Baby Come Back Keeperoliver Chapter 11

A/N: Well if every thing goes as planned, this should be the last chapter of phase three. This last school year has been the best for all the students attending. It will be remembered by all, as the party that lasted for 10 months. Hogwarts has been the home that Harry looked forward to every September for six years, and now it was time to say goodby, Shall we join the ceremonies for the last time.

Ginny and Hermione were sitting on the couch in the lounge of the Heads room. They were talking about what they were going to be doing after graduating. "Hermione, can you believe how fast time went this year. I never remember a year going by this fast. Of course, I have never had this much fun at school either. Do you think there will ever be another year like this?"

"Ginny, in your seven years here, have you seen a normal year. I know you were not with Harry, Ron and I for our adventures, but you saw what went on, and then in your fourth year, you finally got to join in. The DA was the best learning experience of the seven years, because we shared it with other houses and other years. Friendships developed that may not have occured if not for the DA, Like Luna. She has often said that if not for Harry and the DA she would not have any friends for her entire time here. Now that I look back, I wish that you, Luna, Dobby, Neville, Ron, Harry and I could have been together through out our schooling, and grown closer earlier. Things would have been so different."

"If that would have taken place, Hermione, things may not have turned out the way they have. Would you take that chance just to have us as friends for that extra two or three years, and have things turn out drastically wrong. I am happy for the ways things have turned out, and I would not change a thing.

"What are my two most beautiful and charming women talking about." Harry said as he made his way toward them, still drying himself from his shower.

Hermione looked up at the man she so loved,"We were discussing Einstein's theory of relativity, and the use of Quantum Physics that could be applied to magic. If applied correctly, a squib could become a wizard with minimal powers, and be able to attend Hoqwarts. If applied to a powerful wizard, the power generated could effectively supply power to a city the size Ottery St. Catchpole for a month."

Harry looked at Hermione like she had gone off the deep end. "Do you know how utterly insane that sounded. You don't honestly expect me to believe what you just told me do you?"

Ginny took it up from there, "Harry, why would we kid you about such a worthwhile endeavor. Think about the benefits that could be accomplished with a power boost to the right wizard, like you. Why you could act as a generator for the Miracles and Magic theme park, and we wouldn't have to pay for any eklectricity we use to power the rides, lights, diners or any other event taking place."

"That's electricity, Ginny, and I don't relish the idea of having a large number of wires hooked up to me to supply power to your amusement park. I believe we will do it the old fashioned way, with muggle creativity. I think you girls need a vacation, your brains are fried."

Hermione's turn, "Harry, you are being selfish. Don't you want Ginny's dream to be a success, with a large profit to boot?"

"OK, who are you, and what have you done to the women who love me for being me, and not a a source of power for some muggle devices?"

"Alright Harry, I guess enough is enough, we were talking about how fast this year has gone by. Do you realise that in less than a month, we will be leaving Hogwarts forever, as a student. This has been the best year of our lives, and it is coming to end to soon. Why couldn't our whole school experience have been this fun?" Ginny explained.

"Because of some snakefaced wanker chasing us for the first six years. But yeah, I agree with you, this has been the best time of my life. We have become one with each other, made some new friends, and discovered music as a healing power. Who would have thought a song could have saved our lives and brought us back together?"

"Harry, that wasn't just a song, it was an inspiration. That was the luckiest day of my life when you and Ginny heard it. I will never forget Freddie playing it at the Yule Ball. Love of my life, has become our anthem. Our symbol of the love we could have lost, but was made stronger because of a muggle rock group that plays the music that brings people together with their words. Brian and Roger will eventually find their new singer, but he will never replace Freddie Mercury, the greatest singer in England's history. I wish he could make it back one more time for the end of term party."

Harry was taking in what Hermione was saying when a message was sent to him in his mind, "Harry, can you share this thought with the girls?"

Harry made a mind link with Ginny and Hermione, "Girls, I believe someone is attempting to contact us making a mental link with me as a medium."

"Yes Harry, I am. This is Freddie, and The powers that be have heard Hermione's request, and has granted me the ability to return for a period of year, however, it must be with a host body, as mine has been with out a soul for too long. If you could find a person who was willing to share his body with my soul, as well as his, I will be able to return. He has to be willing to share not only his thoughts, but mine as well. He has to be strong willed, because a weak mind will snap under the pressure of two minds trying to dominate his actions. Ginny, Hermione, Do you know such an individual, as Harry doesn't seem to know of anyone?"

