My Shattered Mirror (prelude to actual story), by Anna Marcelli Palmer

Hatred scorched his very entrails,
all that's left being his angelic, vacant, saddened face.
Sorrow overcomes it all, when yourself is what you lose;
Darkness laughs, watching your fall, for there's no way you can choose
Confusion drags you to its very depth, the mirror looks at you:
"Who am I?", it screams to death, "and why can't I be true?"

Like this is it, when the end slowly comes;
It's you, not the reflection, who's sealed behind the glass.

Trembling tips reach slowly for the clone
the voice abates, fades out, he realises: he's alone!
Madness overcasts the eye, what moribund a gleam!
Logic expired under the Dread; the smirking copy is him!

Fists clench, senses in deadly overdrive.
"Follow me", the figure pleads, "Absolution shall arrive".
Feelings in chaotic dance, so unable to cope,
Unconsciously the lips part; laugh; "Life's a cruel joke".

Flash before him does the memory, the dream, the love
Thy eyes shall follow your anti-thesis, and watch what you can't have.
Now see the arm jolting ahead, Fear entwined with Pain,
Hands drag him from behind, friends cry out: "He's insane!"

Like this is it...and the end finally came.
Pieces of glass over the floor...

...You'll never be the same...