Partly Parson's

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Bella POV:

So here I am sitting at a bar stool with an incredibly hot guy, who isn't the incredibly hot guy who asked me here tonight by the way, having a few too many drinks. Am I going way over board? Yes. Do I care? NO! After being assaulted and then abandoned by my "date" I feel the need for a pity party and Jake over here seems to be just the guy to help me out.

"So Jake…tell me why exactly you are the least of my friends problems?" I asked him trailing my fingers down his toned, tan arms.

Jake smiled and pulled me in close to him, he smelled like the forest, and wrapped his arms tightly around me and tipped my head back.

"Sugar, I'm gay." He purred into my ear, eliciting a small involuntary shudder from me. "And your boy toy over there is completely unaware, so play along and I'll land you a hottie tonight." I could feel the smile on his lips as he brushed them by my neck.

"Gay?" I stammered out. "What the hell, I mean you are so hot. Do you have a boyfriend?" My drunken word vomit was getting the best of me.

Jake straightened us up and placed his hand at the small of my back. "Let's dance." He yelled over the music and I nodded my approval. Jake managed to guide me out onto the dance floor and find us a suitable spot. I looked over and saw Alice expertly maneuvering around Jasper, apparently they made up. We all converged together just as 'Bottoms up' came on. Alice's eyes lit up like Christmas morning! Our song! Jake glance over at my sister and began to move and sway to the music, lightly laying his hands on my hips and encouraging me to move with him. "My boyfriend is named Paul and he is right over there." Jake spoke right into my ear pointing over to another tall dark and handsome guy sitting at the bar. "But let's not worry about my boyfriend; yours is glaring daggers our way. I want you to really give me all you got sugar. He'll regret leaving you at that table all alone."

I smiled and turned around to face Jake and began moving my body in all the right ways. Losing myself in the song was easy and Jake was even easier to let go with. I swayed my hips in front of him, while working my hands up and down my body; slightly lifting my slinky top to expose just a little skin. I have to give it to him, Jake was right and it wasn't long before I finally caught a glimpse of Edward standing off to the side of the dance floor looking like Murder 101 in the flesh. His emerald green eyes were a fitting match to that ugly green monster we like to call jealously. I smiled to myself and put even more into my dancing with Jake.

A few songs later Jake was leading me back off the dance floor and back to the bar, where Paul was sitting. "Another round!" Jake called loudly to the bar tender who promptly brought over three shots of the glorious green drink Jake had been ordering us.

"So, My Jake here is helping a damsel in distress tonight huh?" Paul leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm Bella by the way, and I'm sorry to have stolen your date." I leaned in to say so he could hear me

"Pshhh...Honey you are so not his type. Besides I get to take him home and have my way with him after he gets slammed with you." Paul smirked and I almost spit my next drink out all over the place. I managed to swallow the delicious green drink and laugh good heartedly with Paul. Really though, I think I could be great friends with these two!

"Bella" I heard his smooth velvet voice hiss at me. I turned slowly, trying to reign in my temper, to look at Edward's livid face. I plastered my good natured southern girl smile on my own face and answered him as confidently as possible.

"Well hello Edward!" I spoke with mock friendliness

"We need to talk."

"Why ever would we need to do that? I'm enjoying a few drinks with my new friends here. Oh, where have my manners gone! Edward this is Paul," I introduced while trailing my hand up and down his thigh, then turned seductively towards Jake "And this, this is Jake." I said his name like he was water and I just got out of the desert and couldn't wait to have him all to myself. I made quite the show of resting my hand on his well defined chest, and God bless him if Jake didn't lift it up and nip at my finger tips before slipping one into his mouth for a taste. Taking this opportunity I closed my eyes and savored the feeling of Edward's heated glare before he snatched my hand away from Jake and began to rather forcefully drag me towards the back door.

"Ok Edward, What?" I sneered at him. "You think you can just invite me here as a 'date' and then ditch me? What am I supposed to do? Huh? Sit around demurely while you get your rocks off with some other chick? I don't think so!" My breath was coming hard and my heart was beating fast and to make matters so much better I could feel the traitorous tears of anger creeping up to the surface of my eyes.

"NO!" He yelled


"No, I did not get my rocks off with some other chick as you put it. I was trying to get to you from the stage when some music rep woman grabbed me by the arm to talk about a new contract"

"Really, you expect me to believe that? Jasper was with Alice the whole time! Why on earth would you talk business without him around?"

"Normally I wouldn't but considering he fucked up with her earlier it didn't seem like a killer idea to interrupt." Edward was seething by this time.

"Are we done here?" I asked quietly

"Yeah…So done!" He yelled and walked back into the bar alone.

Feeling oddly defeated I slumped down the wall and buried my head in my knees just wanting this nightmare to end and the really nice guy who saved me this afternoon to come back outside and tell me he was sorry for leaving me when we were supposed to be on a date. After a few minutes the door opened and my heart fluttered, hoping it was him coming back but when I turned around I saw Jake, leaning against the wall.

"Come on sugar, we aren't done with him yet." He pleaded.