Hello Readers! Welcome to a Fanfiction inspired from, in my opinion, the best Boy's Love manga/anime today, Junjo Romantica! I never get tired of this series. But I thought I wanted to try and stretch my O.C.'s this time around, so here you have it: a brand new couple joins the Pure Hearted universe! (well, in my story anyway). I've had a lot of fun creating these two new young men and I hope you will enjoy reading about them as well as the original cast. So without further ado, I present to you Junjo Ascendence. Hope you enjoy.

Junjo Ascendence

(Pure Hearted Ascent)

Summary: Ryo is the star of Mitsuhashi University's basketball club, while Kiyoshi is the most intellectually gifted student in his entire class. Will opposites attract? A new Junjo romance is just beginning. Rated M for explicit content.

Chapter One

Holding Misaki's face tenderly between his hands, Akihiko spoke in a voice barely above a whisper. "Don't ever leave me, Misaki. If you were not here beside me-"

"That will never happen, Usagi-san." Misaki reached up to graze his lips against Akihiko's cheek. "I won't ever leave you, no matter what your family says or does to me."

"Misaki…" Akihiko could bear it no longer. Scooping up Misaki in his arms, he held his lover tight against his chest and carried him up the stairs, while Misaki began to gently suck on the delicate skin of his neck…

The alarm clock beside Kiyoshi's bed began to ring, jarring Kiyoshi from the Boy's Love novel he had clutched in his hands. Pushing the button down with two fingers, Kiyoshi decided in his mind for the one hundreth time that as soon as he got rich and famous enough, he would work at home so that he would never have to set his alarm clock again. In fact, he was going to throw it away. Or maybe he would invest in one of those alarm clocks that played harp music or bird sounds.

Longingly, he glanced at the cover of his book. He'd woken up a half hour early just to read a few more chapters of his newest acquisition, Forbidden Romance, and now it was already time to get ready for school. Kiyoshi knew he needed a shower – last night he'd come back so late from his job as a teacher's assistant that he hadn't been able to do much more than chow down on takeout, finish his homework, and roll out his futon before flopping down and falling asleep instantly.

He wondered if maybe he was taking on too much. Along with his job and classes, he was also part of a research club, and just for some extra cash he tutored on the side. Thank goodness he didn't have any athletic interest whatsoever, or it might not have been possible to fit it into his schedule. Kiyoshi had never been a very active person – he was small and thin, with delicate features and light skin from spending most of his time on the computer or inside reading and studying. He wore glasses, and more often than not had a few books tucked under his arm along with the ones stuffed in his backpack when he went to school.

Kiyoshi finally crawled out of bed, after reluctantly marking his place in Forbidden Romance. He had to admit, even though Akikawa Yayoi was writing for a female audience, Kiyoshi found the sexy Boy's Love books just as addicting. She was certainly his favorite Boy's Love author, and ever since learning that she took fan mail he'd been wondering if he should email her and tell her how much even he, a guy, enjoyed her books. Maybe he enjoyed them so much because, despite the overly-romantic prose and the sometimes unrealistic plot lines, it seemed as if she really knew what it was like to be in that kind of relationship. It was as if she knew the inner workings of the male mind on an intimate level, or as if she had seen first-hand the kind of relationships she wrote about in her books.

Kiyoshi wished he had some first-hand experience. But he'd never been on any sort of date before, male or female. He wasn't even sure at this point which he was attracted to. He had never been around people enough to know for sure. It was the price he had to pay for being both a natural introvert and a genius for his age.

In the shower, as he quickly globbed his hair up with shampoo, he wondered if attending Mitsuhashi University would really help him make more friends. Of course, he was secretly hoping for something even more special to happen…but for now he'd even be satisfied with finding someone he felt comfortable around. He had decided to attend Mitsuhashi because it had a solid academic program without the ridiculous cost of other, more snobbish schools. Mostly it was full of normal students who hadn't spent their whole lives immersed in aristocracy. Kiyoshi had determined that if he was ever going to learn how to make friends better and get out of his shell, he'd have to take a chance and step outside of his comfort zone by departing from the greater academic community. His parents hadn't approved, but in his heart he felt that he had made the right choice.

Now all he had to do was meet someone. Just one person would do. He could handle being a long way off from a soft, lovable BL romance. Right now what he wanted most was someone just to see him for something besides his brain. Maybe his personality. Or even his heart.

"Excuse me, Professor?"

Professor Hiroki Kamijo looked around, having been immersed in a thick, ancient text, equipped with his reading glasses. He saw his new student assistant, Kiyoshi Tsuzuki, standing in the doorway holding a stack of files.

"Finished already?" he asked incredulously. "Man, you sure are a hard worker! I have to say, your dedication is impressive!"

"Thanks, Professor." Kiyoshi entered the messy, cluttered office and placed the files on Hiroki's desk. He asked, "Is there anything else you'd like me to do today?"

Hiroki thought about it for a moment. To be honest, Kiyoshi was one of the hardest-working students he'd ever seen – second only to Nowaki, of course. The kid was a freshman, and already he was involved in the school's most elite research group, as well as taking up another job as a Japanese and English tutor. Hiroki gave him lots to do because Kiyoshi asked him to, but sometimes Hiroki wondered why Kiyoshi was so driven. Clearly with Kiyoshi's intelligence, he could have gone to a much more prestigious school than Mitsuhashi, and he still would have graduated at the top of his class. And Kiyoshi wasn't the type of kid to go to an average school just so that he could outshine everyone else.

