Ch.10: Sweet Revenge

A few days later Tiffany had kept her word and she and Chazz to the next flight home to America. Before leaving they had tried thier best to find the card that overshadowed Chazz, but it had disappeared without a trace.

Leo looked in his old deck to see that he had gained a new card in place of Dark Earth Transformation called the Hand of Gaia. With this newly gained card there was no doubt that he would be able to summon Power Earth Dragon agian very soon.

Kita had cast one final spell with her staff before returning back to the Spirit World, making all the humans, except for the Signers and their friends forget what had happened in the past few days. As a result the people of Neo Domino City saw the destruction of Phoenix Station as just a regular old building collaspe.

Celebration was called for as soon as everyone arrived back at the twin's mansion. Jack was especially happy since Carly was discharged from the hospital early that morning and could come.

Akiza was in the pool floating on inflatable raft, while Leo and Luna were busy having a splash fight. Yusei was watching them have fun from the pinic table. Jack and Carly had their backs agianist a tree and were just staring at the clouds, while waiting for Crow to finish cooking the burgers.

" You sure he knows how to cook?" Carly asked Jack.

"Don't worry" said Jack " Crow did most of the cooking back in the Satellite just before we met Martha. Although once Martha got a taste of his cooking he was booted out of the kitchen for life,"

"Dinner's On!" yelled Crow.

Soon everyone was gathered at the picnic table as Crow brought over the delcious smelling burgers. Despite the joke Jack made about Crow's cooking the burgers weren't that half bad, in fact Leo nearly consumed about five in a row.

"How's everything going for your cousin in America?" Yusei asked Carly.

"Great" said Carly " in fact, she says her and Chazz may be coming for a visit in a couple of months,"

"Well at least it will be under better circumstances," said Luna.

" It's still hard to believe that there was another Earthbound Immortal" said Akiza, putting down her fork " question is, why wasn't Jakal Rasca sealed in the earth along with the other Immortals? Why place him in that stone temple?"

"Your guess is as good as mine" said Yusei " it seems to be an awful lot a trouble to bring out the Fifth Dragon. Hopfully this Immortal was the last one,"

"We'll just have to wait and see," said Jack.

"Hey Jack, that reminds me" said Crow " what was that cherry pie and shower incident Tiffany mentioned before going back to the states?"

"None of your business!" said Jack.

"Ah come on, please" said Crow " Carly, you'll tell me won't ya?"

" I don't know...," said Carly, seeing Jack's angry expression.

"Yeah Carly come on!" shouted Leo " we already know that you have a big crush on Jack, so spill!"

"Wha...!" said Carly, blushing.

"They're not going to stop unless you tell them" said Akiza, looking between Leo and Crow " so you might as well spill the beans,"

"Alright," said Carly.

"What!" said Jack, looking at Carly in shock " you don't have to bend to the will of these fools. They should learn to respect other people's privacy!"

"Well it wasn't that bad" said Carly, still blushing " besides, I thought you weren't afriad of anything,"

"Fine, tell them!" said Jack, seething.

(FlashBack-Carly's POV)

Well, Jack came over to visit my aprtment one day. He was tired and looked a little rudged so I sugguested he take a shower. While he went into the bathroom, I went into a kitchen. You see I had a cherry pie baking to give to my mom for mother's day. She loved cherry pies.

A few minutes later the oven went ding and I pulled out the cherry pie. It was about that time when Jack called me to bring him a towel so that he could dry off. Taking the cherry pie with me, I grabbed a towel and stepped into the bathroom.

As soon I entered though I tripped, landing face down on the floor. The cherry pie flew out of my hands, over the shower curtian, and landed right on top Jack's head. I was so embrassed having colored his blonde hair red with cherries, that I grabbed the towel and offered to clean it off.

I tripped again, making our bodies collide. My body had Jack's pinned to the floor, and I drew back instantly and ran in embrassment from seeing him practically naked. I bolted myself in my room while Jack finished the rest of his shower.

Fifthteen minutes later I heard Jack knocking on my bedroom door, trying to erge me to come out. I didn't want to come out, I was to embrassed face him after what had just happened. Eventually, he did manage to get me to come out, by promising to help me cook my mom another cherry pie.

(End Flashback)

"At least that one didn't land on top of my head !" said Jack, everyone laughed.

" Well that was an interesting story Jack," said Akiza, getting up.

Yusei was about to follow Akiza when an unseen force from under the table knocked him over making him land right on top of the red-haired girl. Both Yusei and Akiza blushed at each other's close proximity. Carly looked at Jack, noting the duelist's smug smile. There was no doubt in her mind that Jack had been the unseen force that tripped Yusei.

Laughing in his mind, Jack grinned now knowing that the pressure was off him and Carly, and Yusei and Akiza had everyone's attention now. Revenge tasted sweet, but not as sweet as Carly's cherry pie.

The End