Sissy suddenly woke up. The moonlight coming from her window made things

in her room have scary shadows. "Stop it, your scaring yourself." Sissy

confidently said to herself. It had been only a week since the awful happenings

that had almost gotten her and her sister killed in Rose Red. Now she was having

nightmares almost every night. Slowly, Sissy got up and walked towards

Annie's room. As she quietly opened the door, she observed her little

sister sleeping soundly. Sissy drew in a shuddering breath as she was

shut the door. Walking silently back to her room, she wondered why she had

checked on her sister. Annie had been sleeping beautifully since Rose Red.

The house had brainwashed her into holding the windows and doors closed.

Emery had wanted to kill Annie, he was crazy at the time. Crazy beacause

of the effects of Rose Red. Thinking about that she didn't see Annie untill

she ran right into her. "Annie! You scared me! Why are you in my room?" She asked

gently. But Annie just looked at her with a confused expression. Sure Annie

scared her sometimes. But she wasa little bit afraid of her siblings powers.

"Can't...sleep" Annie said slowly. "Okay, go back to your room, I'll be there

in a little bit. Heading s towards the room, Sissy followed her. But when

she stepped in the room, something on her. Sissy screamed.