"Well, yes we do, however, trying to convince him to do it may take some doing."

"I have been given 48 hours to get this accomplished. That is how long you have, although the sooner you get it done, the happier I will be. Good luck, and I hope it is who I think you mean because, if it is, I will be one happy spirit. I must leave you now, but I will be back in 2 days for your answer. Remember, I have been granted 1 year, but doesn't mean I have to come back for a year. If this individual will only allow it for a day, that will be all I can return for. The time frame is his to decide, for up to a year. See you in two days."

They were left with the link still maintained between the three, but somehow feeling only partial, like a link was missing.

"Whoa, that was weird. But now it feels like something is missing. Not an important part, like I felt when you were out of mine and Ginny's life, Hermione, but like a friend was missing from my life. I hope we can find someone who will be strong enough to share Freddie's spirit."

"Harry, can you turn off your mind link, please, it is starting to give me a headache." Said Ginny.

"Oh, I'm sorry Gin. Well, are you ladies hungry, or do you want to stay up here, and think about Freddie's idea?"

"We better go get something to eat, besides, Ginny and I already have an idea of who would be able to do this, just getting him to agree may be difficult."

"Well. good luck with that, as a person would have to be mental to agree to what he would have to do."

"Ya, mental." Ginny said in a low voice. She looked over at Hermione. The look in her eyes was all she needed to understand what she was thinking. Now if they could only convince him to do it.

The Hedwig show was low key today, as she was paying more attention to her pets. She felt something between them was not quite right. She looked at the three, wondering who she should hold council with. She hopped over and walked up Ginny's arm and gently nipped her ear. Ginny looked at her and smiled. "Hello beautiful, what can I do for you today? Do you want something to eat or drink? Or would you rather put on a show?"

We need to talk

Ginny almost fell out of her chair. Hermione looked at her and asked if she was alright? Ginny just moved her head in the direction of the hall, asking Hermione to follow her. They started to get up, when Harry asked, "Where are you going?"

"The powder room." Stated Hermione.

"Oh, ok then, see you in a little bit. Wait, why are you taking Hedwig with you?"

"She has to go to." said Ginny.

"Well don't forget to flush girl."


"Girl talk? What do you mean, you have to have a girl talk?"


"You're right. I wouldn't understand."

And the girls left.

They got to Myrtle's bathroom, as that would provide the most privacy, and they locked the door, and put a privacy charm and a silencing charm on the room.

"Hermione, Hedwig talked to me with mind talk."

"Ginny, that's impossible. She is smart, but what you are saying is ......impossible."

My pets, do you understand me? If you do, nod your heads.

(Why do we have to nod our heads if you can read our thoughts?

Hermione nealy passed out when she received Hedwig's message.

I was not sure if you were ready to accept this ability I have.

(Hedwig, how long have you had this ability?)


(Then why are you just showing us now?)

I did not feel I was ready to share this knowledge with anyone yet, but in the dining area, I felt a shift in your thoughts. I was afraid you were having second thoughts about how you felt about my friend. I will not have him hurting again like he was a few months back. Please do not hurt my Harry again Hermione. He means the world to me.

[Hedwig, I promise you, I will never hurt Harry again, I love him. I am sorry I put him and Ginny through what I did. I also felt the pain that they felt, and I don't relish the thought of going through it again, and not because of the pain but because of the loss. I missed them so much, that I don't think I could do it again if I tried.]

Then what is this I feel between you that is fighting your thoughts. You are having inner turmoil that could make you ill, if it continues.

(Hermione and I must find a way to convince Harry to do something that will have him share his body with someone else's soul.)

What! Do you realise what that could do to my Harry? He could end up insane. You must realise, he can share his thoughts with you, but can turn them off if he has to. If he shared his body with someone else's soul, the contact would be constant, with no hope to get away from it. I will not allow you to do that to my Harry.

[Hedwig, we know how you feel, but Ginny and I would never do anything or try to get Harry to do anything that we thought would harm him. Let me try to explain what is going on.]

And Hermione and Ginny told Hedwig what went on in their sitting room. Hedwig was a good listener, and only interupted when she needed clarification on something one of them said. In the end, she thought about what they were wanting her Harry to do, and though she did not like it to well, she would try to help them to persuade him to do it for 1 month. That was more than she really wanted him exposed to a second soul, but knew in order for Freddfie to be able to perform at the graduation ball, it would have to be that long.

