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"This is the last of them, honey," Elliot said, bringing the dirty dishes into Kathy to wash.

Kathy took them from him and dropped them into the sink. "Thanks," she said, ignoring Elliot's attempt at kissing her.

"Did I do something wrong?" Elliot asked, folding his arms, his lips still puckered.

"She's here, again!" Kathy spat in a harsh whisper. "Really, Elliot? This is the fourth time this week you've brought her home with you."

Elliot raised his eyebrows and scoffed. "You love Olivia!"

"No, Elliot, you do!" Kathy barked, splashing the sponge into the sink.

"What?" Elliot asked, honestly surprised.

Kathy spun around and looked at him, then pointed over her shoulder. "You mean you don't? You spend all day, all night, sometimes days and nights on end with her, and you expect me to believe that you have never had a single unprofessional thought about her?"

"Kathy!" Elliot said, furrowing his brow. "Why are you...you're asking me this again? You think there's something going on between me and Liv? How many times do I have to tell you..."

"Can you blame me?" Kathy sighed, then looked into the dining room, where her kids were happily talking to, and playing with, Olivia. "Look at her, Elliot. She's gorgeous, the kids love her, and there's not a mean bone in her body unless she's in 'cop-mode'. She's talented and she's brilliant. She's saved your life, a hundred times at least, and you've saved hers just as much, and you can trade war stories and compare scars over beer and burgers. What other woman do you know who can go toe-to-toe with you when you're drinking?"

"I don't know any," Elliot said, his face struck frozen in thought.

"The way you two are with each other," Kathy said, "And the joking around and the...I'll say it, Elliot, the flirting. You two flirt! The way you look at her sometimes, like you're doing right now with that goofy grin, it makes me wonder if you're sleeping with her when you tell me you're working late. If you ever want to. And as your wife, Elliot, that's a scary thing to worry about. Especially since it's not really you that I don't trust in this situation." She shot Olivia a small glare, then relaxed. "But, then again, I could be overreacting."

Elliot, shocked, said, "I've never slept with her, Kathy. I've never even thought about it." He kissed his wife on the cheek and walked out of the kitchen. "Until now," he mumbled under his breath. He walked back into the dining room with the most devilish smirk on his face, chuckling to himself. His wife just made him realize that he was falling in love with his partner. His own wife just planted the seed, gave him the idea, and somewhere in the back of his mind he made a vow to get her to love him back. "What are you two doing?" he asked, looking down.

"Hey, El," Olivia said, looking up from under the table, with Dickie on her head. "We're playing 'Attack Liv', apparently."

"Oh, I like that game," Elliot said, his eyes narrowing. "Mo, Katie, Lizzie?"

"Yeah, Daddy?" Kathleen replied, looking at her sisters.

Elliot's smirk grew more vicious, and he leaned over, looked down at Olivia, and yelled, "Get her!"

"What?" Olivia said, her eyes widening. "Elliot!" she yelped.

Elliot laughed as he, and all four of his children, piled onto the floor and tickled Olivia, relentlessly. As Olivia laughed hysterically, squealing and writhing on the floor, Elliot's hands, thanks to the new, amoral thoughts in his head, ran over her body, tickling playfully, but hitting spots he should have never been allowed to touch.

When Olivia felt his fingers graze her left nipple, she stopped laughing and she gasped, as Elliot did, and shot up off the floor.

"Are you okay?" Maureen asked, calming her own laughter.

"Yeah," Olivia said, chuckling. "I just, uh, needed to breathe. You guys gotta learn when to stop." She turned her head and looked into Elliot's eyes. "Especially Daddy."

Elliot's eyes darkened, uncontrollably. The look in her eyes gave him chills. Both good and bad. "Sorry, Liv," he said, softly.

"Yeah," Olivia said, just as softly. "I should go," she added.

Elliot blinked. "No," he said. "You don't have to..."

"I think I..." she was interrupted when her phone rang. She answered the call, with Dickie still crawling on her shoulders, and rolled her eyes. She listened, nodded, and said, "Okay. Yeah. On it." She snapped her phone shut and pulled Dickie off her head. "Okay, buddy, Mount Olivia has been conquered, and now I have to go."

"You don't have to go, Liv!" Elliot said, sternly.

"Yeah, El, I do. And you have to come with me," she said, raising an eyebrow. "We have a vic at Saint Vincent's." Olivia kissed Dickie's forehead, then repeated the action with the three girls.

Elliot felt a tug at his heart, watching this, and looked up, noticing his wife in the kitchen doorway. He briefly wondered how long she'd been standing there, but Olivia slapped him on the shoulder, getting his attention. "Let's go," Olivia said to him. "Bye, Kathy. Thank you so much for dinner. I promise, I won't let him drag me here tomorrow."

