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Helix's island was horrible. His lab was destroyed beyond belief. Paper was torn to pieces, computers smashed, and broken furniture lay askew on the floor. The lighting was dim, so it made it hard to see object.

"It would take at least fifty people to clean up this mess," Aaron commented, lifting up random objects. "I have no idea where to start."

"Well, your father was a computer technician, correct?" S.T.A.N. asked.

"Yeah." Aaron looked around the room.

"I think the smartest place to look would be is the computer room."

"I knew you weren't entirely useless." Aaron grinned, slapping his arm playfully. "Oh, sorry, S.T.A.N.. I—"

"Aaron, I do not have feelings. But if I did, I would feel quite hurt."

"Yeah...let's go find his desk." Aaron paused. "Hey, S.T.A.N., by any chance, do you have the schematics of this place?"

"Yes. I do." S.T.A.N. pressed his ear and a 3-D model of the building lit up from his eye.

"I think the room is over there." Aaron pointed is finger towards a room. He jogged over and found a room almost in worst shape as the main room. Computers smashed. Chairs disassembled. Aaron had no idea where to start. Where could he start?

"Damn it!" he cursed. "I have no idea where to start."

"Let's spilt up and look at each desk," said S.T.A.N., walking down an aisle. Aaron agreed and started to look at the desk. And then he found it. The second to last desk was his father's. He knew. There was a picture of the Lander's family together, and some notes that he knew was his father's handwriting. It felt as if somebody stabbed him in the stomach. The loss of his father pained him everyday. He knew the pain he felt would never subside. But, now, seeing these pictures...the pain was excruciating. He took a step forward, but then a blow came to his chest as if someone pushed him, though nobody was in sight except S.T.A.N. Aaron let out a small groan and got up. But he got knocked down again.

"What the—" He got cut off when somebody stepped on his face. He flipped over, attempting to get away from this force, but it stepped on his back. He groaned again and wiped off his face. There was blood, and a lot of it. A girl's voice laughed.

"I knew it was only to long for the great Aaron Stone"—she sneered the name—"to make his guest appearance. Well, Damage told me you'd be coming." She laughed the same wicked laugh. "You're looking for daddy." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

Aaron didn't say anything. He couldn't see who the hell was talking.

"Where are you?" he asked. "Show your face." He paused before adding, "You coward."

That did it. A face appeared. It was a face of a once beautiful young woman. But now it was scarred and her black hair cut short. "I am not a coward. How dare you call me that! I was pretty. I was happy. I had a family. But I ran away with a man who claimed to love me, and look what happened." She pointed at her face.

"You turned into an ugly hag." Aaron smirked, but felt guilty as the women started to cry.

"I wasn't always this way. I wasn't a freak show. I didn't become invisible. I didn't have my hair cut short. I didn't have the things that I have now. I don't want you to mock me," she mumbled.

"You know, you could have become good. You could have come to Mr. Hall and become a normal person again."

She shook her head. "No. No, I can't. I've done too many bad things. I'd rather be an unknown to the world."

"Unlike your friends who love to show themselves to the limelight?"

"They're not my friends."

"Then way are you talking to Damage?"

The girl didn't answer. She lunged at Aaron. He turned his body so she hit her head on a desk. She screamed from the pain. He stood up and grabbed the girl.

"You think I'm really that stupid to think I'd believe your pathetic little tale?" She didn't say anything. Aaron grabbed her by her hair and pushed her against the wall, putting his forearm on her neck. "Answer me!" he yelled. The girl struggled and gasped for breath. Aaron took a step back and slammed her head against the wall. "Answer me before I kill you," Aaron growled. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"She's not worth it, Aaron," said S.T.A.N.

"I want to know what she did that she doesn't want to be normal. Not that I care about how normal she looks."

"I'll tell you," the girl gasped. Aaron loosed his grip a little. "It was a few years ago, I think. I lost track of the dates long ago. The brought me here. I had already become invisible. They started to question your father about something about talking to the enemy and if he was. He wouldn't talk or say what he did. They left him in the interrogation room by himself, making him think he was all right. But I came in." She paused. "I came in—he couldn't see me—and I took a metal rod and slashed him across his neck. I didn't mean to hurt him—"

"But you did," Aaron cut her off.

She ignored him and continued. "Then he slouched over and died. The autopsy said that I broke his neck or spinal cord or somthing like that."

"But it said to my family he died in a car accident."

"Somebody forge the autopsy."

"Knew it," Aaron mumbled. "We better go," he told S.T.A.N. "And are coming with us." He grabbed the girl. He wanted to kill her. She was the one who killed his father. His father would never get the justice he deserved. He would never see his family again. He would never know his grandchild, well, only if the Landers boys would find wives.

After a getting the girl to Mr. Hall, Charlie left. Though, he didn't go home. He couldn't go home. Home was where the heart was. And his heart wasn't there. Truthfully...he didn't know where heart was.

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