Can you believe that originally this fic was only going to be two little separate one-page fics? It just grew a life of it's own! Well, it's so big I'm going to break it up in two! So for this fic this is…

The Final Act

After the song Kelly blanched. "Okay," He gulped. "Uh why don't we take a short break while…Oh there's the Governor now! Excuse me!" He ran over to them.

"Where have you been?" Kelly hissed.

"Sorry," Governor Endicott said. "My fault. I asked your charming secretary to show me around. Got lost. What happened?"

"Senator Bainbridge had a run in with one of our killer vending machines," Kelly grumbled.

"Oh my," Endicott said. "Was he badly hurt?"

"He got hit in the head and was knocked unconscious," Kelly said.

"Oh thank god. No permanent damage," Endicott sighed. "I was afraid he was hit in a vital organ or something. Well the show must go on!"

A woman came up to them. "Where have you been? We're about to start!"

"Oh this is my wife, Mrs. Endicott," Endicott said introducing them. They all sat down and Kelly went to the podium. "Ladies and gentlemen let's get started shall we?"

At just that moment the Brotherhood took out umbrellas. Lance handed one to Kitty. "You're gonna need this."

"Lance what the..?" Suddenly the sprinklers went off, drenching the school.

"You jerks!" Rogue snapped as everyone scurried away trying not to get too wet.

"My hair!" The governor's wife screamed.

"Why don't we go outside?" Kelly shouted.

Soon there was a makeshift podium set outside. Almost everyone was dripping wet. Everyone except the Brotherhood and Kitty. "This is so embarrassing," She groaned. "Everybody thinks I knew about this! Thanks a lot Lance!"

"It was Toad's idea!" Lance yelped.

"No way!" Todd snapped. "You're not pinning that rap on me!"

"Yeah it was your idea!" Fred snapped.

"Was not!" Lance shouted.

"Was too!" Fred and Todd shouted. They started to wrestle with each other.

"Will you jerks cut it out!" Kelly hissed at them. "One more word and its detention for life!" At that they stopped.

"And now without further ado," Kelly groaned. "Governor Endicott!"

Endicott took to the podium. "Welcome everyone!" He said. "I gotta say this! Bayville High rocks!"

Then the ground shook. "Lance!" Kitty hissed giving him a quick twist on his ear.

"Sorry!" He yelped. "I couldn't resist!"

"What was that?" Endicott yelped.

"Nothing ignore it," Kelly said hastily. "Uh I understand the students have put together a video presentation!" He looked at the huge TV sets set up. "All about Bayville High! Let's turn it on now! Uh who's running this presentation?"

"We are!" Todd waved along with Fred and Lance and Pietro.

"Oh no," Scott groaned.

"I smell a huge disaster coming on," Risty moaned.

"Bayville High," Principal Kelly's voice came out as the video showed pictures of the school. "A place where students can reach their full potential." Then it showed the football team passed out on the football field with beer kegs surrounding them.

"All right!" The football team chanted as a scene showing them dancing around drinking in the hallways popped up. "That was one awesome party man!"

"I was right," Risty groaned.

"A place where safety and learning are the utmost importance." The scene then showed the chemistry lab exploding. "A place where students get along in harmony." Which was followed by a scene of a food fight in the cafeteria. "A place of the highest moral standards!"

The next scene was even more shocking. It was Dorothy kissing Governor Endicott in Kelly's office.

"Dorothy!" Kelly snapped.

"Clayton!" The governor's wife bristled.

"Oops," Todd blinked. "Wrong tape."

"Edward," Dorothy gulped.

"Edward?" Governor Endicott looked at her. "Edward?" He looked at Kelly.

"Governor," Kelly gulped.

"Clayton," The governor's wife snarled.

"Prissy…" Endicott pleaded.

"Prissy?" Dorothy looked at the woman.

"Dorothy," Kelly pleaded.

"Dorothy," The governor's wife glared at the secretary.

"Sorry Lance," Todd looked at him. "I didn't mean to blow it yo!"

"Actually Toad I don't think you did," Lance said. "I think you made it even more interesting! Look!"

Dorothy and the governor's wife were wrestling on the ground. "I got five bucks on the secretary!" Lance shouted.

"Fifteen on the governor's wife!" Pietro shouted. "She looks like a biter!"

"I'll take that bet!" A reporter shouted. Soon the photographers were snapping away.

"This is all your fault Kelly!" Endicott snapped. "I'll get my revenge for this! Just you wait!"

Suddenly more explosions came. This time from the wastebaskets. "STOP HER!" Several security men were chasing after Tabitha. "SHE'S STEALING THE GOVERNOR'S LIMO!"

"I'm doomed," Kelly moaned sinking to his knees. "I'm going to be stuck here in this miserable dump for the rest of my life!"

"Aw don't be sad," Todd patted him on the back. "You'll always have us!"

And at that moment Kelly gave off the loudest scream in the history of the entire planet.

If you think that's the end of the Kelly torture you are mistaken! Watch out for the sequel, coming soon. Well whenever I think of something.