"Bye, Olivia," Kathy said, with a small smile. "He can drag you here anytime he wants." She said it, knowing Elliot expected her to, but she didn't mean it. She watched Elliot grab his jacket, and walk Olivia to the door, then she watched his hand move to the small of her back, an intimate gesture for partners. She laughed when she saw Olivia smack him in the stomach and he moved his hand, and then she thought that maybe it was Elliot she shouldn't trust after all.

"I hate this part," Elliot said, sitting on a metal chair in the waiting room of the emergency room.

Olivia peered down at him, holding his chin in one hand and a wet cotton ball in the other, as she dabbed the blood away from his eye. "Next time, I'll tell the father we need a DNA sample, and I'll take the shot to the face," she said. "Hold still!"

"That hurts!" Elliot yelped.

"You have been shot, stabbed, punched, and kicked," Olivia listed with a raised eyebrow, "And me putting a little peroxide on a cut hurts?"

Elliot nodded. "You're lucky I'm even letting you do this! I hate this shit, that's why I wouldn't let the nurse touch me," he spat.

"Big baby," Olivia teased. She blew lightly on the cut as it bubbled and fizzed, and Elliot's eyes fluttered shut. "Better?" she asked.

"God, yes," Elliot whispered. He opened his eyes and saw Olivia, staring back into them, her brown eyes almost black. His breath hitched. He moved closer, to see what she would do, and she remained perfectly still, her eyes locked on his. Just as their lips were about to touch, her cell phone rang.

Olivia jumped back a solid foot. She handed Elliot an ice-pack as she said, "Benson," into her phone. "Oh, hey," she said, trying to drop her voice. It only made Elliot listen even closer. "I'm working. Yes, with him, he's my partner. What? No! I am not sleeping with...I'm at the hospital with a traumatized thirteen-year-old, do you wanna come down here and check?" She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "Excuse me," she said to the nurse walking by. "Can you tell the asshole on the other end of this phone call where I am and then hang up on him? Try to sound angry when you do it."

The nurse looked at her like she was nuts, but took the phone. "Um, hello? Detective Benson is in the emergency room at Saint Vincent's." She snapped the phone shut as hard as she could. "How was that?"

"Perfect," Olivia said with a smile and a nod. She took her phone back and plopped into the chair next to Elliot with another sigh. She held up three fingers and said, "I should just get a few cats and learn how to knit now. Third guy this year that couldn't handle this."

Elliot chuckled. "Doug didn't deserve you anyway, Liv."

Olivia rolled her eyes and smirked at him. "How's your eye?" she asked, dropping her head against the wall.

"Not black yet," he said, making a face. "He thought you were sleeping with me?"

"They always do," Olivia said. "By the third dinner I miss, or the fourth time I don't call because I'm on a case, they jump right to that conclusion." Her eyes closed and she heard him sigh. "I hear it so often, even I'm starting to think I'm sleeping with you. I can't believe he thought..."

"Ya know, uh," Elliot began. "Kathy said the same thing to me today."

Olivia opened one eye and smirked. "You do sleep with yourself, El. Don't fucking deny it," she joked.

Elliot laughed and his jaw dropped. "She accused me of sleeping with you," he said, slapping her in the arm.

"Well, you're not," Olivia said chuckling. "So you're marriage is safe. I, on the other hand, can't even get a second date with a decent guy, let alone get married."

Elliot grinned. He has the perfect way to find out if anything, anything at all, could ever possibly happen between him and his partner, and he was praying she'd go along with it. He cleared his throat and patted her lag. "I know a guy, Liv...."

"No," Olivia said, picking her head up and shaking it. "No way in hell, Elliot."

"Olivia, I swear, you're gonna love him," Elliot said. "Well, I hope you will. Just meet him for drinks at Jake's. Friday night."

Olivia scoffed and shook her head again. "El, I am not going out with..."

"Liv, come on," he said, cutting her off again. "Just do me a favor and have a drink with him, then see where the night goes."

Olivia shook her head and chuckled. "El, I really don't think so."

"Liv, would I set you up with someone I didn't think would be good to you?" Elliot asked,

"No," Olivia said, scratching her head. "You wouldn't."

Elliot smirked. "Just, promise me that you will show up at Jake's, after work on Friday, and you won't leave until you talk to him."

"Okay," Olivia said on an exhaled breath. "Jake's, eleven-thirty, Friday. I swear to God, if you send Munch in there with a party hat on..."

"Liv," Elliot laughed. "It's not Munch. He, uh, he is a cop though."

Olivia rolled her eyes. "I reserve the right to kick your ass if this goes badly."

"Deal," Elliot said. And as Olivia got up to talk to the doctor who'd walked out of their vic's room, Elliot sighed. He prayed she wouldn't kick his ass when she found out he set her up with himself.

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