Okay Don't You Dare Say That It's Short! I know that. I mean PROLOGUE. Anyways....promise they'll get better. I'm so sorry to those that reviewed this and favorited and alerted and everything but it was far easier to delete and start from a clean slate. Especially to see if I've improved any. After I do finish this...know that i deleted it i forgot who it was...reminded me of the sequel i had planned to write for it...and yes i will. just don't hold your breath kay?

Lotus Petals


Pharaoh Atemu inherits the throne of Egypt the second his parents die, leaving him the only heir directly from his Father. But the terrible reminder of his Mother and Father's tragic deaths hang from his neck, a constant reminder. The question for his future remains unanswered as he takes the duties upon himself. His Father's Millennium Pendant, a solid gold reversed pyramid with the eye, shows power but harms the wielder with darkness. While his Mother's balances it out with her amethyst crystal necklace forged and blessed by the highest of priests and waters.

At age nineteen he's not close to the youngest of Pharaohs to be thrust into power. His crimson eyes penetrate those he looks at yet only around certain beings do they soften and his guard fallen. His pitch black hair sticks upward while it is tipped crimson at the star points. Flaxen bangs frame his sun kissed face while some strands shoot upward into the star shape resembling lightning bolts.

The creature that's taking control of the country is true to a few of the many things gossiped about him…he's nervous and devastated and tormented.