Okay, it's me here, and by me I mean E. earth K. id T. ree H. ugger.

(Did I even get my name right?! Ahahah).

Anyway, I have an idea for a new Gee/Dave story that I'd like to run by you.

So it's gonna be kinda fantasy, and although it may seem babyish, it won't be, as I have to rate this T because it is not for little children.

Okay, so Dave is a faery (DO NOT LAUGH) who wanted to have a human life while he grew up but he didn't count on falling in love with Gee. Once he's stopped growing, which will be when he's seventeen, he must return to whence he came. It's set after SITNOP, and Dave can't decide whether he wants to let himself have that year with Georgia or distance himself as much as possible.

Also, there's a possibility of Georgia becoming immortal like he is and leaving the human world, but does he want to make her do that?

You'll have to find out. Okay, so if you want me to write this, you can write a review telling me. I need at least ten reviews to start writing the story.