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Song: When Water Comes to Life - Cloud Cult

You'll be the hero and the tragedy...

Outside it is raining. The sky is heavy with clouds, clouds like cotton stretched too thin to hold back the floods any longer. It seems that the whole world is echoing the sorrow of a city, tears streaming from the heaven's in torrents as one boy's body likes broken in the street.

Outside it is raining, drops falling in a pit-pat of tears to the street. The city is weeping, water streaming from the sky, running in torrents through gutters, pooling in puddles on sidewalks, a reminder to everyone that the sky feels sorrow too.

Outside, the streets are deserted. Those who are able to have taken shelter, leaving the fragmented sidewalks to themselves as the city is being washed clean. The city is in ruins, and it seems as though the rest of the country must be too because the city that has stood so strong for so many years has crumbled, and it is as though the foundations of the world have been shaken.

Outside, she gets her first good look at him since they went into that building, since they sentenced themselves to this awful fate, since they took it upon themselves to save humanity, though their reasons are much more selfish than one might believe. She followed him into that building to protect him, to keep him safe because she loves him more than anything in the world, and he went in fleeing, looking for some way to soothe his guilty conscience.

Outside, the rain washes blood from his face, blood from her fingers, blood running through the streets and tainting what little is left of the world they once knew. When she sees him, sees the look on his face, she knows he has changed, knows that something in that underground graveyard has turned him into a different man. How much it seems he has changed in the few hours since they left the sunlight behind. He is a broken man.

Outside, he breathes in the fresh air, smelling the rain on every breath, feeling the wind and the cold droplets fluttering against his face and he knows that he is alive, truly alive. Then he hears her voice, feels her arms around him and as they stand there, holding each other with hands that are bloody and bruised, neither of them is sure if is just rain that they feel on their cheeks anymore.

Outside, a young man comes running up to them, proof that even when they don't want it to, the world moves on. Proof that even though they feel that time has stopped, that the last thing they want to do is think about the future and where the events that have transpired will take them, they don't have a choice if they don't want to get left behind. The young man gestures over at the body on the ground and she sees it - a glimpse of golden hair, the glint of light on metal, the flash of red, too bright to be blood.

Outside, it feels as though her lungs are restricting as he begs her to tell him what has happened. (What's going on? Why are you shaking? What's happened? Please, I need to know) Deep inside, he knows the answer to his own questions. Winry is going to be angry with me, is the one coherent thought that makes it through. I promised her I'd keep him safe.

Outside, his body is numb, his mind following. It is too much, too much to bear on top of everything else that has happened today. Her voice is the only thing that breaks through. She whispers his name, over and over, her hands latching onto his shoulders and pulling him from the fog.