Drabble 1: Caviar

Solomon's mouth waters at the sight of a table laden with delicacies; Ray has spared no expense. Solomon samples the caviar, debating what to try next. The thought stalls as Florian enters in a flowing robe of cream-colored silk.

Ray is a step behind in a matching robe of purple so dark it's almost black. Their eyes are bright and faces flushed, triggering Solomon's active imagination. The temptation of the rich food fades, replaced by a stronger desire. Solomon reaches unsteadily for the wine. Ray puts a hand on Florian's waist; meets Solomon's eyes and gives him a feral smile.


Drabble 2: Charge

Solomon swallows the last of his wine as Ray slides the silk off Florian's shoulder exposing rose-ivory flesh. Florian assists as Ray undresses him, moving languidly, but with an assurance that surprises Solomon.

They kiss and Solomon steps forward, unable to resist the lure of his Black Cat. Ray is most beautiful like this; flushed with desire and seemingly compliant in Florian's hands.

Solomon is reminded of who exactly is in charge when Florian draws him close, undressing him while Ray watches, eyes glittering. Ray pulls him into a hard kiss and Solomon returns it, knowing there will be bruises.


Drabble 3: Challenge

It's an hour before dawn when Solomon wakes. Ray is at his side, sleeping deeply among the rumpled bedding, but Florian is gone.

There's a pale shape near the window and Solomon frowns, worried that the activities of the previous evening were not of Florian's choosing.

"He's not the easiest man to care for," Florian says by way of greeting. "Nor am I."

"You're a good match." Solomon's uncertain and wishes it wasn't the truth.

"I don't challenge him enough."

Solomon would laugh, but his need is too strong. He knows a gift is being offered and, gratefully, he accepts.


Drabble 4: Choice

Solomon has never been beautiful. Intelligence is a form of grace, he supposes, and hopes it's enough. Ray loves beautiful and graceful things.

Solomon keeps his own place, and works to maintain a measure of independence. It amuses Ray, but he respects the choice even though they occasionally find themselves at odds about Noir.

Florian often mediates, finding ways to cool heated tempers and soothe harsh words. It's a wearying task, and sometimes he fails; Florian has a temper of his own.

It's Ray who gives way when Florian's anger leaves a hole in their comfortable bed. Solomon always follows.