"Dance yourselves to hell, see if I care!"

The rouge screamed out as he charged up his Ballistic Groove Gun. His plan was going according to plan: Force the masses to dance, and rule over the galaxy. But then that reporter Ulala had to stop him at the last moment! Well he had enough. If he couldn't rule the galaxy, no one would!

Purge fired the Gun as Fuse fired his laser from his ship. For a moment it looked as though he was going to win. But then something was wrong, his shot was being pushed back. He tried to keep it from coming towards him, but it was no use. The satellite was soon engulfed in a white light. He was trapped in the giant metallic letter, looking outside the window as he was sent out to deep space.

Has it been days since I've seen someone? I've lost track of time trapped out here. Its cold, I'm starving and I feel alone. That woman... Ulala, she must be laughing about this! She finds my suffering humorous, doesn't she!? She and her friends stopped my grand plan, they humiliated me! I wanted to make them happy, all of those unhappy people... I would've helped them!

But they didn't want that! No, they wanted to stay unhappy and depressed! They called my TV Show trash, called me weak and even went to call me insane! What do they know? They only rely on each other and through love.

I don't need anyone! No one seems to need me, and I don't need them. I don't need love either! I can be strong without it, unlike what that traitor said. I'll never understand what's so important about it. Isn't dancing and happiness the only things that matter?

Why should I love when I am never loved in return? Why should I care when people could care less about me?

Already I find it harder to stay awake, starvation is eating away at me... All I see is the stars outside, with no chance of anyone coming to help me. Is this how I was destined to be? No... I won't let it end like this.

I won't die out....

I'll make them pay for this....

all of them for what they've done.

And I'll finally get...