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Plot Summary: Life has been normal for the Sub-Zero Heroes now that they have new friends and a different life to live with now. Getting bored with everything they do. The Martin Mystery Gang, Spies, and Sub-Zero Heroes decide to go camping for the weekend on the Santa Monica Mountains. Through their first day camping. The Sub-Zero heroes all decide to tell their human friends of how they all met and became friends. Meanwhile, for a sub-plot. Scrat and Scratte are teaching their kids how to live as a Saber Toothed Squirrel and how to find Acorns.

P.S.: I don't own any of the rights to Martin Mystery, Totally Spies, or Ice Age. Martin Mystery, and Totally Spies are owned by Marathon, and Ice Age is owned by Blue Sky Studios.

Old Past, Old Times, and the Old Days

It has been one week and a half since the Martin Mystery Gang, Spies, and Sub-Zero Heroes have stopped Rudy in Beverly Hills. Already most of Beverly Hills that was destroyed by the Albino Suchomimus has all been build back. Rudy was now living in the Mesozoic Domain, where he can live peacefully alongside with other prehistoric reptiles there. Ever since now, the Sub-Zero Heroes have been allowed to live in Beverly Hills being treated as equals like a everyday human. Manfred, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, and Peaches we're given their own kind of house to live in and since Sid was a Ground Sloth. He made his home on a Palm Tree, since Sloths like him lived on trees. Diego lived on the streets and alleys for the fact he was allowed to live anywhere in those areas. Buck had made himself a hole making a home for himself, and Momma, Papa, Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko we're living in the middle of a Central Park in Beverly Hills. Best friends with Martin, Diana, Java, Clover, Sam, and Alex. They all have been doing things that they liked to do together. Meanwhile Scrat and Scratte we're also living the way they we're. The Oak Tree in Beverly Hills. The two Saber Toothed Squirrels already a family we're living what every family would do. Since almost all of the evil and crimes have been put to an end. Martin, Diana, Java, and the Spies barely would have missions so this way they can hang out with their new animal friends whenever they want, that is except when they have to go to school. Today it was friday. At the Oak Tree. Scrat, and Scratte we're with their children doing things together like a family would do. Back outside from the Oak Tree, the one that the saber toothed squirrels are in and living inside of. Sid appeared and could be seen walking on the streets passing by humans who said hello to him. A guy who looked cool appearing to be in his early twenties saw Sid and waved. "Hey, Sloth Dude. How's it going ya'll?" The Cool Guy said.

"Not bad, not bad. Just heading down to Martin's school, where I'm going to wait for him to get out." Sid said.

"That's nice, how about a high five." The Cool Guy said.

"Could do anything for that. Why not, bring it here, man." Sid said.

Sid and the Cool Guy gave each other a high five. "Catch, ya'll later Sloth Man." The Cool Guy said.

"Right back at you, man." Sid said.

The Cool Guy walked off and Sid procceeded to keep going down to Beverly High School, where he will wait for his best friend Martin. By the time Sid got there. He sat down and waited. "On the meantime, might as well relax." Sid said.

Sid laid and chilled. Minutes later. He heard the school bell ring as many students we're coming out of the school happy that it was the weekend. Waiting to catch the sight of Martin in the crowd of students leaving and heading home. Sid saw Martin and waved to catch his attention. "Hey, Martin!" Sid said.

Martin Mystery turned his head and saw Sid. He turned to the different direction walking up to Sid. "Hey, Sid. Knew, you would be waiting here. Just like everyday school day. Now that it's the weekend. We can all hang out for as long that we want." Martin Mystery said.

"Darn right.....say Martin? Where's your girlfriend, Clover?" Sid said.

Before Martin could tell Sid. They both heard Clover coming by. "Hey, Martin! Hey Sid!" Clover said.

Clover got to them as soon that they saw her. "Nevermind that then." Sid said.

"Hey, Clover. Sid and I we're just about to head off and hang out. Probably at the Groove. Like to join." Martin Mystery said.

"As soon as Sam, and Alex comes by. They just had to get some things from their lockers. They'll arrive in a few minutes." Clover said.

"And, what about my sis, Diana?" Martin Mystery said.

"Hm, havn't heard of her all day, but if I recall, Diana signed up for this thing that has to do with a social group about science." Clover said.

"And I'm assuming, our big guy Java is busy as always having to stay at the school to clean everything up since he's a.....what's that j word again? I don't remember." Sid said.

