Chapter 5

April 22, 2010
Quantico, VA
Prentiss-Jareau House

"Are you sure you want to do this, honey?" Emily Prentiss asked for what had to be the hundredth time in the last two days.

After the initial suspicion of the letter that had arrived in February, JJ had enlisted Garcia's help to look up the Watcher's Council of England and Rupert Giles.

Both the council and Mr. Giles had come back clean. The Council was the sole benefactor of a school in Cleveland for gifted girls. The school had also come back clean. Mr. Giles background was traced back to his birth in Sussex, England and followed his life until the present day and it was completely clean. No criminal records, not in America and not in England. His citizenship was rock solid. Garcia even checked Interpol records for information on the Council and Mr. Giles. Again, nothing.

It seemed to JJ, Garcia and Emily that the Council, and Mr. Giles were exactly what they seemed to be, so JJ had decided to make the trip to New York to see what the urgent matter was. Emily agreed to go with her and Garcia had volunteered to watch Henry while they were gone.

Three cases had come up since then and thankfully, they'd been solved fairly quickly. JJ and Emily had asked for the weekend off so they could deal with this situation. Hotch had agreed, taking the whole team off rotation until they returned, so that they could be available in case the ladies needed back up.

"Emily, honey, you saw the same thing I did when Garcia ran the checks. This council and its Head Watcher, whatever that means, are completely clean. Nothing to worry about, and I am curious about this urgent personal matter he mentioned. But, you know, you don't have to go with me. You can stay here with Henry." JJ said, knowing Emily well enough to know her wife wouldn't let her go alone.

Emily smirked, "yeah like I'd let you run around alone in New York City. Heaven knows what mischief you'd get yourself into." Emily joked, already knowing she wasn't going to let JJ do this alone. There were still too many unknowns for the profiler to be comfortable with the situation. But she knew that her wife wasn't going to be put off.

JJ just grinned.

April 22, 2010
Cleveland, OH
Summers Academy for Gifted Girls

Buffy Summers was sitting in her office, going over some paperwork that seemed to crawl into her office. As Principal of the school, she had her share of red tape and paperwork to deal with but usually it wasn't much. Giles had set up a special account to pay the academic teachers, making it look like the school itself was paying them. The signature on the checks was Buffy's but she never had to sign them. It was done electronically. Whenever the school needed anything, though, like new textbooks, lab equipment, or anything like that, as long as it wasn't related to the slaying side of the school, Buffy had to submit written requisition forms. Giles insisted it was so that if they were ever audited or investigated, it would be easier to explain if there was paperwork to support their cover of being just an elite high school.

Anything that had to do with the slaying side of the school; stakes, crossbows, weapons, and such, there was never any paperwork needed. Buffy simply called up Giles and he had the stuff shipped to them on the council's jet.

Buffy didn't like paperwork but, she knew this was better than the paperwork that the others had to do. Grading papers in demonology, weapons, and combat techniques was a mind numbing task that Buffy only had to do once when Dawn was out with the flu and she'd taken over one of her classes.

Faith was sitting in her office, a little bored. She didn't have the paperwork Buffy did, because Buffy was the one who dealt with it all. Faith, as Vice Principal, dealt mostly with the student body and any disciplinary matters that arose. Which, given her own history, was kind of ironic to the once rogue slayer. Thankfully, there weren't many problems at the school. The girls knew enough to not use their slayer strength outside of the combat classes.

Faith was contemplating skipping out to play hooky when there was a knock on her door. She perked up at the thought of a visitor and said, "come in."

Kennedy Fuller walked into Faith's office and smiled, "hey boss, ya got a minute?" Kennedy was almost like a bratty younger sister to Faith and she liked teasing her by calling her 'boss'.

Faith grinned, "hey brat, yeah have a seat."

Kennedy sat down and looked at Faith, "um...there was something I wanted to ask you about and maybe get some advice."

Faith sobered a bit at the other girl's serious tone. "Yeah kid, what's up?"

Kennedy took a breath and said, " month is mine and Willow's seventh anniversary and I was thinking of doing something special and I wondered if you could help me out."

Faith thought back and checked the dates, "wait, from what B and Red have told me, you and Red began dating in February not May."

