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Ch. 4 Ace

POV: Kuki

Numbuh two was leaning against my doorway looking at Wally and me underneath the brim of his private eye hat. He walked away from the door way and started pacing. Numbuh two kept making a 'hum' noise, as if he was thinking about something. After about two minutes of pacing I yelled at him.

"Numbuh two! Will you please stop pacing around and tell us why you're here?" Numbuh two stopped in his tracks and turned to us.

"I'm here to tell you Kuki what happened, because Wally already knows the reason, right Wally?" Wally nodded his head. Wally looked me in the eyes and held my hand. Numbuh two leaned against my bed and flicked the brim of his hat up.

"You see Kuki. Ace or The Kid as others call him, lied to Wally and said that you and him were going out," he told. I could feel anger go through my whole body.

"Why would he do something like that?" I yelled. Wally patted my shoulder and smiled at me. I could feel my anger was being replaced by love. I smiled at him and leaned into him.

"The only reason he did that was so that Wally would get up enough guts to tell you his true feelings," Hoagie told me. I looked at Wally. He had a light blush on his cheeks and he nodded at me. I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"So now that you understand I would suggest that you say thanks to the kid," Numbuh two told me. I glared at him and he started to laugh nervously. "Or not…ha-ha….it's your choice." He ran out of my room with a scared look on his face.

Wally and I just held each other and stealing a few kisses here and there. I have never been happier in my whole life. That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

When I woke up the next morning I decided to go get Wally a small present. As I was walking by the playground near the tree house I saw Ace was swinging on the swings. I sighed and walked over to him. I don't know if he noticed me because if he did he acted like I wasn't there.

I leaned against one of the polls that were holding up the swing set.

"Hey Ace?" He stopped his swing and turned to me with a smile.

"Yes?" He asked me. I started messing with my hair and green sweater out of embarrassment.

"Thank you," I whispered. I him chuckle and he went back to swinging.

"I don't know what you're thanking me for but you're welcome," he smiled. I stopped messing with my hair and smiled. I started walking away and waved back at him.

"See you around Ace," I called.

POV: Ace

I watched one of the nicest girls' alive walk away happier then I have ever seen her. I smiled to myself and kept swinging.

'You're welcome Kuki. And I hope that you never stop smiling like that.'

I hope that this last chapter didn't suck. This was a short story but in my opinion I also think it's one of the sweetest.