It's been August since I posted. I've been stuck on this reveal for that long. This morning I woke up and it was all there waiting to be put to print! The mind is a wonderous thing!

House isn't mine. I suppose it still belongs to David Shore.

Like Father, Like Son

Chapter 27

Cuddy sat at House's desk anticipating Greg's arrival. It didn't matter to her that House might be angry to find her in his territory messing with his stuff. In a very un-Cuddy-like display of playfulness, she was rolling his giant tennis ball around while trying not to knock a disgusting fish-statue thing off his desk. She hated that fish and she knew he kept it there to annoy her. House had told her that it was a sort of a trophy that he'd won and forbidden her from touching it. When the phone on his desk rang, Cuddy jumped, successfully tossing the ball into the fish and knocking them both onto the floor with a crash. Reflexively, she picked up the receiver, but caught herself before she spoke.

"What did Cuddy say when you told her that Greg is your son?" Wilson was going to wish that he'd listened for a greeting before starting with a question like that.

Cuddy slammed down the receiver as though she'd been burned. No. No way! She closed her eyes and tried to meditate, taking long…long cleansing breaths. It didn't work. In her mind she shifted between two sets of bright blue eyes. One set had more wrinkles around them but she realized that they were essentially the same. Then she realized that she'd known it all along. For what other reason would she allow a kid that young to have an internship at her hospital? Her memory took her back to a much younger House, the one from their college days, and Greg looked even more like him.

Suddenly, Cuddy was overcome with emotion. She wanted to scream and, cry and laugh all at once, but mostly she wanted to get out of House's office before he got there with Greg. She needed to sort things out before she saw either of them. The Dean of Medicine needed figure out what sort of game they were playing and what Wilson had to do with any of this.

Wilson stood to rush to House's office. A response like that could only mean that Cuddy hadn't taken the news well and House needed to discuss things, whether he thought he needed to, or not. As he reached for his doorknob, he heard Greg and House in the hall. Who had he just spoken to, then? They weren't approaching from the direction of House's office and the laughter indicated that House hadn't applied his hospital demeanor, yet. Wilson took a couple of long…long cleansing breaths before he opened the door to his office and set off to discover who exactly, he'd just spilled the beans to.

They all met at the entrance to House's office in a flurry of arms and legs and words.

"House, what do you mean by…."

"Cuddy what are you doing in my…"

"House, who was just answering your ph…?"

"Dad, Cuddy broke your fish!"

"Then what Wilson said was true?"

"You answered my phone?"

"House, I should have waited to see…"

"Did I just say Dad?"

They all looked at Greg, who was staring back like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Then it's true?"

"Wilson, you idiot!"

"House…maybe we all need to sit down and talk." Wilson really wished that he'd stayed out of things, for once, because now they were all looking at him.

"I am SO glad I'm not Wilson, right now." Greg smiled sheepishly and tried to escape into the conference room, but he discovered that everyone was following him.

When Wilson started to sit down with the rest of them, House and Cuddy simultaneously shouted, "Get out!" Wilson sat down anyway. He felt it was his responsibility to see this through, especially since it was his fault that things were happening this way.

"You have a chance to leave, but you aren't going? Wilson, spare yourself while you have the chance!" Greg was trying to add a little levity to the situation, but it fell flat.

Wilson stayed, riveted to his seat with curiosity. Today was a good day to die. Right, he felt responsible. "I just want to…"

"Shut up, Wilson!" came the dual response.

Greg made a note to self: it's impossible to shrink behind a glass table.

House and Cuddy looked each other in the eyes and House realized that Cuddy was fighting tears. For some reason, it seemed, she was as hurt as she was surprised and angry about the whole affair. House smirked at the double meaning.

"Wipe that look off your face, House! This is so not funny!" There was that look again. House broke eye contact and looked down through the table at his shoes.

"If I could just…"

"No!" At least Wilson was a uniting factor.

"Why didn't you tell me, House?" Cuddy's face was back under control, but her words said all that her face had shown.

Despite the importance of letting Cuddy know that this wasn't a secret he'd been hiding for years, he replied, "I was a little busy conceiving and establishing a friendship that week. It just slipped my mind. The same week I slept with Renee, I met Wilson and bailed him out of jail. It was a medical conference in New Orleans.

"I guess it's a good thing you never go to conferences or you'd have kids all over the world by now," Cuddy snapped. She looked over at Greg and realized that she needed to watch was she was saying. He didn't need to know that his father was an ass, just yet.

Cuddy set her stare at Wilson. "Have you known all this time, too?"

Greg intervened since he knew that Dr. Wilson would just say something to screw things up even more. "Dr. Cuddy, neither my dad nor Dr. Wilson knew I existed until I showed up a few weeks ago. I was raised by my mom and grandparents. My mom died helping with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and then once my grandparents died I came to find my dad. Wilson found out right before I got sick. I came to you for the internship without my dad's knowledge because I wanted to get the job all by myself. Don't be mad at either of them, they didn't keep anything from you."

"Does the team, know who you are, or am I really the last to know?" Cuddy wasn't ready to stop being mad.

"No one else knows….unless Wilson spilled it." House shot daggers at Wilson. "I wanted to take Greg for a haircut and some clothes that fit and then we were coming to see you, today. This is exactly what I didn't want to have happen!"

Greg was sure that if House stared any harder at Wilson that Wilson's face would melt off his skull. It could be fun!

"You need to tell Nolan about this."

"Nolan knows and he thinks this is good. He says I'm doing well. I say it's none of your business what Nolan thinks."

"They're staying with me!" Wilson piped up, as though this statement would set Cuddy's mind at ease.

"Shut up, Wilson," stated Cuddy, Wilson and Greg unanimously.

Wilson smiled. House and Cuddy continued to glare as Greg noted that Wilson was now resigned to his impending doom.

Since he had nothing to lose, Wilson decided to stir the pot. "House, aren't you the slightest bit curious about what Cuddy was doing in your office answering your phone and breaking your stuff?"

"I know why. This is Greg's first day working with me and she was here to tell me to play nice with my new toy. She was planning to remind me to use my nice words and not to pull his legs off or burn him with the magnifying glass."

"I was also going to tell you that if he gave you any trouble that you could send him back to Wilson or assign him to one of the team….which I assumed you would do anyway." Cuddy sighed. "But, you know what? He's all yours, House. Greg is your problem, now. He hasn't done anything, yet, to make me worry, but it's really just a matter of time, isn't it? You and Wilson are going to teach Greg all of your little games and bad habits and no one will stand a chance against you." Cuddy stood to leave realizing that she'd just gone off the deep end. House wasn't crazy, she was.

"Oh God," Greg, House, I'm sorry! I'm just shocked at this turn of events. House, Greg is a great kid and I'm glad for you that he's come into your life. Greg, your dad is a brilliant man and you couldn't ask for a better person to guide you through this internship. I'm happy for both of you."

Cuddy got an evil look in her eye as she heard Wilson breathe a sigh of relief that she was leaving. "Oh, Wilson?"


"You're fired!"

Cuddy walked out of the room as House and Greg smirked and Wilson picked his jaw up off the floor.