Kennedy blushed a bit, "um...yeah...we kinda agreed not to acknowledge that first date because of what happened with Willow turning into Warren and all that madness. We decided to celebrate instead, the anniversary of the first time we..." Kennedy paused, still not comfortable talking about this specific anniversary because of how special it had been, "you know."

Faith wrinkled her brow for a moment, trying to figure out what Kennedy was talking about...when she figured it out her eyebrows flew up and she said, "oh! You, um, what were you planning?" Kennedy was like a little sister to her and she didn't want to think about her and Red...that way...even if she and Buffy were like that as well.

Kennedy smiled, touched that Faith seemed to have a reaction similar to that of big sister who suddenly got too much information. "I was planning on asking her to marry me and I was hoping that you could maybe, hold on to the ring I bought until the big day so she doesn't accidentally find it."

Faith smiled a huge smile as the words sank in. "that's a big step kid. But yeah, I'll hold on to your rock for ya."

"Thanks Faith. I owe you big time." Kennedy said before she reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small, black box. She looked at it for a moment before she placed it on Faith's desk.

Faith picked it up and looked at it before she shifted her eyes to Kennedy, "Can I see it?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

Faith opened the box and had to fight a gasp when she saw the ring. It was white gold, with a princess-cut white diamond in the center, and a brilliant blue diamond on either side of the center stone. Faith knew that Willow would love it.

"Very impressive Kennedy."

Kennedy hid the surprise she felt hearing Faith call her by her actual name. Faith had called her kid, brat and other similar nicknames ever since the destruction of Sunnydale.

"Thanks Faith. Well, I should get going. Classes to teach."

Faith stood up as well and watched Kennedy leave. She then sat down and stared at the ring for a bit longer before she opened the center drawer in her desk and placed it inside. She made a note to remember to move the box to her safe at home when she left for the day, where it would be safer.

Faith knew she was flying out the next day to New York to see what Giles wanted, so she knew the ring was better off in the safe. Faith had stopped wondering what the meeting was about a while ago. She had decided to go with the flow and take it as it came, secure in the knowledge that Giles wouldn't do anything to hurt her and that Buffy would be there with her every step of the way.

April 22, 2010
New York City
Davies-Walker Apartment

It was Thursday night and Tru and Lindsey were at home, snuggling on the couch and watching television. Thankfully, it wasn't a repeat day and Tru had the night off from the morgue.

During a commercial, Lindsey looked up at Tru from her position between the other woman's legs and said, "so, tomorrow's the big day huh? We go to the Waldorf and see what this Mr. Giles wants. You ready?"

Tru glanced at her girlfriend and saw the hesitation in her eyes. She was quick to reassure her, "yeah I am. Harry did his recon job, not once but five times and each time there was nothing suspicious about the building. Davis even did his thing on the computer and checked the place out. It all seems legit so I say we go there with an open mind and a cautious eye and see what this is all about. And remember, I'm not leaving your side the whole time, okay?"

Lindsey smiled, already feeling a little better about this whole thing. "yeah, ok. Plus, it might be nice to spend a free weekend in a posh hotel. No repeat days, no awkward escapes. No having to cover for you when you have to dash away to save someone. Not that I mind but sometimes, it's hard to come up with credible excuses." Lindsey joked, knowing that Tru had a higher purpose on her rewind days but also knowing that Tru understood the burden it placed on those around her who knew about her gift.

Tru pulled her blonde girlfriend closer and nuzzled her neck, "well, not to worry because I told Davis I was totally unavailable this weekend. I won't even step foot on the same block as the morgue. I just hope no one dies in the hotel."

"Bite your tongue. No one is dying this weekend. C'mon, let's go to bed, I'm a little tired."

Tru and Lindsey got up and walked to their bedroom, each praying for a weekend free from rewinds. Though, on a subconscious level, Tru almost wished for a rewind day, if it happened the right way and allowed her a second chance to prepare for whatever this Giles person had in store for them. Sometimes, reliving the day proved to be beneficial to helping her cope with unexpected surprises.


AN: I skipped ahead a bit but only to move the story along. For those who don't know or remember Kennedy, Check out Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Personally, I think Willow was better off with Kennedy than she was with Tara but that's just me. The link below is for a pic of the ring Kennedy bought for Willow. It was the inspiration.

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