Baby Come Back Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Harry and Ginny are concerned about how they feel after Hermione left them to find out if she could love another besides Harry. This story will cover the entire school year, and Ginny will also be in seventh year. Hermione is Head Girl, Ginny is a Prefect, and Harry is Captain of the Quidditch Captain. King Eldonrod and Queen Luna as well as Princess Luna will also be attending. Please enjoy, and any reviews will be appreciated and answered. As always, the Keeper.

Hermione found it hard to speak to her mom and dad about her current situation with Harry. How could she, when she didn't know what it was. Did she love Harry as a brother? No that was not it, because as a brother, he could not bring her such intimate feelings as she had around him. That being the case, did she love him as a boyfriend? This was possible, but somehow did not feel right. Then it must be as a Fiance, but was she sure of this. This is what was driving her mad. She did not know how she loved him, just that she knew that she indeed did love him. Was it because she did not want to share him with Ginny? This was possible, but she knew that Harry loved Ginny equally loved Ginny like he loved her. If that was the case, then perhaps she needed to find out if she could love someone else with the same intensity that she loved Harry. Cedric's request was her chance to find out if this was possible. She did not feel right if there was a chance of hurting Cedric, but she had to know.

The talk with her parents had been frustrating. They tried to find out if she loved Harry the way she said to them while they were in Australia. When she said yes, they then asked her why she was having second thoughts about it know. She answered them with, "Mom, Dad, I love Harry just as much now as I did when we talked earlier. The only thing I can think of is that up until now, Ron and Harry have been the only men in my life. I thought I loved Ron, well. I did love Ron, until he turned on Harry, like he did in Gringotts. I realised then that he was not the one for me. Then when I told Harry about it, he told me that he didn't think Ron was in his right state of mind. He was understanding of Ron, but not totally acceptable of his allegiance. It was during this discussion that I let it slip how I felt about Harry. He was so sweet, as he said nothing about it, but, you could see he felt the same. As we continued to talk, he then brought up the fact, that he had feelings for me also, but that he was committed to Ginny, and would do nothing to hurt her. Right then I knew I loved him because of his desire to stick by his commitments. But how did I love him?

As a brother, a boyfriend or as a friend. Do you see my dilemma? I need to know how I love Harry, and if I can love anyone else with the same intensity."

Her mom answered with, "Hermione, your dad and I saw the way you looked at and acted around Harry, and it was not as a friend or brother. We heard about your little encounter on the plane, and that is not how you feel about a brother or friend. Can you honestly say to yourself that you don't love Harry more than as a boyfriend? If you do, then you are lying to yourself."

The whole conversation when back and forth with point-counterpoint. All were valid comments, but left her more confused than when she first sat down to talk to them.

Three days later, she met Cedric in the Leaky Cauldron. They sat and talked for awhile, before Cedric became serious. "Hermione, please think about what I am asking. I never saw you before as a woman, while in school, I saw you as a committed student, brilliant beyond compare, dedicated to helping Harry achieve all that was expected of him. Though Ron was around him often, there were times that he was upset with Harry or you and didn't want to be around you. But no matter what, you were always there for Harry. I never could figure out why Harry didn't ask you out to the Yule Ball. now with that being said, I want you to know, that if you still have feelings for Harry, I do not want to be the one to break you up. Like I said, Harry is like the brother I never had, even though he may not feel the same way. He helped me during the Tri-Wizard Tournament twice, and then offered to share the prize and the fame. If I would have known then what I know now, I would have told him to keep the bloody cup, and I'll keep my life, thank you very much."

"Cedric, I won't lie to you, I love Harry, but I have to know how I love him, and if I can love another as I love Harry. Please understand that it is not my intention to hurt you should I realise that indeed I do love Harry more than I wish to admit to myself. If that does not please you then please walk away now, before you gather feelings for me, only to lose them should I leave you. You must know that If I do love Harry in the way of wanting to be with him the rest of my life, then that is the way I am going."

"Hermione, I have to tell you, I don't feel right about this. I can tell you still love Harry, and more than as just a girlfriend. I don't understand why you are fighting it? You say you don't know how you love him, but it comes across like you love him sincerely. Why are you fighting it?"

Hermione started to shed some tears as she told him,"Because I feel like I am coming between him and Ginny. I can't, in my heart, bear to be a reason for them to breakup. I have to know that their love is strong enough to stand alone without my presence to interfere with it. Will you please give me a chance to figure this out? I know it's a longshot, with you knowing how I feel, but I have to know if I can love someone else besides Harry. If you don't want to take a chance of being hurt. I will understand."

