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Ch.1 Why Wally?

POV: Kuki

I was sitting in my room playing with my 'very bored on a rainy day' rainbow monkey. He had a cute little yellow rain coat on with matching rubber boots. The only thing that seemed to missing was a little hat and an umbrella.

"Wait! I think I have an umbrella around here somewhere", I cheered. Going into the hallway to find it, I never saw Wally coming my way. I ran right into someone and landed on top of them. Looking up I saw that it was Wally. I could feel my cheeks heat up from both embarrassment and happiness. His face was just as red as mine; of course his was probably red out of anger.

"Hi Wally", I smiled. He growled and pushed me off. He stood by and brushed himself off. Wally looked down at me with such saddens in his eyes. He turned, took a few slow steps and stopped. I stood up and walked over to him. I very gentle put my hand on his shoulder.

"Wally. Are you okay", I asked him. His body tensed up. He jerked his shoulder away and ran down the dark hallway. I watched him run but didn't move, to heart broke. In a whisper I said one simple word.

"Wally." I walked back to my room, grabbed my 'heart broken' rainbow monkey and crawled into bed. My heart hurt so much. I didn't think it was possible to hurt that much and still be alive. I cried my eyes out but I stopped when I heard someone knocked on my wall. I don't have a door so they had no choice but to knock on my wall. I looked up through my tears and wiped them away. I tried my best to sound cheery when I invited who ever it was, into my room.

"C-come in", I told who ever it was. Wally came in with his head hanging low. I could feel more tears come to my eyes and I put my face back into my already tear soaked pillow. I didn't hear Wally walk towards me but I felt him sit beside me.

"Kuki", I heard him mumble. I looked up at him, with fresh tears in my eyes. Wally wiped my tears away. I looked into his eyes to see his eyes were filled with tears.

"Kuki. I-I'm sorry I made you cry", he whispered. He grabbed me into a hug. I felt his tears on my shoulder. He pulled me away and looked me in the eyes. Without warning he grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. The feeling of lips on my mine was the greatest feeling ever but only one thing was going through my mind.

'Why Wally'?