Seven Long Years

Chapter 11: In the Cage of the Dragon.

Jake's POV

Finally our lips met, our lips synced with passion, passion that blew my mind, my mind that had been spoiled by pain, pain caused by lies, lies I've been telling Rose, Rose my love, my only love…

The soft curved cherry red lips, softly brushing mine, her little nibbling on my under lip, her hands moving around my back, her soft thighs gently against mine, her perfectly curling blond hair shining in the orange glow of the rising sun, small shadows swiftly passing by as the birds fly over. Her hands touching my back it feels like a fire, my back burning up like an ember by the wind, suddenly I felt the warmth of Rose's lips leave, her soft touching of her hands gone, and her soft thigh float away. I slowly opened my eyes in annoyance, my mouth went open of amazing. The surroundings turned into a dark cavern somewhat lit up by black fires, the ground smaller than a foot leading only one way: forwards. I looked behind looking for another way, but I saw a huge wall. I sighed and took a deep breath of air as I took my first step into the abyss that lied before me.

Rose's POV

It feels so warm here, my back… am I lying down?

As I opened my eyes, I could see the bright moon and the enormous amount of stars in the sky. 'Where am I?' I said out loud, as I sat up looking around; grassland, trees…. My mouth fell open. I stood in front of a 50 feet high castle. I stood up to look at the castle closer up, but somehow the huge wooden door opens, and a familiar smell comes out of it, it somehow draws me into it. I slowly put foot before foot into the huge hallways of the castle. As I reached the centre of the hall lights passed out and the huge door slammed tight. Seeing that that door is shut I looked around, I saw another door, an open door with lights.

I tried to walk slowly towards the door making as little noise as possible, standing underneath the doorpost I could see a long hall, a hall decorated with banners, all kind of banners, Red, Blue, White, Black and next to it and yellow banner trampled, burned, cut, while the others were perfectly whole. Still walking as slow as possible I reached the door at the long end of the hall. 'Rhaaaarh!' a painful roar sounded loudly, startling me. I opened the door and walked into a darkened room, at the end a door where blue flashes frequently flash, every flash followed by a roar so painful, it cripples my heart as I hear it. I slowly walked through the hall, every time it roars I hold my heart, every time a cold shudders through my back. Standing next to the door, I stood still. No courage to walk and see who screams, who is slowly dying in this weird castle. 'Give her to me' a hoarse voice demand, 'Do I look like I will?' Jake's voice echoed through the large hall, keeping drumming in my head. 'Over my dead body, Edu' Jake screams. 'Challenge taken ' Edu says with a small hint of laughter. A silent pause follows. A silent click was heard. I crossed my heart and closed my eyes…

I waited for a scream, a yell, something. It didn't come. I slowly opened my eyes, I held my breath and looked past the open door, my heart broke when I saw Jake, behind a huge window, his clothes partly burned, ripped, deep bloody cuts covered his body, his deep brown eyes looking dull, his spiky hair dangling towards the ground as Jake's knee touches the ground, blood covered the dark blue stone floor. 'Interesting huh?' Edu's cold voice echoes next to my ear, I felt his cold hand on my shoulder. Quickly I turned around and slammed my elbow into his face. But a misty cloud surrounded his face, followed by a hideous laughter. 'Too easy' he said on his hoarse tone. Suddenly I felt a strong fist slamming into my stomach, flying into the huge room. I felt my stomach contract in pain, tears flow out my eyes, and I felt blood come out of my mouth.

'Rose?' Jake's soft voice said in disbelieves. 'ROSE?' Jake repeated as I saw his deep brown eyes color in a brownish red tint. I saw Jake in a furious rage, I never saw him like this, his muscles grown, and contracted as he tried to slam the huge window. Slowly the slamming sounds lessened, and my sight shrunk. 'Jake' I whispered

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