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Damy's Birthday

Damien stormed into his dorm room, slamming his Nimbus 3000 onto his bed. He had never felt so angry; his brother had let them down, let Gryffindor down and more importantly, let him down. Damien pulled at his Quidditch robes, tearing them off and throwing them onto the ground. He had thought having a go at Harry would have made him feel better, a chance to yell out his frustration and heartbreak, but he felt even angrier after telling his big brother he no longer wanted to be his family.

Damien kicked at his trunk, a loud clang rang in the room.


Damien looked around at one of his roommates. A sleepy eyed Thomas was peeking at him from behind his drapes.

"Sorry," Damien breathed, remembering he wasn't alone in this room. "I didn't mean to wake you, sorry."

"It's alright." the other boy yawned.

Damien opened his trunk, a lot quieter now and pulled out a fresh pair of pyjamas. He closed the trunk and made his way silently towards the bathroom.

"Rough game today." Thomas called to him from behind the drapes.

Damien halted in his tracks.

"Yeah." He agreed miserably.

"We'll get them next time. Don't beat yourself up too much." Thomas said, thinking his loud entrance was due to his frustration at losing the match.

Damien didn't say anything and continued to the bathroom for a much needed hot and relaxing shower.


The next morning at breakfast, Damien sat down next to his friends, surprising them.

"You're not sitting with him today?" Hermione asked, tilting her head in Harry's direction.

Damien glanced at Harry, who was sitting at the other end of the table, before looking back at Hermione and shaking his head.

"Good on you!" Ron clapped a hand on Damien's shoulder. "You don't need that prat!"

Ginny gave Ron an exasperated look before turning to Damien.

"You took ages coming back last night. Where did you go?"

Damien shrugged his shoulders.

"I was just outside, walked around for a bit, next to the lake." He answered. He looked at Ginny. "How's your shoulder?" he asked.

"All fixed." Ginny answered. "You know Madame Pomfrey, takes her half a second to mend bones. All I had was a dislocation."

"Yeah, because that goon Crabbe kept targeting you!" Ron said furiously. "I swear I'm going to give that lard ass a right thrashing!"

Damien gave Ron a look before his eyes travelled back to Harry, who had finished his breakfast and was sitting waiting for James to come and escort him to the first class of the day. Damien looked away from Harry and back to his plate.

"Have you talked to him?" Hermione asked noting the depressed expression on her young friend.

"I talked to him last night," Damien replied, pushing his food around on his plate. "I told him I've had enough. If he wants to be an arse, that's up to him. I don't care anymore. I don't want anything to do with him."

"Did you really say that?" Ron asked, surprised.

"More or less." Damien answered.

"And what did he say?" Ginny asked.

"Nothing, he didn't say anything." Damien replied. "It's not as if he cares anyway."

Hermione looked a little conflicted. She seemingly came to a decision as she leaned forward towards Damien.

"He looked concerned yesterday, in the common room. He kept looking over at the door, as if he was waiting to see you."

Damien paused for a moment, his eyes widening a little before he shook his head.

"I don't care." He said.

"Damy..." Ginny started.

"I mean it, I don't care." Damien repeated. "He doesn't consider himself family and he shows it. But that's fine, because he's not my brother anymore."

"If I could have Knut for every time I said that to one of my brothers, I would be the richest girl in Britain." Ginny said with a smile.

Damien shrugged at her comment.

"All I can say is good riddance!" Ron said. "He screwed you over and he used Quidditch to do it!" Ron shook his head in disgust. "That's about the worst thing you could do."

Damien didn't say anything. He looked up as Harry walked by him, following behind James. His dad flashed Damien a big smile, which he reluctantly half returned. Harry didn't even look at him, which only served to annoy Damien further.


The Astronomy tower was dressed up. Hundreds of floating lanterns had lit up the roof. The floor was hidden beneath several hundred balloons and anytime anyone tried walking across, they had to kick the balloons aside first. A huge table stretched across the floor, was laden with delicious finger food, snacks and drinks. The cake that James had got for Damien's thirteenth birthday was sitting proudly in the middle of the table.