They met up with Harry in their dorm, and went to work, trying to get him to agree with their plans. Hedwig would not reveal her secret to Harry just yet, so she used her owl talk to try and get him to reason.


"What do you mean he would do it for me. That is the most silly statement I have ever heard. How could he possibly ever do it for me, He is dead, and when he was alive he didn't know me from Adam. So that statement is null and void. Really Hedwig, I thought you were smarter then that."

This was probably the worst thing Harry could have said. Hedwig flew onto Harry's chest, grabbed his robes in her claw, and bit down hard on Harry's nose, drawing blood. She then released his robes, and left him holding his bleeding wound, and watching his familiar leave the room through an open window. Harry did not see her again until the next morning, but she refused to acknowledge his presence.

In the meantime, the girls were still trying to get him to agree to their wish. Then they played their trump card. Hermione started crying, and Ginny went over to her to comfort her. She turned her head to glare at Harry. He was starting to feel uncormfortable, when Hermione lifted her head off of Ginny's shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it Harry, We will get along fine without Freddie, we will just have to find someone else to play my song, I mean our song. I doubt anyone could sound as good as Freddie, but it will just have to do. Don't worry yourself to death about it. It's just that it meant so much to me, that I thought you would do it for me. But you are right, I don't think you are strong enough to be able to do this. Maybe we should go talk to Draco, Ginny. He may be strong enough and I think he once had a crush on me, so he may do it for old times sake."

"Oh, for crying out loud, I'll do this for you, but you will owe me big time, both of you."

"Never mind Harry, we know you really don't want to do this, so we will go ask Draco."

"No really Hermione, I'll do it."

"Thanks anyways Harry, but we will get Draco to do this for us."

"I said I will do it Hermione. Besides, I think Freddie meant for me to do it anyway. I don't think he trusts anyone else's body to share his soul with. UHHHH, Do you know how gross that sounds. Shite, how do I get myself into these things?"

"Because you love us, and adore us and worship us." said Ginny.

"Don't press your luck. We still have to wait another day for Freddie to show up, and I could change my mind."

"You won't do that, because you really do love us."said Ginny, and both her and Hermione snuggled up to Harry and began to kiss him. It started out just friendly little kissing, but soon progressed to passionate snogging. when they felt another presence in their minds. "You could have waited until you and I joined to do this. Can I look forward to sharing the experiences with you in the near future?"

"Freddie, don't interrupt when we are enjoying ourselves. And yes, if Hermione and I have anything to say about it, both you and Harry will have something to look forward to, like this." and Ginny leaned into Harry and gave into a deep kiss that involved a lot of tounge. Ginny came up for air, and was replaced by Hermione doing the same, playing tonsil hockey with Harry.

"Harry, when can we do this, I am already looking forward to what ever time you give me, and I promise, I will not interfere with what ever you do, and will not press my will upon you. Just can we do it soon?"

Harry looked at the girls, and said, "Freddie, what do I have to do to get this done, before I change my mind?"

"Just allow me to enter your body as a free soul. By the way, how long am I allowed to stay in your body?"

"Do you have to know before can enter my body?"

"No, I just wanted to know how long I can look forward to my stay?"

"At least a month for right now, and if there are no complications, maybe longer."

"Harry, I can't believe you are doing this for me, and I wish there was a way I could repay you. And Hedwig was right, I would do this for you."

"Do you mean you have been with me all this time?"

"Sorta, I did have to go back and tell the big guy that you were going to try and find a host body for me, but that took all of twenty minutes."

"OK, well, let's get this over with, go ahead and do it."

"I already have. I am here as long as you wish me to be here."

"I have a question Freddie, if you don't mind?", asked Hermione?

"What is it Hermione."

"When you talked to Brian in his dreams, you said you would not be able to come back, what happened to bring about the change?"

"Nothing, I was not allowed to come back via the Stone, no one said anything about other ways. Magic is a wonderful way of life. I wish I was able to do the things you people do? Oh by the way Harry, Albus told me to tell you that he is proud of the way his grandson has brought about changes to the wizarding and muggle world . He wishes he had the time to visit you like I am, but he has two lifetimes to catch up on. He thinks your choices for lifemates is brilliant, as a matter of fact, I believe he said you were one lucky SOB. That was the closest I ever heard him come to cussing. Now when do we eat, cause I'm starving?"

