have to get you those laptops sooner than we thought." Was all Charlie said before getting out and heading in the store. Alice and I grinned big goofy grins and ran, I mean full out run, in the store.

Two hours and an unmentionable amount of money later we walked out with two personalized HP touchsmart tmt2 series laptops, with printers, two 32 gb apple ipod touches and one 60 in flat screen lcd hdtv. Hey, in our defense, Charlie insisted on everything but the ipods, Alice said the right music helps inspire your artistic impulses and Rene agreed so Charlie was just out voted.

We left Best Buy and headed over to Target. Alice and I needed necessities for our Dorm room. We went to the bedding and each found something we liked. I found a purple and zebra print set that I loved and oddly enough Alice wanted the same thing in pink. We found pink and purple bathroom accessories that we coordinated to work together and waste baskets and hampers, a lamp for each of us and dry erase boards and notebooks and sketch books, Rene insisted. We bought a first aid kit, because Charlie insisted and a pink tool kit, why we would need that I don't know. Charlie also informed us that he would be bringing us home pepper spray Saturday, he even mentioned a tazer but thankfully Rene talked him out of that one. The ride home was quiet and Alice and I ended up falling asleep in the back, we woke up when the car finally stopped and started unloading. "You girls go on up and get in bed, I'll get this stuff." Charlie informed us. "Thanks Daddy." Alice said "Luv ya Daddy." I added and we went upstairs to bed.