Three months they had been fooling themselves. Three short, sweet months.

It all started two weeks after Dean had left Bela's apartment for what he thought was the last time. The Winchester brothers had traveled to Illinois to take care of a demon infestation in a town before circling around and finding themselves in a small Connecticut town with a similar problem. They had faught hard, out-numbered and under manned. Somehow by the grace of god they had made it through partially unscathed. Dean had wasted no time taking that long drive once more.

He had been fully content to sit in the dusty Impala across the street gazing up at her window, hoping for just a glance before he had to take off to meet Sam in the morning.

But Bela had other plans. She had heard the distinctive rumble of Dean's hunk of junk car pulling down the almost deserted Queen's street at 4 in the morning. She peaked out the window and couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips at the sight of him sitting in the driver's seat. She waited for an hour before she realized that he never fully intended to let her know that he was here.

She would have none of that. Bela pulled on her wool pea coat before making her way down stairs. When she trotted across the street and lent down to pear into the window she laughed softly to find Dean fast asleep in the driver's seat, his head lent back against the seat, his mouth open just slightly as he slept. She reached out and pulled on the door handle, rolling her eyes when she found it unlocked.

Yanking the door open she dropped into the seat beside Dean, looking over to find him startling awake.

"Son of a Bitch Bela…" he cursed leaning his head against the steering wheel, trying to slow his frightened pulse.

"Tsk tsk Dean, losing your touch already are we?" Bela teased pulling the door shut against the cool New York air.

"What are you doing out here?" He asked turning to look at her.

"I could ask you the same thing, you have been parked outside my apartment for over an hour now after all…" she said raising curious eyebrow in his direction.

"I well…..I just..." he stammered trying to come up with a viable excuse.

"Hmm… you always have had a way with words Dean." She teased leaning back into the warm, worn leather seat beneath her.

"I just wanted to check on you is all." He said with a small sigh of defeat.

"Is that all? Aw Dean you flatter me." Bela said sarcastically. "But I can take care of myself."

Dean smirked and lent back farther in his seat, turning his head to face her.

"Believe me, I know you can Bela."

Bela smirked and lent towards him, her lips finding his quickly. Dean reached over, cupping her face as their lips moved against one another's. Bela sighed against his lips as her own fingers curved over the lapel of his worn leather jacket, tugging him as close as she could in the confined space of the car.

When they broke the kiss Dean rested his forehead against hers, his eyes connecting with hers.

"Stay with me…" she whispered softly against his lips. Dean frowned.

"I have to get back to Sam."

Although she could hear the disappointment in his voice she felt the anger within her rise.

"Fuck Sam. I want you to stay with me. One night. I want one night in your arms before all hell breaks loose on this god-forsaken planet." Her hand slid from the lapel of his jacket to the back of his neck, keeping their gazes locked. "Please Dean…"

A soft whimper of a plea bubbled up from her throat and Dean couldn't help but lean forward and take her lips with his. Bela closed her eyes tightly as the pain each of them felt from the seperation was poured into their kiss.

"One night."

Bela smiled softly as Dean's husky voice broke the silence in the front seat of the impala. She shivered, her pea coat being no match against the frigid New York air. Dean chuckled a little and geatured towards her penthouse. Bela nodded and slid out of the car, making it around to the other side just as Dean closed his door. She made to move across the street when Dean reached out and grasped her hand. She paused and turned back to face him, her eyebrow arched curiously.

A genuine smile slid across his handsome face as his fingers laced with hers for the first time. He pulled her hand up and caressed her knuckles softly with his lips, loving the feel of her soft skin. Bela sighed, deciding that this had to be a dream and if it was then she was going to enjoy every bloody minute of it

She tugged him behind her, making her way across the street and up to the penthouse she lived in.

As the door closed behind them Bela slipped the pea coat from her shoulders, draping it over the back of the couch before moving towards the bedroom, not bothering to check if Dean was going to follow her. She knew he would.

She climbed into the king size bed that had felt so empty for too long. A tall shadow appeared in her doorway as she settled the covers in her lap and lent back against the headboard. Her eyes flickered over the form the completely filled her doorway and she couldn't figure out why she had ever denied him in the first place.

Dean's shoulder was pressed against the door jam, propping his body up, his hands in his pockets, his jacket was forgotten in the living room revealing a pair of his signature jeans and a button down shirt that was as disheveled as his hair. Subconsciously Bela felt her tongue snake out to moisten her lips before she brought her lower lip between her teeth, her thighs rubbing together under the blankets.

He watched the smug smirk spread slowly across his face, he knew what she wanted and she knew that he was game.

Dean slid in next to her silently, the only noise was the rustling of the sheets as he settled in.

Neither touched the other as they laid flat on the bed, their heads turned to face each other on the pillows. They said nothing, only breathed for the time being.

When some time had passed and Bela felt like she couldn't stand it any longer she shifted onto her side, facing him, her hand sliding across the sheets towards him, eventually landing on his chest. She could feel his heart pattering beneath his skin, the beats becoming more eratic as he shifted to mimic her position.

