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Charlie Landers sat on his bed. He could believe today's events. He found out that his dad was a captive of the Omega Defiance. His dad was force to work. And before he could see his family again, he died in a car crash. Well, that's what the Landers family thought. Charlie remembered his last conversation with his father.


Mr. Landers came running in his house. He looked panicked. Mrs. Landers greeted her husband like always. But it was strange to her. He didn't usually come home until 5:00 pm; the time on the kitchen clock was 2:45.

"Kevin, what are you doing here so early?" Mrs. Landers asked.

"Uh..." Kevin ignored the question by asking another. "Where are the boys?"

"I'm not sure. They should be home any minute," said Amanda.

"I don't have a lot of time."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm going on a business trip," Kevin said quickly. "And I don't know when I'll be back. So I just have to talk to them one more time."

Either though, Kevin was a grown man, he still felt like crying. The Omega Defiance was taking him away from his family. And probably never see them again.

"Yo, Dad, you're early," said Jason, walking in the house. "Do you want to play Hero Rising?"


Jason looked taken aback. His dad usually would love to play with his sons.

"Hey, Dad," said Charlie, walking in front of Jason.

"Charlie, I don't have a lot of time to talk. But you have to promise me something," Kevin said solemnly.

"Yeah, anything," said Charlie, his smile fading.

"I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll be back. So watch out for your mother and your brother."

"I don't know about Jason," Charlie joked.

"No. I am very serious. You promised to watch out for them. You're now the man of the house, okay?" said Kevin.

Charlie nodded mutely. "Yes. I promise, Dad."

"Thank you, Charlie." Kevin wrapped his arms around his oldest son.

"Now, Jason." Kevin turned to address him. "You have to behave. Listen to your brother and mother."

"Yeah, Dad," said Jason.

"Amanda, I'm sorry I have to leave you like this. But...I love you. And I always will," said Kevin. He proceeded to give each of his family a hug and kiss. "Farewell, everybody," said Kevin. And with that, he walked out the door. He walked to his car and opened the door, looked at his family once more, and then drove away, never to be seen alive again.

End Flashback

Charlie felt like crying, but knew he couldn't. He promised his dad he would watch over the family. He was now the man of the house. He...His thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock at the door.

"Charlie, may I come in?" asked S.T.A.N.

"Yeah," Charlie called. The door swung open reviling S.T.A.N. He had gotten better at the whole knocking before entering thing.

"Charlie, Mr. Hall wants to talk to you," said S.T.A.N.

"About what." Charlie was not in the mood for Mr. Hall or anybody else for that matter.

"It's about your father. We think he was not killed in the car crash."

This peaked Charlie's interest. "What about my father." Did his dad not really die? Was it somebody else who died? Even though, that meant there was somebody else who lost someone they loved.

"We think he was murdered."

Charlie's heart sunk. "He—he was killed?" he stuttered.

"Yes, we think by the O.D."

"The 'O.D.'? Who are they?"

"The Omega Defiance. I know it's popular these days with the whole text messaging lingo. So I thought I'd give it a try."

"S.T.A.N., I'm not in the mood for that kind of stuff. I'm actually really upset now." Charlie then added quietly, "Not that you'd know."

"I'm sorry, but I do not feel human emotions."

"Whatever. So the Omega Defiance killed my father. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo! I know the story is he probably escaped, and then they chased him and crashed into him, which led to him dying."

"We, I mean, Mr. Hall, Emma, and I, think that he was already murdered. And that the crash was staged."

"You mean that they killed him before hand."

"That's what I said."

"I—I can't believe it."

"I guess they had a little decency to send the body back to you and your family."

"How do you know?"

"We looked at the pictures the police took. You can see them...if you want. Though, I should warn you, they are quite gruesome."

"I can handle it," said Charlie.


"Charlie, are you sure you want to see the pictures?"

"Yes, Mr. Hall, I want to see them," said Charlie.

Mr. Hall touched his table and brought up pictures of the car crash that his father was in. The first one was of the car. It was badly mangled. The next picture was of his father. His body was slumped over in the steering wheel and bloody. There were bruises covering every inch of his exposed body. On the back on his neck, there was a part there like somebody hit him there. The next picture of his father in the morgue, there was a white sheet covering the bottom half of his bed. It looked like most of the blood was cleaned off, but something stuck out in Charlie's mind. He didn't have a mark on his head. If his head did slam onto the steering wheel would there be some sort of mark there, big or small. And should have the air bag deployed? These were just a few of the many questions in his head.

"Do you notice something, Charlie?" Mr. Hall asked.

"Yeah, if the impact came from the front, why didn't the air bag deploy? And if his air bag was broken or something, shouldn't there be some sort of marking on his head. Because in the autopsy, they said he died instantly. There was no way he sat his head down there gently. If his head slammed foreword, there should be a little something. And the thing on his neck"—Charlie pointed at the picture—"it looks like something or somebody hit him there. And it's not the seat either. I mean, just look at the mark. It's on his neck, not the head."

"I have the autopsy report right here," said Mr. Hall. "It said the cause of death was blunt force trauma."

"I don't see anything blunt that would hit him," Charlie said, "unless you count the steering wheel. But there is no mark on his head..."

"True," said Mr. Hall, handing the report to Charlie. Charlie looked at it and read it over a few times.

"Wait one second. I wonder if by any chance that somebody who worked with the Omega Defiance did my father's autopsy," said Charlie. "And that would mean he put down a different death then it really was."

"We can look into that."

"Okay, thanks, Mr. Hall. I just wish I could find out who did this to my father."

"I know. It must be hard to lose a loved one," said Mr. Hall.

"Yeah. But I don't know where the best place to look would be," said Charlie.

"My best bet is to check Helix's island again."

Charlie nodded. "Okay, I will." Charlie paused. "Hey, Mr. Hall, do you mind if I use the S.S.J.?" he asked.

"Yes. But you must bring S.T.A.N. or Emma with you," Mr. Hall said firmly.

"Got it." Charlie walked out of the office with S.T.A.N. right behind him.

"Charlie, are you sure you want to do this?" said S.T.A.N.

"Yes, S.T.A.N., I wish to do this. I'm looking for the person killed my father. Even though, that person might be dead. I would just feel better if I knew the truth for once, instead of lies."

"Yes, Aaron Stone."

"Good. Now, let's go find that murderer!"

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