Hello everybody. This is something I've been working on since the second season ended (and not at all to my liking, but hey what does my opinion matter). Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: Sanctuary does not belong to me. If it did the second season would be a very different entity.

Dedicated to DZR who was really nice to me at a very dark time and who really wanted to see this.

Have Deadly Weapons Will Travel

"Dammit!" A darkly clothed figure bit out. The outcry in the city center told her that her target was going to be far too easy to find. The man was dancing in the streets. Could he have made her job any harder? He was far too visible just to nab, now. She was going to need a distraction. Peachy.

Good thing she had gotten that small stockpile of C-4 before she had come to Mumbai.

She pitched herself gracefully off of the roof of a squat building and ran through the dirty alley.


Kate Freelander looked on in shock as her friend and colleague called out in pain to somebody who wasn't there. When he collapsed she lurched forward and caught him before he hit the ground. "Will. Dammit. What's wrong with you?"

"Kali…" Will whispered as he passed out. Kate thought that Magnus had fixed him, but this time he didn't even have that damn spider to blame. Things had gone from bad to worse. She needed to find Magnus now! Before she could think of what to do next an explosion sounded not far from her and Will's location setting the crowd to panic. She tried as best she could to get Will to safety, but people were bumping into her and making it impossible for her to drag him away.

When an unknown hand clasped Kate's shoulder she spun ready to defend herself. A black robed person obviously had a death wish. "We need to get him out of here." Her voice made it obvious that she was a woman, but a thick cowl obscured her face and hair. Only her eyes were visible, and they gave nothing away to Kate.

"Who the hell are you?" Kate yelled as she ripped her arm out of the other woman's grasp.

"Not important." The woman said as she grabbed one of Will's arms. "Come on. I have to get you guys some place safe and then I have to find the rest of your friends."

Kate wasn't sure if she should trust this lady, but she was running out of options. The crowd was still going crazy and she needed to get Will out of this place, so with more than a little trepidation she grabbed him under his other arm and together they sought sanctuary.


In a dank disused warehouse in an industrialized part of the city Kate, finally lay Will down in a dark corner. He moaned a little in pain and then fell silent. She turned away from him and looked into the eyes of their savior. "We need to get him back to the Sanctuary."

The other woman still had not removed her black scarves, but she spoke as if it was not important to do so. "I think that would be a very bad idea. I said I would take you someplace safe and I have. Now I expect you to stay right here until I get back." She made to leave, but Kate grabbed her arm.

"What do you mean stay here? He needs to get to Magnus. Who the hell are you anyway?" Kate snapped.

"I told you I am going to get your other friends who are, if you can believe it, in far more danger than you. The word is that a massive Tsunami is going to hit anytime now. Hopefully you are far enough in land here that you will be okay. They, however, are out there. I am going to find them and bring them here. Then I am getting you all the hell out of Mumbai." The woman said as she ripped herself from Kate's grasp.

"Then I'm coming with you. If Magnus and Henry are in trouble then you can use all the help you can get." Kate stated matter of factly.

"No. You'll just slow me down and someone has to stay here with Will. That's you're job. If any harm comes to him then I swear I will be gunning for you. Understand."

Kate huffed in frustration, but nodded. "Visa versa to you." She turned back towards Will for a moment to get control of her temper then looked back at the woman. At least she looked back at the place that the woman had stood. Kate hadn't even heard her leave. She ran to the outer door and looked both ways for any sign of her. Nothing.

"Okay, Will, something strange is going on here." She whispered as she sat down beside her charge.


Magnus had watched in horror as a massive wall of water headed for the main land, where the remainder of her team was stationed. She had silently prayed that they would be okay. That had been an hour ago and right after Terrance Wexford had relieved her of her life's work. Then Bertha had left the area as quickly as she could to avoid anymore harm from either one of the psychopaths that hunted her. She and Henry had quickly been shunted into a tiny little room that was locked from the outside.

They were prisoners here and all because that stupid little man, who was in charge of everything she had built, feared her retribution. Much as she would have loved to justify his fears, she had other worries. Helen needed to get her team out of Mumbai and back home. She would at the very least save her Sanctuary. She was the only one alive who knew how.

She paced as Henry looked all around the room for a technological edge that didn't exist. If only she had a gun. Just one gun. That wouldn't be much, but it would make her feel better.

Magnus honestly could not see a way out. That hateful little man was chasing down a very important abnormal and all she could do was sit there. It was enough to make her cry. There was a helicopter on the landing pad of the ship if she could just get to it. She groaned in frustration.

"Hey boss, it's going to be fine. We'll fix this somehow." Henry tried to sound reassuring.

"Thank you, Henry." Magnus said with a small, tired smile for the man who she had watched grow up. His bravery heartened her. Especially since he had no more idea how to fix the situation than she did.

A scraping of metal on metal signaled that the door of her cell was opening. She signaled to Henry to get on one side of the portal and she the other. It wasn't going to be a very effective strategy against armed guards, but it was the best they had.

A black gun barrel entered the room before anything else, but soon a man followed. What Magnus' didn't expect was another gun barrel to follow the man's head. Then a smaller masked figure was through the door. The guard turned toward his attacker, but it was too late. A black boot shot out from under the figures long robes and kicked the man quite deftly in the head. He was down and out. Henry gave a whoop in appreciation.

"Are you alright?" Their muffled rescuer asked. The voice gave Magnus a few details about the person in front of her. It was a woman. The way she took down the guard told her she was a trained fighter, but also not altogether willing to kill. She didn't know if she could trust this person, but when the woman gave her a gun and Henry his gear, she decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Come on." The mysterious woman said. She led them out a corridor and over not a few unconscious men. When they were up on the main deck she took them to the helipad and motioned for them to begin the pre flight preparation while she watched their backs. "Okay you two," She said when the helicopter was ready. She handed a piece of paper to Henry. "When you get back to the city, follow the directions on the paper. It will lead you to the rest of your team."

"Whoa…whoa, wait a minute, what about you? You'll have to come with us. This is the only way off the ship." Henry said.

The woman shook her head. "I got on the ship didn't I. No worries I've got an escape planned. Besides somebody has to watch your exit and make sure you don't get shot down."

For some reason Helen didn't want to leave the woman behind either. "Come with us." She said simply.

"Don't worry; I'm meeting you back in the city. I've already made the rest of our travel arrangements." She looked around her. "It's dark so be careful. Go directly to the place on the map. Go!"

Helen didn't need to be told again and they began to rise from the ship. She watched the dark figure until she could no longer see her.