Most of the third year Gryffindors were present, along with Ron, Hermione and Ginny. Remus and Sirius were invited, like always and James and Lily were busy chatting to them. The birthday boy was leaning across the low wall, watching the fireworks light up the dark sky. He shook his head, his dad always did a firework display for his birthday.

"I can't believe they're still going." Ginny said, walking up from behind Damien. She gazed at the fireworks that had started almost two hours ago. "Mr Potter really likes fireworks."

Damien smiled a little.

"Yeah, he does. He only uses my birthday as an excuse." he replied.

Ginny moved closer to her friend and reached out, holding onto his hand.

"Are you okay, Damy? You don't look like you're having a good time." She asked.

Damien shook his head.

"It's nothing...it's just....I can't get that idiot out of my head!" he admitted angrily.

Ginny didn't need to be told which idiot Damien was referring to.

"You should have just talked to him. It's obvious you want to."

Damien turned to glare at her.

"I do not!" he stated and pulled his hand out of hers.

Ginny sighed as she turned to face him properly.

"How long are you planning to stay mad at him? You are going to have to talk to him one day." She pointed out.

"You sound like my mum." Damien said. "She and dad keep encouraging me to talk to Harry, to make up with him."

"And?" Ginny asked.

Damien shrugged.

"It's his fault." he argued back. "Why should I be the one to go make up with him?"

"I know it's his fault." Ginny quickly replied. "He's the one who threw the game, he's the one who let Malfoy win but you can't hold that against him forever."

Damien was quiet, eyes fixed on the stone wall before him.

"It's not that," he finally spoke. "I'm not mad at him because he let Slytherin win." he said.

"You're not?" Ginny asked, confused. "So, what is it then?"

Damien took in a breath.

"He was supposed to pick me." He said quietly. "Harry is my brother, not Malfoy's; he should have stayed loyal to me." Damien let out a sigh and rubbed at his head. "I know that he's known Malfoy longer than he's known me but...we're brothers, we're the same blood, shouldn't that mean something?"

"It should," Ginny agreed, "but maybe to Harry, it doesn't."

Damien shook his head, his hazel eyes showing how much that thought hurt him.

"I just wanted to be close to him, like how you are with your brothers," he gestured to Ginny. "You argue all the time with Ron but you would never go against him. Fred and George pick on Percy all the time, ridicule him and make fun of him but they stood up for him when he was being bullied at work. They helped Percy because he was their brother."

"Yeah but that's because we all grew up together," Ginny pointed out, "we have a relationship that has taken years to develop. Harry doesn't even know you, Damy. How can he build such a relationship when he only met you two months ago?"

Damien didn't answer right away. He looked away from Ginny and stared out at the night sky, still illuminated with bright coloured sparks erupting every so often.

"I guess it doesn't matter." He finally said. "Harry doesn't want us to be his family. How can I fight that?"

"Don't give up on him." Ginny pleaded softly. "He cares, I can see it. Every time he sees you in the Great Hall or in the common room, you can tell he wants to talk to you but he's just as stubborn as you are."

Damien smiled a little; he liked being compared with his brother, even when he was so mad at him. Brothers were meant to be alike, weren't they?

"Will you please talk to him? Give him another chance?" Ginny asked.

Damien looked around at her.

"I'll tell you what I told mum and dad; not until he makes the first move."

Ginny let out a noise of frustration but before she could argue with him, they heard a shout.

"Damy!" James yelled over to him, "cake time!" he beckoned the two of them to come over to the table.

Damien moved from his favourite spot on the Astronomy tower and made his way over to cut his cake. As he approached the table, he took in the smiling and beaming faces of his family and friends. As much as he tried, he couldn't stop himself from imaging the face of his brother, his only family member missing from the party.

Damien shook the thought away from himself; he had told Harry he wasn't a part of his family anymore, he wasn't his brother. But deep down he knew, just like he had told an irate Harry, over two months ago, 'just cause you feel like that, it doesn't make it true.'

The End.


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