This is just a two part story. I realised there were no stories about Princess Snake or none that I could find, so to be different I'm trying a one way love story.

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Goku couldn't believe it; his own son been killed. He wasn't sure what had done it or how Gohan's death had occurred. He had been on his way to his first day of high school when the tragedy had struck. He beat his fists on the floor in anger, causing the ground to shake. With fire in his eyes he flew into the air, determined to destroy the creature which had taken away his son.

Meanwhile Gohan was walking along Snake Way. He was frightened when King Yamma had told him to go down this path but was comforted by the fact that at the end was King Kai's planet. Gohan was going to meet King Kai which would allow him to grow stronger. He had been flying for what seemed like hours however and there was no inclinations that he was anywhere near the end.

Finally after flying for a bit longer he came across a house. It looked fit for a King, it was certainly big enough. Swallowing deeply, Gohan walked in, uncertain of what was inside. "Hello," he called unsure in anyone could hear him. He rubbed the back of his head in a "Goku" sort of way, unsure of what to do now. A clang of a gong sounded next to him, shocking him slightly. He turned his head and saw a beautiful woman dressed in what looked like old snake skin which had been transformed into a stylish garment.

"Summon the princess," she said sending the call to the others in the house.

"Princess," said Gohan unsure of what was going on. If there's a princess that must mean that her father is the king! This must be the place. A smile spread across Gohan's lips, he thought he had reached his destination. A door opened at the end of the corridor as the one behind Gohan closed. He turned around to see what had closed it but the door had vanished. Maybe I'm not allowed to leave until my training is complete. He turned back towards the procession which was travelling towards him.

Standing at the front was a beautiful woman with light blue skin which shone with a radiant light. She had bright orange hair and cute crimson eyes. She wore a lavender dress with a fur scarf wrapped around her neck. Two large earrings, green lipstick and perfect white teeth completed her look. Gohan looked down at his battle worn school uniform; it had been badly damaged during the fight, he looked like a train wreck.

Gohan stood perfectly still and bowed as the princess stopped just in front of him. "My, what have we here?" she asked in a sultry tone. Gohan didn't mind how she talked to him; he was here to train and nothing more. "You're a handsome one," she added causing Gohan to blush briefly.

"Is your father here your majesty?" Gohan asked in his most courteous tone trying to make a good impression.

"My father," she repeated slightly confused.

"Yes, I'm here to train with King Kai," said Gohan his torso still bowing.

"Oh, King Kai, well....." There was a brief pause as the princess thought this over quickly. "He's on a business journey for a week but you are welcome to stay until his return." Gohan lifted his body and looked into her eyes. She seemed to be daring him to do something.

"Well," began Gohan. "I've got nowhere else to go and I don't know anywhere else I could stay so I'll be honoured to stay here."

"That's great news," said one of the servants. Gohan looked at the woman who had spoken and noticed that she too was wearing a snake skin dress. Gohan looked around quickly and noticed that nobody wore anything different; it was all the same uniform.

"Nina," the princess summoned. A girl with blonde hair approached her, "Could you please show our guest to his quarters and make sure he knows where everything is."

"Certainly," said Nina with a bow. She then turned to Gohan, "Come with me please." Gohan obediently followed her up a flight of stairs. As soon as Gohan was out of sight, the princess started to giggle.

"He is so adorable," she admitted to her servants.

"Yeah he's a real catch," replied one of the servants.

"And he is so well behaved," said another.

Princess Snake looked to the stairs, "Well he's here for a week at least but we may be able to convince him to stay a little longer. I'll use my womanly ways and warm my way into his heart." With that the princess and her servants left the room to make plans.

"Here's your room," said Nina with a smile. Stepping through the door, Gohan couldn't believe the size of the room. It was utterly huge, much larger than the room he shared with Goten back at his old house. It only dawned on him that he wouldn't see his home for some time. Nina, seeing the troubled look on his face asked, "Are you okay? Can I get you anything?"

Gohan lifted a hand in refusal, "No it's alright, I just need some time alone."

Nodding in approval, Nina left Gohan as he was. Walking over to the oversized bed, he sat down and placed his face into his hands and cried. Nina poked her head around the corner and seeing this quickly walked downstairs to tell the princess the revelation.

"Nina," said the princess as Nina burst through the door to the princess' private chambers, "What news of our guest?"

"Even though he has a strong spirit and body which could be chiselled from marble I saw him crying for the loss of something," explained Nina.

"Ooh, a strong and sensitive guy, I'm going to enjoy the week ahead," smirked the princess. "I'll have him bathe before dinner. Girls make sure there is a meal fit for a king....which is exactly what I plan to make of him. He had the perfect body, the perfect attitude and the perfect bride." Princess Snake licked her lips.

Gohan felt awkward about resting in the hot springs naked, especially when he could sense that the princess was watching his every move. She was hidden from sight but not from sense, her Ki was giving her away. "You can't hide from me princess," Gohan called out. The princess blushed slightly as she stepped out from behind the boulder. "Do you wish to join me?" suggested Gohan which forced the princess' cheeks to turn crimson.

She looked away, "No it wouldn't be proper. Anyway I just came to tell you that dinner is ready."

"You waited fifteen minutes to tell me that there's food waiting for me?"

"I'm sorry, I got a little sidetracked that's all," she apologised. She placed a small package on the ground near Gohan's towel." I brought you some fresh clothes, I hope they fit."But I wouldn't mind if your bulging muscles burst through the fabric.

With that she left Gohan who decided to wait just a few more minutes before feasting. After a little while, he stepped out of the hot spring and dried himself off. He opened up the package and pulled out the clothes and looked at them with a questionable attitude.

Gohan walked into the dining room in his black pants and his buttoned white shirt as if he was going to a wedding. He was shocked to find the room was lit by candle light and there were only two chairs at the table, one already being occupied by the princess. She gestured with her hand for Gohan to sit, which he graciously did. The princess clapped her hands twice and a buffet was brought out. Knowing best to not let his Saiyan appetite get the better of him, he selected the prime parts of all the plates of food and ate like a sensible gentleman, much to the princess' delight.

"You seem to be well mannered," she complimented, "Unlike the last oaf who came here."

"I'm only being courteous for your hospitality," replied Gohan.

"You're such a kind and gentle spirit," admired princess snake.

"So what kind of man is King Kai like?" asked Gohan.

Princess snake stuttered, "Umm...well.... he's's hard to say because he spends so much time at work."

"Oh," muttered Gohan. "I see." Gohan knew something was wrong but it was too early to go pointing out flaws. King Kai couldn't spend all his time at work because he taught martial arts and looked over his part of the galaxy from his planet.

His planet! Damn it, this isn't the right place but I've got to lay low, I'm a prisoner here so I need to bide my time and think of an escape plan.