Seven Long Years

Chapter 1: Surprise!

Unknown's POV

Standing on the Empire State Building looking over New York, its 17.00 and the sunlight is slowly disappearing from the view of the city. Many people are walking over the busy streets. Scanning over the streets looking around for something suddenly caught my attention, blond curling hairs, her figure, her walk but above the warm familiar feeling radiating around her. It can't be… Rose?

Rose's POV

'Hey Dad, how are you?'

'Everything's good, I'm now walking towards you just wait up, be right there'

I closed my cell phone and walked harder towards my old home. Walking over the streets of New York makes me think about my life. Those seven long years in Hong Kong are great years filled with many friends and beautiful views, but I can't help but feel like something's missing in my life, I never dated because everyone just wasn't my type, it's just wrong why is no one the Mr. Right for me. I thought to myself while walking down the streets, I didn't pay so much attention to my surroundings 'It's America of course there wouldn't be such suicidal cab drivers here' ( A/N really I've been there, riding with 60 miles on the opposite side of the highway that's really suicidal ). Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and pulled me backwards, I wanted to turn around and yell at him but I saw a bus drive by only inches from my nose. His hand left my shoulder and he tried to go away, but I turned around and grabbed his right hand. It felt so…good, so warm, so familiar, he turned around and I saw a hooded man 6 feet long, black pants, a red leather jacket while his face was shaded by his hood, standing right in front of me with a pair of beautiful brown eyes filled with excitement and yet so sad. 'Hey be careful next time' he said on a low voice and with a cute yet though smile filling my heart with the long lost warmth, before I could say anything 'Farewell, and a happy life' he said as he turned away and waved nonchalant. 'Um goodbye, see you around' I yelled after him my voice filled with excitement because this is my first time I feel like this. His cute smile, his though voice, and the familiar aura covering him made me feel what I missed in those seven years in Hong Kong…Love.

Still daydreaming about my encounter with the mysterious guy I decided to take the bus towards my home, sitting in the bus I thought about him I recognized everything of him, the calm voice, his cute grin and his eyes with a look that I faintly remember. I woke up as dad came in the bus and waved me out my dreams, 'Come on Rose lets go' his though voice said. We both stepped out and we walked towards our old house, 'Hey Rose what took you so long?' he asked concerned, 'Uh I met this guy and--' I said innocently 'What!, I let you take a walk in New York and you find yourself a boyfriend already?' Dad said a bit angry. 'No, it's not like that, he saved me from being hit by a bus and then he left' I tried to soothe him. 'What! You were almost hit by a bus? Damn they are almost as dangerous as those damn Chinese cab-drivers' Dad shuddered at the thought. 'Ok I have a surprise for you… we're going to stay!' he screamed out in happiness. 'Wow surprising' I said with my voice filled of sarcasm, I knew that already because he packed all our things and flew then towards here the day before we left. 'And you can go to college here!' Dad waved his hands in the air with a fake happy smile. He closes up to my ear and whispered 'I was threatened by your mother', we both laughed uncontrollably. 'Ok let's go in, we got a hell of a unpacking to do' Dad said with a smile.

Unknown's POV

Seven years… Seven long gruesome years after Rose moved to Hong Kong I tried to repel her from this place, this place filled with memories of hatred, despair, sorrow and…Love.

So another new story, hope you like it. I got my inspiration from Three Doors Down-Superman Kryptonite, Review with a smile please.