His hand captured her and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss into her palm. He glanced over at Bela, smiling as he watched her eyes close and a sigh leave her lips. He repeated his action before beginning a path down her palm to her wrist and up her forearm. Bela groaned softly and Dean could feel himself instantly stiffen beneath the covers.

He tugged her closer to him, shifting until their bodies were flush with one another's. His lips claimed hers roughly as his arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer. Bela smiled against Dean's lips, wrapping her arms around his neck, one of her legs coming to rest between his, molding their bodies together.

As their lips battled Dean's hand came up to push her long auburn locks from her face softly, the back of his finger dragging sensually along her cheek, sending shivers up her spine. This felt right. Just being here with Bela felt so natural to Dean, like this was how it was always supposed to be.

Dean reached down and fingered the hem of her shirt, slipping it up a few inches. His fingers were still cold from sitting outside in the car for so long, so when he slid them across Bela's heated skin she jumped slightly, the contrast startling her at first. Dean smirked, a soft laugh escaping from between their temporarily parted lips.

"Jerk…" Bela teased, punching Dean playfully in the chest as his cool fingers continued to stroke across her tan skin, working their way up as they lay there, watching each other.

"I like this….." Bela said softly as she reached up to push Dean's unruly hair back from his smooth forehead. "Just being here…I'm glad you stayed…" Dean smiled and lent in, kissing Bela softly on her forehead and then once on the lips. "Me too…" he whispered before taking her mouth with his once more.

He shifted until he hovered above Bela, his weight on his forearms on either side of her. Their mouths moved against one another's in an ongoing battle for control over the kiss. Bela's arm linked around his waist, pulling his hips down to collide with her own. Dean groaned as their hips crashed, the friction not helping the situation. Bela laughed softly. She loved that she could affect him like this with little to no effort.

Dean dipped his hips down to drag along hers, earning a groan from both of them. Bela gasped, her fingers tangling in the hair at the nape of Dean's neck, tugging on them as he dipped his hips once more against hers, taking her breath away.

He panted, their lips millimeters from each other's as their bodies dragged along one another's. "Bela…" he whispered painfully, his lips grazing hers as he spoke. Bela slipped her free hand under Dean's shirt, resting on the warm skin of his lower back. As he pulsed against her she drug her finger nails along his cool skin, urging him on as she pulled her lower lip between her teeth.

Dean grunted, diving his hand into Bela's long locks, dragging her mouth to his violently as he brought his knees up to take his weight so his hands were free. He straddled her thin waist as his hands worked her t-shirt up and over her head before quickly unbuttoning his own shirt and then finding her lips once more. Bela propped herself up, running her hands up his chest and over his shoulders, swiping Dean's shirt from his shoulders in one swift movement.

Her nimble fingers trailed softly over the planes of his tone torso, lingering over roughly healed scars and healed bullet wounds. She knew his body had taken a beating over the years, but the fact that it was worn and tattered made her want it all the more. Bela lent forward, pressing her lips against the still healing wound on his left shoulder. That scar would be her favorite. That one brought them finally together.

Her lips caressed the battle worn skin there, her tongue sneaking out to tease the sensitive flesh. Dean groaned softly, loving the feeling of her lips on his skin. He threaded his hands into her hair, moving her head until she was looking up at his with her sharp cat-like eyes. They both smiled before Dean's lips claimed hers once more.

His hands wondered her smooth, lean body. He worked to memorize ever curve, every dip and every freckle that spanned her body, never wanting to forget her, to forget this. Bela reached out, her finger finding the button of Dean's well worn jeans and pulling it apart. Dean's hips bucked slightly in anticipation as Bela's fingers grazed against his raging hard member.

He moved quickly then, rolling off and away from Bela before settling himself at her feet. Bela unbuttoned her own jeans as Dean tugged at the pant leg, pulling them off swiftly, her panties following quickly after.

Bela grinned up at him as he settled himself between her legs. His lips found her ankle, then her calf, working their way up to her thigh, where he paused, taking his time to properly caress the soft flesh there before moving to the inside of it.

She panted, her hands fisting in the sheets beneathe her in anticipation and pleasure. She gasped as Dean's lips found their mark. He kissed her there softly before letting his tongue sneak out for a taste. As his moist tongue slipped between her folds her hips lifted involuntarily off the mattress, a soft groan escaping from between her lips.

His warm mouth engulfed her as he lapped at her sweetness. It was all Bela could do not to buck against him as he nuzzled her. Dean smiled against her inner thigh, working her over until Bela couldn't stand it anymore and was tumbled over the edge. She moaned his name, her fingers tugging painfully at his hair as he drank her up, not leaving a drop of her wasted before returning once more to press his lips against hers, letting her taste herself against his mouth.

Bela smiled, nipping playfully as his bottom lip before shifting their bodies until she straddled Dean. "I'm going to fuck your brains out Dean Winchester…" she whispered playfully, pressing her lips solidly against his.

"Such language for a lady…" Dean teased back, his hands coming to rest on her hips. Bela smirked mushiviously. "What Dean, you don't like a little dirty talk?"

Dean smiled. "Hell yes…"

Bela moved from Dean's hips to kneal beside him, her hand trailing down his chest.

