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Rating M for angst and attempted suicide....

As Sakura walked down the driveway from her home and onto the barren path, she was already on the edge. She had already had a fight with her mother, whom she had been visiting, and unpleasent things were shared between the two, and it left Sakura's mother seething and Sakura herself crying. The memory replayed itself over and over in her mind and she felt like crying all over again. The fight had been about Sakura's choice in friends, and she felt that her mother should have no say in who her friends were since she was after all twenty years old and out on her own. Sakura's mother had always been controling and Sakura had had hard enough time breaking away from her mother's tight embrace and into the world. She still visited at least to let her mother know that she still loved her....even though they almost always ended up in a fight afterwards, which usually left one of them in tears.


"Sakura, how often do we have to have this conversation?!"

Pinching the bridge of her nose she responded "As often as you keep bringing it up."

Sakura rested her elbow on the table of her mother's dinig room table and rubbed her sore temples. Her mother was on one of her rampages about Sakura's life. No matter when she visited, no matter what the start of any conversation, her mother always ended up on this topic. It had been the same for two years. Ever since she had moved out two years ago, her mother had not been able to accept it. Sakura looked up and glared at her mother who stood on the other end of the table, hands slammed palm down, sparks flying off the tips of her long pink hair and cerulean eyes like ice blue flames.

"You belong at home!" her mother all but shouted.

"Mother I am tired of having this conversation." she said in a calm, tense voice.

"Then move back home and the conversation will not have to be repeated."

Sakura slammed her hands on the table and shot out of her chair. Her head was bent down, anger pulsating through her petite frame. Slowly she lifted her hard jade gaze to her mother's and fixed on it.

"No mother."

"Ever since Naruto and Sasuke died you have been this rebellious-"

Her mother stopped when a sharp crash echoed through the home. Sakura's breathing was coming out in sharp pants and her fist was extended. The remains of the ceramic bowl that had been on the table shone dully in the light. The fruit had clattered to the floor, making dull thuds before finally coming to a rest. Her mother's gaze traveled from Sakura to the broken, jagged pieces. Before she could say a word Sakura grabbed her coat and stormed out the door, slamming it behind her as tears poured down her cheeks.


"No no no!" Sakura whispered fiercly to herself

She shook her head and and tried to erase the fight with the violent shake of her head. She didn't want to think of her mother now, especially since it was a Wednesday night and it was special. Every other night during the week she met up with her former teacher Kakashi and they talked and listened to music. They didn't care that he was her former teacher or the fact that he was almost thirty, they wanted to continue the friendship they had formed in the years of Team Seven and Team Kakashi and up through. She also knew that he wanted to keep an eye on her because she knew he knew that Sakura was always literally on the edge. Ever since the loss of Sasuke and Naruto she had never been the same. Kakashi was now literally her only friend, for Ino had married Chouji and little Ikimi was taking up all her time. Sasuke had left and when Naruto had gone to get him back, even though promising Sakura that he would bring him back, it had gone wrong and both of her friends had perished at the hand of the other, leaving Sakura almost all alone. Kakashi had been her salvation in the darkness of her life.

"Hmm." she sighed.

Shaking the bangs of her pink hair from her face, she checked to make sure that the ponytail, that held her shoulder length hair, was still in place. Despite the cold and harsh wind that whipped around her, it was holding tight. She pulled her tan coat tighter around herself and tightened her pink scarf. She pushed against the wind and she could see the light of Kakashi's small home at the end of the path and she forced her almost numb legs to go faster. Not only was she anxious for the warmth of his home, but she was more anxious to see his face. All she wanted from Kakashi was to be apart of his life, even if it meant only being a friend, she didn't care. Right now he was her lifeline and she didn't want to lose the last connection she had with the real world. She didn't expect a relationship out of him, all she wanted was his friendship. She knew that if she lost that...she would lose herself. At last she reached the small back porch of his home and she knocked on the door with numb fingers. He answered almost immeaditly and she felt warmth rush to her heart at the sight of the smile that adorned his face.

"Sakura!" he beamed.

"Hey." she smiled.

"Come on in out of the cold. Music is ready in the other room and there is already refreshments there too."

"Alright." she said as she caught a glint of something in his eye.

She smiled as she entered the small kitchen of his home and handed him her coat. She rubbed her arms through the soft sleeves of her cherry red sweater and she could feel the warmth seeping in through her dark blue jeans. Straightening her hair she made her way to the small room where she saw the two plush black chairs around the coffee table that held chips, pretzels and tall glasses of water. She sat down in one one of the chairs and helped herself to a few pretzels while she waited for him. The salt was tangy on her tongue and she smiled again as Kakashi entered the room. He wore

a black turtle neck and faded jeans and his mask, that usually hid most of his face, was gone and his hair hung in his eyes. So many times she had reached out and brushed it away, and she had loved the feeling of his hair. Taking his place opposite her, he lifted his gaze and smiled. She caught the glint in his eye again, but it was gone before she could blink. Ignoring it she reached out and took one of the glasses and lifted it to her lips, for her mouth was suddenly dry. Something was wrong, she could sense it and she didn't like it.

'Kakashi...' she thought

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