"Janitor." Martin Mystery and Clover said.

"Oh, right. Janitor. For sure though, he won't be busy and can hang out with us, that is what do you all thing we should do this weekend?" Sid said.

They heard Sam and Alex who walked up to them. "Hey, girlfriends, been waiting just like I said I would. Let's head to The Groove." Clover said.

"We we're just thinking the same thing. Maybe we'll run into the others as we head there." Alex said.

"I could go for a triple hot strawberry fudge sundae,.......though then again. I'm a Ground Sloth. I don't have a job, or money and boy is the weather hot or what." Sid said.

"Don't worry, Sid. I could buy you one. What are friends for anyway." Sam said.

"Aw, thanks Sam." Sid said.

Sam smiled. "You're welcome, Sid." Sam said.

"The more we stand here. The more we're wasting our weekend. Come on." Clover said.

Martin, Sam, Alex, and Sid nodded as they all walked off together heading to the Groove. On the way. They saw Diego and waved. Diego notice and smiled walking to the other side of the road to see them. "Hey, what's up guys. You all must be glad it's the weekend." Diego said.

"No kidding, last class was so stressful." Clover said.

"Say, Diego. We're heading to the Groove. Like to come." Sid said.

"Well, nothing really better to do. Why not, couldn't say no to that." Diego said.

With Diego now joining them. They kept making their way to the Groove. They ten ran into Manfred, Ellie, Peaches, Crash, and Eddie who decided to hang out with them, since they always do it everyday. Then ran into Buck who joined as well, and then Momma, Papa, Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko as well, when they ran into the T-Rex family. They all got to the Groove and found somewhere to sit down. Sam bought Sid a triple hot strawberry fudge sundae by the time they got there. "So........everyone? What would you like like to do this weekend?" Diego said.

"Maybe like always. Go to the mall, hang here, go to mine, Clover's and Sam's place to watch a movie. Those." Alex said.

"Nah, we've been doing those things a whole lot. I think it would be better if we do something else. Something we can all enjoy." Sam said.

"What like?" Martin Mystery said.

Momma, Papa, Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko nodded wondering. "Oh, oh, I know. Maybe we can go to the Arcade. Don't do that much." Sid said.

"No thanks. Too noisy." Manfred said.

"I second that." Buck said.

"Third." Diego said.

"I agree, how about we go down to the beach, where me, Sam, and Alex live down near." Clover said.

"We do that a lot as well." Alex said.

"Just a thought." Clover said.

"Why don't we go to the zoo and watch see the animals. You know me, I love animals." Alex said.

"You love animals, Alex. Ew you're gross!?" Sid said.

"I don't mean it in that kind of way." Alex said.

"Oh, silly me. Sorry." Sid said.

"It's okay." Alex said.

"Then what do you all think we should do this weekend." Ellie said.

"We can play pranks on people. Including Mandy. We so wanna prank her all weekend." Crash said.

"I love you're idea, bro." Eddie said.

"No, pranking aren't our kind of thing. Maybe to you both at least. Well I just don't know. Guess we'll be having a boring weekend then." Martin Mystery said.

"Camp....?" Peaches said.

"What did you say Peaches?" Sam said.

"Camp! Camp! Camp!....maybe hike as well." Peaches said.

"Hey, not a bad idea. Really never thought about that. We barely camp that much. Maybe, we can camp this weekend. What do you say everyone." Sam said.

"I say that would be a great idea. All of us spending time together for two days. Nothing but fun and exciting things to see." Ellie said.

"Yeah, and the fact bugs that buzz around you until you can't stand them anymore. That will be so fun." Manfred said.

"Oh, come on, Manny. Don't let bugs get in you're way. At least have a little fun in you." Ellie said.

"I would, but ugh. The worst of all Mosquitos. They suck on you're blood and it drives me crazy." Manfred said.

"Well that's why we'll be bringing Bug Spray with us." Sam said.

"Bug Spray?" Crash said.

"What's that?" Sid said.

"Yeah." Eddie said.

"Bug Spray is a chemical to spray on you're body. It keeps bugs even mosquitos away from you." Sam said.

"See, Manny. There. Now would you like to camp. I think this would be great." Diego said.

"Yeah, Manny. Look at Peaches. Already she feels that she wants to go." Ellie said.

"Well alright. But I hope that Bug Spray you speak of really does work." Manfred said.

"Don't worry, it will." Sam said.