Brian and Roger had been asked to play for the Graduation Ball, and accepted, but restated that Hermione was needed for the piano, and Sirius for bass, which has been arranged. They did not know about Harry and Freddie, And Freddie's voice was magnificent coming from Harry, but as yet, only Hermione and Ginny were allowed to hear it. F/H (Fred/Harry) Had enjoyed several more snogging sessions, and Fred was told by Harry, that as long as he was housed in Harry's body, that would be as far as he would go. Fred was disappointed, but agreed. It was also said that the minute the presiding official announced that Harry, Ginny and Hermione were husband and wives, Freddie had to vacate. Freddie agreed, so Freddie knew how long he had to enjoy his stay.

NEWTS were underway, and the pace was frantic. Freddie wss amazed at the things Harry could do, and wished even more that could have been able to do it.

One evening, Harry Hermione and Ginny went up the RoR, and closed themselves in with Locking, and Silencing charms.

"Alright Freddie, are you ready?"

"For what, we have no instruments up here, so what are you going to sing acapella? I mean there are a few songs that could work that way, including Hermione's."

"No Fred. We are going to give you your first magic lesson."

"What? can we do that? How? I can't believe you will let me do this?"

"Slow down Fred, you'll give us a heartattack. Now, what I need you to do, is take control of my brain..Good, now, I want you to listen to what Ginny and Hermione tell you, and I will stay in the background, observing."

Fred got lumos and alohamorra right away, but had trouble with wingardium leviosar, and accio.

They did this once a day, letting Fred practice. And they also took him out to the qudditch pitch, and tried teaching him broom safety and handling. This was not one Fred's strongest subjects. It was decided that Harry would be the pilot, and Fred would be the passenger. but he loved it just the same.

Finally, NEWTS were done, and the night of the ball was here. Brian and Roger arrived about an hour before playing, to set up. Sirius had arrived the night before, and was impatient to get started. Brian asked Harry who was going to be singing this evening, and Harry said Luna, Draco, and me."

Brian gave him a strange look, as Harry never showed an interest in singing before, and was a little skeptical. But he nodded his head in acceptance.

When they were ready to start, Luna told them the songs she had selected for her three numbers, (A Kind of Magic), (Dreamer's Ball), and (Fat Bottom Girls). Brian laughed at the last selection as Luna even being pregnant, was not yet showing, and was quite petite.

She was brilliant. she had the graduating class rocking an loving her singing. (Magic) was her great set-up song, and (Dreamer's Ball) fit her earlier life style, but (Fat Bottom Girls) was awesome, as all the girls in the hall were dancing and swinging their butts, Snowflake had joined in and was dancing on a special table set up for her, and was delighting the people who decided to sit out this song. The applause for Luna was great.

Next came Draco, and walked over to Brian with his selection. (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), (You're My Best Friend) and (We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions).

Draco started his set, and got the people rocking again. (Crazy) was a favorite of the grads, but when he played (Rock You and Champions), the crown started stomping their feet, and it could be heard through out the school. He also got a standing ovation.

Then Harry stepped on stage and started with (Killer Queen), and then went to (Somebody To Love).

Brian listened to Harry, and swore he was hearing Freddie singing. So did the grads as they were going wild on the dance floor. Harry then went into (Another One Bites the Dust) and then (Radio Ga Ga). then (I Want It All), Then the stage went silent as Hermione started a piano solo which turned into (Bohemian Rhapsody) which started the head banging, and finally Harry went over to sit by Hermione as he played (Love of My Life). Hermione was crying as he was singing to her, and he was soon joined by Ginny who was also crying. They were swaying to the music with Harry with their arms wrapped around him. The grads were also swaying to the music, and a few tears could be seen amoung the females, to include Luna. Dobby was holding her around the waist and was swaying to the music. When Harry sang his final note, and the music died down, The grads went wild. They knew this was their last farewell, and they wanted it to go out with a bang. Harry finished the evening with (The Show Must Go On).

Well, the end of the year, finally arrived and the students were ready to make their way home, some for the last time. The year ended on a good note, as Cedric had annonced his engagemenrt to Daayla. For many of the graduates, life was about to change, as many had career decisions to make. For some, the decision had already been made, and they were just waiting for the time to begin. For five, or should I say six, there was a time for getting to know each other better, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were going to find a small cottage to set up house.. A small house to them was a tweny-five thousand square foot home, with five bedrooms, and a recording studio for music. It was a muggle estate, with all the ammenities. It would be a couple of months before they would move in, as it was to be their honeymoon cottage to retreat to when they are married. For the time being, they were staying at Potter Manor. Today is the first day of the beginning of their life post Hogwarts.