"No, I think that's all I've got for you today," Hiroki decided. Then he asked, "Say, you have your tutoring next, don't you? Aren't you meeting a new student today?"

Kiyoshi nodded. "Yeah, I am. I think his name is…uh, Ryunosuke Mitsubishi, or something like that."

The name sounded familiar. Was Ryunosuke in one of Hiroki's classes?

"Oh, him!" The memory of delivering killing blows to a recent essay made it easy to remember. "Ryunosuke is in one of my classes! Haven't you heard of him? I think he's on some kind of rare sports scholarship for basketball."

Kiyoshi looked confused. "I didn't think our basketball program was that competitive. And Mitsuhashi isn't really renowned for any of its sports programs, is it?"

"Are you guys talkin' about the basketball kid?"

Both Kiyoshi and Hiroki jumped at the interruption. Hiroki bristled defensively.

"Miyagi!" he declared.

Yo Miyagi stood in the doorway, casually smoking what was probably his twentieth cigarette of the day and observing the student and teacher slyly. He and Hiroki were very comfortable with each other, despite the fact that Hiroki had the tendency to act abrasively toward him. Miyagi had long since understood that it was part of Hiroki's personality.

"Hmm…maybe this isn't something I should be walking in on," he said, sauntering into the office anyway. Hiroki made a derisive noise.

"Anyway, did you say you know about Ryunosuke?" he asked Miyagi.

Miyagi joined the two of them on the far side of the room, and blew out a stream of smoke while regarding the slender, dark-haired boy standing between them. He looked nothing like Miyagi's own lover, Shinobu, even though they were close to the same age. This kid didn't have Shinobu's stubborn face – in fact it seemed like he didn't have a contrary bone in his body. Hiroki had told Miyagi that he was a model student. But even besides that, Miyagi supposed the kid just looked really gentle and sincere. It made him a pleasant addition to their small Literature department office.

"Yeah, I heard about him from the President," he said in reference to Ryunosuke. "But this is top secret so you two keep quiet about it, okay?"

Hiroki rolled his eyes, but Kiyoshi nodded earnestly. Miyagi continued for Kiyoshi's benefit.

"Well, the truth is…the President is a serious basketball fan."

He waited to see if either of them would grasp the significance. When both continued to look confused Miyagi sighed and explained.

"So when he heard about Ryunosuke's incredible talent, he went out and made a deal with him – that Ryunosuke would be accepted into Mitsuhashi without having to take an entrance exam, and his entire tuition would be paid for by the school."

"What?" Kiyoshi gasped.

"That's against school policy," Hiroki said.

"In exchange, Ryunosuke had to join the basketball club and promise that he would get them into the national championships by his senior year. If he doesn't, he'll have to find a way to pay back the tuition." Miyagi took in the other's shocked expression with satisfaction.

Kiyoshi looked like the balance of the world had been completely unhinged. "But why didn't he have to take the entrance exam? Isn't that unfair to the other students?" he asked.

Miyagi chuckled. "Well, see, here's the thing, Kiyoshi…this basketball kid is known regionally for his talent on the court, but he was also known for having the worst grades in his entire class in high school. There's no chance he'd ever pass something as difficult as a college entrance exam. In other words," Miyagi concluded, "He's a complete idiot."

Kiyoshi looked horrified. His small, pale face was twisted up in an expression of terror. "The worst grades in his class?" he gasped. He gripped the edge of Hiroki's desk for support. "And I'm supposed to tutor him?"

"That's it. He's required to have a tutor for every subject." Miyagi paused and looked Kiyoshi up and down. "And you're doing double duty with two subjects. Are you sure you can handle it, kid?"

Kiyoshi looked like he was going to be sick. "Well…I can't back out of it now, not when I'm meeting him in an hour…but what if he's…I mean, he's probably really big and scary-looking since he's such a good basketball player-"

"He is." Hiroki nodded gravely, his arms crossed over his chest. "I have to admit, Ryunosuke turned in one of the worst essays I've ever had to grade. Sometimes I wasn't even sure if he was writing in Japanese! And yeah, he's big," he added to Kiyoshi, "Massive, really. And he usually sits in the back of the class and doesn't speak to anyone."

This news seemed to surprise Kiyoshi. "Doesn't speak to anyone? Wouldn't someone like him have a lot of friends?"

"You would think so." Miyagi was busy lighting up another cigarette. "But actually the kid's not very sociable. Personally, I think he's self conscious because he doesn't want anyone to find out he gets such lousy grades.

"So now you've got a big, scary basketball player to go teach!" Miyashi placed his hands on Kiyoshi's shoulders and steered the petrified boy toward the door. "Bonzai, Kiyoshi!" he said cheerfully. "If he tries to step on you, poke him in the eye with your pencil!"

As Kiyoshi wandered away anxiously, slinging his backpack over his shoulder, all he could think of to respond to Miyagi was, "But I'm probably too short to actually reach his eye…"

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