"Hermione, I want this to work for both of us. If at any time you feel it isn't working, I want you to tell me, so that we can break it off and still be friends. If I see that it isn't working, or, if I see you still have feelings for Harry that are stronger than the feelings you have for me, I will break it off, hoping we can still be friends. I will also break it off, if Harry feels that it was me that devided you and him. If you can accept these conditions, then I would like to date you for as long as you like."

"Thank you Cedric, I accept these conditions, with one more. If you should find someone that you would rather be with, please do not be afraid to tell me how you feel, and we will still be friends."

"Deal. now would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow night?"

"Yes, I would. How about 7 PM here, and then we can go to wherever you choose?"

"It's a date."

Things had been going great for the next three weeks, when Hermione remembered that Harry's birthday was in two days. She wanted to see him on his birthday, but was afraid that her feelings for him would return, and she didn't want that to be a deciding factor in her growing relationship with Cedric. She really did like Ced, as this is what she has recently started to call him, and although it wasn't love, she did enjoy his companionship. Besides, it was going to be bad enough when they had to return to school. And then there was Ginny's birthday to consider also. This is going to be a rough stretch, and she is not looking forward to it.

She made it through Harry and Ginny's birthdays with sending her gifts using Ced's owl. Their relationship was growing stronger on every date, but when she was by herself, she felt sick to her stomach. She didn't know what it was, as she and Ced had done nothing more than kissing and some light to moderate petting. She just didn't feel right about sex, and she told Ced this, and he agreed. So what was making her sick? Her mom and dad took her to the doctor, but they found nothing wrong with her, except maybe a nervous condition. She told them that she didn't think it was her nerves as she had nothing to be nervous about. Then she thought, school started in a little over a week, so maybe it was nerves.

That night, Ced met her at the Leaky Cauldron as planned, and dropped a minor bomb on her, "Hermione, The Headmistress has called all teachers back to school, to prepare for the arrival of the Elves. I will be heading back tomorrow, and I won't be able to see you again until you get back to school. I'm sorry for not being able to tell you this earlier, but I just found out today."

"Oh, it's OK Ced, I understand. I should have realised that there would have to be changes made in order to accept 150 new students."

"Hermione, there are going to be more then 150. There are also 100 goblins. They have had to hire twenty new Professors. All core classes have two Professors, as well as Arithmancy, and Runes. With Binns, gone, they had to hire a Professor for History of Magic. They needed a new muggle studies Professor, and two Elves lore Professors They had to hire another Herbology Professor. I have another Professor and they needed two new custodians to assist Mr. Filch. And to let you know, there will be two Head Girls and two Head Boys, for this year only. I know you are going to ask, so I will tell you now, I don't know who they are. All I know is, that they will be in a seperate dorm from your own. As for the Professors names, you will have to wait and see. You will know some of them. Other than that, just another normal year at Hogwarts. I can see now why Professor Dumbledore didn't want to come back. Minnie's hair is no longer gray, it is now pure white, and she is pulling it out in clumps."

"I don't think I'm looking forward to this year, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen." amoung other reasons for not wanting to go back.

James and Lily, as well as Arthur and Molly felt bad for Harry and Ginny. Since Hermione left, they had not left the house, and when they were together, they would not act like they used to when she was with them. Hermione's leaving was like a death toll. All life seemed to leave the two. Not even the combined efforts of the Marauders and the Demon Duo could break them out of their stupor. With only one day left, before they left for school, things were not looking good for the two young adults.

Harry and Ginny decided they had to talk to each other. They had not really talked about the situation, as they both were too emotionally drained. That and the fact, that for the past two weeks, thay had to deal with nausea. Every night before going to bed, they both threw up what they had eaten that day. They told each other they would see Madam Pomfrey if it continued.

"Harry, what are we going to do on the train ride, when we see her. We can't really ignore her, she is the Head Girl."

"Remember Ginny, there are two Head Girls now. If we have any problems, we can go to Queen Luna or King Eldonrod. We can avoid any contact with her if this is what she wishes. Seeing as how all we have received from her are our birthday wishes, even though we have sent her like ten letters each, it seems as though it is her wish for us to ignore her. I have to tell you though Ginny, I miss her dearly. Ginny, I know I have been neglecting you lately, and I wish to apologise for this. I love you so much, and yet I feel I am missing something."