"Then in that case. Sure. Should we let Diana, and Java know we now have plans on doing this?" Manfred said.

"We will, but their both still bust at the school. So until they are done. One of us can tell them." Sam said.

"Oh, okay." Manfred said.

They heard Diana and Java who came by. "Tell us, what?" Diana said.

"Yeah, tell what?" Java said.

"Oh, we wanted to tell you, but this weekend. We thought we could all go camping together. Would you like that?" Sam said.

"Alright, I do want to see the wilderness anyway, and the wonders around it. What do you say Java?" Diana said.

"Java, say yes." Java said.

"It's official then. Camping it is." Diana said.

"Great, we'll start packing first thing tomorrow morning and before we go. We'll pay M.O.M. and Jerry a little visit for some things just to be sure." Sam said.

"Sounds good." Diana said.

"I can't wait tomorrow. This will be fun." Diego said.

"Fun indeed." Buck said.

"Where are we going to go camping though?" Sid said.

"At the Santa Monica Mountains. Beverly Hills is just beside and close to it here and it's the perfect place to have camping." Sam said.

"Okay, then. Though why we still have time today, but why don't we all just go home and get everything packed up and prepared for tomorrow right now rather than wasting time." Sid said.

"You're right, Sid and I think we'll call it a day. Come to the Villa early tomorrow at Seven at the least. By the time you all get everything ready. Clover, Alex, and I will be ready too and we'll go see Jerry, and M.O.M. for some things just in case. Now though. Let's all head home and start packing up for this wonderful day tomorrow." Sam said.

Everyone nodded as they all said goodbye to each other. Martin and Clover kissed each other on the lips before they all head back home to pack up. At Martin's and Diana's house. Martin was packing up food like Marshmallows, and other things like that. Diana was getting sleeping bags. At the Villa. Clover, Sam, and Alex we're doing the same thing, but was getting more stuff. Like tents to make and bug spray. For the Sub-Zero Heroes they we're getting their own kind of stuff to bring. After a long night of packing. Everyone went to sleep until morning shines. All waking up at the same time. Martin, and Diana got dress in suitable clothes for camping, and called Java who then came. The three of them then all met up with the Sub-Zero Heroes who we're already heading to the Villa. They all joined together and got to the Villa before knocking at the door. Clover, Sam, and Alex who in clothes as well suitable for camping we're done getting everything and heard the knock. "I'll get that. It must be them." Sam said.

Sam went to the door opening it, and saw Martin, Diana, Java, Manfred, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Peaches, Buck, Momma, Papa, Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko standing there. "Knew you would all arrive. The three of us, are just about ready." Sam said.

"We can wait." Manfred said.

"Good." Sam said.

As they waited. Clover, and Alex we're done and came to them all. "Come on, let's go give M.O.M. and Jerry a little visit." Sam said.

Everyone nodded as they all began leaving. Sam placed some stuff on Manfred's back so he could carry some of it. They got to W.O.O.H.P. Centre Building going to see Jerry and M.O.M. at their office. "Oh, hello agents, spies, and prehistoric pack." Jerry said.

"hi, Jerry. You both probably already know, but we're all heading off to the Santa Monica Mountains for the weekend camping." Sam said.

"Of course, and I assume you all came to get some stuff you need for your fun time there." Jerry said.

"That would be it." Sam said.

"It sure would be." Alex said.

"Alrighty then. M.O.M. give them these capsules." Jerry said.

"Here you go everyone. Pressing this little button on any of these capsules will give you some other stuff and quickly pop out." M.O.M. said.

M.O.M. handed them over the capsules. "Thanks, M.O.M." Diana said.

"Don't mention it. Go enjoy you're weekend in the wilderness." M.O.M. said.

"And do take care." Jerry said.

"Don't worry, we all will." Ellie said.

"It's not like Rudy would suddenly somehow appear out of nowhere, and besides. Rudy is still alive, he is now living in that hollow earth you speak of with other prehistoric reptiles. Anyway then. Let's get camping." Buck said.

Everyone nodded and then said goodbye to Jerry, and M.O.M. before leaving the building. They all left Beverly Hills, and began making their way up to the Santa Monica Mountains to spend the weekend together camping, and other sort of things like that. Meanwhile back at the Oak Tree. Scrat and Scratte we're outside with their two sons and five daughters trying to teach them how to find acorns and how to live like a Saber Toothed Squirrel. They also would be all spending time together for the weekend as they would all do their own thing just as a family.

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