"I want you to fuck me Dean." She whispered leaning over him, her hair creating a curtain around them. Dean groaned, his hips bucking off the bed, her fingers inches from his hard member.

"I want you to fuck me until I can't breathe Dean. Until I scream so loud I wake the whole damn block."

He kissed her, her words doing their job of turning him on all the more. He loved that she had a dirty mouth and that she knew how to use it.

"But you can do that later Dean, because right now I'm going to put your hard mother fucking cock in my mouth and suck you off…" she said gruffly.

Dean groaned loudly, surprised by Bela's words as she wrapped her hand around his dick. "Fuck Bela…." He grunted, his hips working in her hand.

Bela smirked before leaning down and kissing the tip of his cock. She wasted no time taking him between her lips and into her mouth. Dean reached up, grasping the headboard with one hand as the other found the back of Bela's head, tangling his fingers in her hair.

Sure he had been sucked off before, well plently of times actually, but the sight of Bela's perfectly plump lips around his shaft and the heat of her mouth on his cock were almost too much to handle. He hadn't prepared himself for this and so he didn't know how long he would last at this rate.

Bela took him in up to the hilt, her throat muscles contracting around him as she slowly began to pull him back out. She bobbed her head slowly, alternating between licking and sucking his dick. Dean's hand tightened its grip in her hair, his hips thrusting up into her mouth.

"God damn it Bela….Fuck yes….." Dean grunted in a primal way, trying is hardest not to just thrust himself hard into her mouth.

Dean lost it as Bela grazed her teeth against his hilt. "I'm coming…" he strangled out before he shot his load into the back of Bela's throat. She took it all in a couple swollows, bobbing her head and sucking him dry.

She released his cock and found his lips, Dean drug her up to him, taking her mouth roughly with his, trapping his still rock hard cock between them.

He moved until he was once more above her and as he drove his tongue into her mouth he spread her legs and thrusts violently into her.

Bela gasped in pleasure as Dean rammed into her. He reached up, grasping the headboard of Bela's bed, while the other held Bela's leg hooked around his hips, thrusting himself deeper inside of her slick core.

"Yeah, Fuck me Dean….." Bela moaned loudly, clinging to his shoulders as he pounded into her center.

"I'mma do better than that…" Dean said huskily. "I'm going to rip your fucking cunt apart with my cock. God Bela, I'm going to make you cum so hard you won't be able to think of anything but my cock when I'm gone and how much you wish it was pounding away at your wet pussy…."

Bela looked up at Dean a little shocked. Sure he had talked dirty before, but what he just said was absolutely filthy but she loved it.

"Well then, you're going to have to do it right…." She said with a smirk. Dean returned the smirk and pulled out of her, causing Bela to whimper from the loss. He reached down and picked her up. He flipped her roughly onto her stomach before dropping her back on the bed. He hooked his arm around her hips, lifting her ass into the air facing him. He lent down to press a soft kiss against the flawless skin there before nipping roughly, leaving a welt. Bela yelped, looking over her shoulder playfully at the man behind her.

"Do it Dean, take me from behind…I want you to fucking punish me for everything…." She groaned reaching out and grasping the headboard for herself.

Dean growled gruffly before grasping her hips and slamming his cock into her from behind. Bela grunted, her lips parting in pleasure. She had little time to think before Dean reared back and slammed into her again and again. He thrust as hard as he could into her slick center, taking his revenge for all the mind tricks she had ever played with him and Sam.

Dean kneaded her ass, leaving a stinging slap every now and then to punctuate a thrust.

Bela dug her nails into the wooden headboard, holding on for dear life as Dean drove himself into her. It felt so good that she could barely breathe as his hips connected with hers over and over again.

Dean lent over her, arching his back to get deeper into Bela. He reached up, wrapping his hand around a chunk of Bela's hair, tugging roughly on it until she bent her head back. "Do you like being fucked like an animal? Huh Bela? How does it feel being fucked with?" he growled, his lips finding her neck as he spoke.

Bela groaned at his words, her scalp tingling as he tightened his grip. He knew just the right spots to hit that made her wither as he pumped into her.

It wasn't long until Bela felt Dean stiffen behind her and then explode inside of her, triggering her own ridiculous climax to follow right after. Bela shook as she came. She felt Dean wrap his arms around her waist, pumping into her jaggedly as he came, milk the both of them until the end.

As they both finished Dean pulled out, collapsing on the bed next to where Bela fell. Dean groaned, sweat glistening across his skin.

"Fuck Dean…" Bela said pushing her damp hair back from her face as she turned to face him while laying on her stomach. Dean was laying on his back and turned his head to face her. "Fuck indeed…" he said with a cocky smirk.

"That was fantastic…." She said dropping her head to rest on her arms. Dean nodded in agreement.

They lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath and cool down. Dean shifted to lay on his side, facing Bela. He reached out, his fingers skimming along her naked back. Bela smiled softly, her eyes drifting slightly as fatigue began to overtake her.

Dean smiled at her. "Now that….that could be considered anger sex…" Bela teased with a small smile.