The Gemini Project

Chapter 1

Quantico, Virginia


Jennifer "JJ" Jareau was in her office looking through the files that always seemed to double after a week away for a case. It was almost noon and she was starting to feel her stomach rumbling, begging for food. JJ looked at her watch and decided she would go early if Emily wasn't too bogged down with paperwork from their last case.

JJ got up and walked to the door, she was about to open it when she heard a soft knock. JJ opened the door and smiled politely, hiding her confusion, when she saw the mailroom clerk standing there. It was well past the normal mail delivery time.

"Hello Agent Jareau, I'm sorry but this letter was misplaced and I just found it so I brought it up here." The young man was a little nervous and it showed in his demeanor. He was always nervous when he had to speak with any of the FBI agents that worked in the building. He was just a mailroom clerk, a nobody and he kind of liked it that way.

JJ tried to put the young man at ease, "it's ok, Andrew. Thanks for bringing it up here." JJ knew the boy's name because it was her job to be the screen between the world and the team, and part of that was knowing and remembering the names of everyone from the mailroom clerks to the cleaning staff to the other agents in the building. No one was insignificant as far as JJ was concerned. She smiled as she took the envelope John was holding.

Without another word, Andrew turned and walked away, eager to get back to the safety of the mailroom.

JJ watched him go, a little amused by his nerves. She honestly didn't think she was all that scary but, she knew some people got nervous around Federal Agents. JJ looked down at the envelope and saw her name printed clearly on it, most likely by a laser printer. JJ looked to the return address but she didn't recognize it.

Watchers' Council of England
New York Office
1125 W 135th Street

JJ frowned, she'd never heard of a Watchers' Council and she wondered why they were writing to her. It was addressed to her personally in care of the BAU, not Agent Jareau, not directly to the BAU but to Jennifer Jareau.

JJ closed her door and walked back to her office, lunch was forgotten as the mystery of the letter took up her attention. It was rare for something to be mailed directly to her without using her title. JJ sat down at her desk and reached for her letter opener.

JJ smiled as she looked at the letter opener, it was pure silver and the shaft was engraved with her name on one side and the words, "World's Best Wife & Mother, Love E & H". The letter opener was a Mother's Day gift she'd gotten in the year since she'd had her son, Henry. She and Emily had been married for about three months when they decided to start trying to have a baby. Henry was conceived in quick order, with Emily joking about how fertile JJ was. It had been a long process though, mainly because they had used Emily's eggs fertilized with a donor and implanted into JJ's womb. It was a way for Henry to be biologically linked to both of them. Henry Michael Jareau-Prentiss had been born in December of 2008.

JJ brought herself back to the present and took a breath before opening the letter. She pulled out the single sheet of paper and unfolded it.

11 February 2010

Dear Ms. Jareau,

Please forgive the intrusion but this is an urgent matter that requires your immediate attention. My name is Rupert Giles and I am writing to request your presence in New York City on the 24th of April of this year. I appreciate that this is rather short notice considering your line of work but it cannot be helped.

There is an urgent, personal matter I wish to discuss with you. I understand that this may seem a tad mysterious and suspect but I assure you there is nothing sinister at work. I have taken over the Watchers' Council of England and certain...matters were recently brought to my attention that I wish to correct if I may. I assure you, you will not regret coming to New York City to deal with this matter.

A room has already been reserved in your name at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Manhattan for the 23rd, 24th, & 25th of April. If you decide to attend, please contact me by email: and a plane ticket will be reserved for you at Dulles International Airport.

Please feel free to have my name and the council thoroughly researched before making your decision, as I have nothing to hide. I sincerely hope you will decide to attend the meeting. It is important that you are there.

Thank you for your time and I hope to be making your acquaintance in person in April.


Rupert Giles
Executive Director
Watchers' Council of England
New York Office

JJ read the letter three times before it really sank in. It seemed almost like a prank but it had an air of authenticity. It certainly looked official, but then these days anyone with a computer and a printer could make official looking letterheads and envelopes.

JJ sat there thinking about all the possible ways this letter could be a trap, an unsub's way of drawing her out, despite how specific it was. JJ was so lost in thought she didn't noticed her office door opening and closing, she didn't even know she wasn't alone in her office until she heard the clearing of a throat. JJ's head snapped up at the sound and she smiled when she saw Emily standing there.

Emily Prentiss looked at her wife and couldn't help the swell of love that always came over her. She never thought she'd find someone to spend her life with and now that she had, she was determined to not mess it up.

"Hey baby, I was wondering if you wanted to join me for lunch."

JJ, still a little distracted by the letter nodded silently.

Emily saw the paper in JJ's hand and she got curious, "what's that?" Emily pointed to the paper.

JJ looked from Emily to the letter and back again before she made her decision and held it out to her wife. "It came today, I don't know what to make of it. Take a look."

Emily walked closer and took the paper from JJ's hand. She read the letter, twice, before she looked back to the blonde, "is this for real?"

"I don't know, it seems real but I've never heard of this Watchers' Council and I have no idea what they would want with me."

Emily thought about that for a moment then said, "well, why not have Garcia look into it? You know she'll find out everything she can about this," Emily looked back at the letter, "Watchers' Council and the guy who runs it, Rupert Giles."

JJ nodded, she'd already decided to have Garcia check it out, she was glad that Emily had the same idea. "yeah, I'm going to give it to her after lunch. C'mon, let's forget about this for a little while and get something to eat."

Emily held her hand out and JJ stood up and walked close enough to Emily to slide her hand into Emily's waiting one. She loved being able to be open about their relationship at work. It had taken some fancy footwork from Hotch and Rossi but Strauss had been neutralized and they had been assured that as long as it didn't interfere with how they did their jobs, there wouldn't be any negative backlash or fallout from their relationship.

Emily and JJ left the building and headed for a nearby cafe for lunch. They were happy to be home for a few days. The team had been taken off active rotation after the last case, to give them time to rest and also to give the other team a chance to be in the spotlight.


AN: Small start but this idea was burning a hole in my brain for a few weeks now and I thought I'd give it a go. If there's enough interest I will post new chapters here as they are written.

AN2: I had to go back and alter a few small things that dealt with the timeline...certain discrepancies came to light last night as I was writing chapter 2 and so I decided to make the proper changes now before they ran away from me and some eagle-eyed reader pointed them out to me. Also, for those die-hard Buffy fans...yes Andrew from the mailroom is really Andrew Wells from Buffy. The only member of the 'evil' trio to survive the show. my own twisted mind, Andrew is working at the FBI to be closer to Kevin Lynch (who looks enough like Xander to make Andrew happy...let's face it we all knew Andrew was gay). lol