"I know Harry, I feel the same way. To be honest with you, I have been so sick lately, I have enjoyed the time being alone. Don't get me wrong, I love you from eternity to beyond, as that muggle cartoon character says."

"Ginny, thats from infinity to beyond, but I get where you are coming from. I haven't enjoyed this last month and a half, but if it wasn't for you being there to console me when I needed it, I would be lost. Please don't leave me Ginny, I couldn't take it if you left me too."

Ginny had to console him again, and he had to do the same for her.

As they boarded the train for their last year, Harry and Ginny should have been excited. they were anything but. It was like they were heading for a year of torment. They were not looking forward to it. It was like torture for them with each step they took.

Their friends had decided to leave them alone as they were not the best company to be with. They did not want to share the grief that the two lovers had been carrying with them for the past 45 days.

Harry and Ginny found a compartment near the end of the train and took up seats. They waved to their parents, as the train started to leave the station. They could see the tears in their eyes for the hurt they were sharing for their kids.

Hermione was waving to her parents as the train was leaving, and saw the Weasleys and Potters and waved to them, when she saw the tears in their eyes as they waved to her. This brought tears to her eyes, because she knew why they were crying. It was because of her.

She pulled herself together, and waited for Terry Boot to join her in the Heads cabin. He soon joined her, and they talked as they waited for the Prefects to join them for their meeting.

Soon, they entered the Heads cabin to start the meeting, but there were so few. Instead of the eight, there were only four. When she asked the Prefects where the rest were, Draco stated, "The Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Prefects are with the other Heads, in their cabin."

"Oh, well then I guess we should begin then."

Her and Terry, handed out the passwords for their dorms, and the security schedule for rounds for the train ride. Her and Terry had taken the first round. with Terry going right to hesd toward the engine of the train, and Hermione went left to head for the rear of the train.

She had to warn a couple of fourth years to stop playing in the corridor, but other than that, it was peaceful. She would stop and poke her head into a compartment and say hi to those she knew, or to welcome any first years. Then sha came to a compartment where Ron and Padma were sitting with Parvatti and Colin. When she said hi, she got four nods, and that was it, and they went back to talking to each other. She closed the door and continued on with her rounds feeling bad.

Then she came to the compartment she had dreaded to see. Harry and Ginny were sitting next to each other, with Harry holding her as she had her buried in his chest. He was rubbing her back as if he were comforting her. When he looked up and saw Hermione standing there, he raised his hand to wave at her. Hermione did not open the door, did not wave, and left. She had to, she was crying. What have I done to them? How bad have I hurt them? She found the nearest girls room, and closed and locked the door. She cried for 15 minutes, until there was a knocking on the door.

Hermione cleaned her face off, and unlocked and opened the door.

Ginny was standing there. When she saw Hermione, she turned and went back to her compartment. Hermione could see the hurt in Ginny's eyes. She looked like she had lost weight and hadn't had much sleep.

Hermione was at a crossroad. She knew she had enjoyed Cedric's company for the last 6 plus weeks, and wanted to continue to see him, to give this a real chance. But if she constantly got reminded of what she was doing to Harry and Ginny, she didn't know what she was going to do.

As the train pulled into Hogsmeade. students were gathering their carry-ons, to get ready to leave. When the train came to a complete stop. Hermione and Terry got of first to guide the first years. As she looked to her left, she saw for the first time who the other Heads were, King Eldonrod and Queen Luna. She had wondered why she hadn't seen them on the train, and where they were staying. She waived to them, and they both waved back. Well, maybe she will have a couple of friends this year.

She then heard the familiar "First years, first years over 'ere. Come on hurry up now, Four to a boat. Hya Hermione, glad to see you back, going to enjoy your last year."

"I don't know Hagrid, I just don't know. Judging from the train trip, I rather doubt it."

Cedric walked over to Hermione and said, "Hello beautiful, have a nice train trip?" as he pulled her in for a hug. Harry and Ginny were just getting of the train when this happened, and Harry vomited everything he had eaten that day. Cedric saw this, but Hermione had her back turmed to them so missed it. Cedric was not happy with what he has caused. He should have realised that Harry, Ginny and Hermione were closer than Hermione let on. He found a carraige for them to ride back to the castle on and shared it with six second years. He had decided to talk to Harry the first chance he had, He had grown to like Hermione very much. maybe not love. but a deep caring for her. But from what he saw of Harry and Ginny, something had to be done. And soon!