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As Fin was escorted into the transport elevator, he turned to the cop who was holding him. "Ya know," he said, smirking, "If Stabler's outta the way, that would leave an openin' in the unit."

"Outta the way?" the cop asked, annoyed. He pushed the button and eyed the other cop beside him, getting him to listen to the conversation.

"I don't want him, I want her," Fin said, dropping his voice, "But he'd come after her. I don't have much else to lose, so who's to say I won't just shoot him?"

The cop scoffed. "What the fuck are you talking about Tutuola?"

"You gimme your gun," Fin said in a whisper, "You let me go to this wedding, and you will be the next Special Victims Detective. How's that sound?"

"That sounds amazing," the cop said, smirking. "You forgot about one thing, though."

Fin narrowed his eyes as the elevator doors opened and the cop pulled him off the lift. "Cragen just canned your ass. I could just take your job." He tossed Fin into the open cage-like door, and the second cop, grinning, said, "It was a good suggestion, though. You just probably shouldn't have made it to Elliot's brother."

Fin's eyes widened as he spotted the shiny silver nametag, "Stabler," on the first officer's shirt. He cursed and then he knew. He knew that he was in a world of trouble.

"Why are we going all the way to Grandma's to go to Church, Dad?" Maureen asked, her hair blowing in the wind from the open window.

Elliot turned his head. "Shit," he mumbled. In all of the spontaneous planning, he neglected to tell the kids. "Well, uh, we're gonna go to the chapel on the beach. You guys haven't seen your aunts and uncles in a while, and it's been a few weeks since we've seen Grandma..."

"And you've always wanted to get married on the beach," Kathleen said, smirking.

"What?" Dickie and Lizzie yelped. "You're getting married?"

Olivia laughed. "Do they have Wonder Twin powers, or what?" she joked. "Uh, yeah," she said sighing with a small nod. "Just family, and please, don't...don't tell anyone that..."

"We are really in this car, on the way to your wedding?" Maureen asked. "Like, I can really call you Mom, and you're gonna be..."

"Guys," Elliot said with a chuckle, "Come on. What is this really changing? You already call her that. Last night, don't think I didn't catch you attacking her on the couch. Tickling the crap out of her, you were all calling her Mom, so..."

Dickie laughed. "Yeah," he said. "Wait, is she coming?"

"Who?" Olivia asked, curious.

"Mom," Maureen said. "I mean, the other one."

Elliot looked at Olivia. "I don't know," he said, realizing he hadn't thought about it. "You called Simon, so...probably."

"I don't care if I told them I would give them both a kidney and pay for their first fucking baby shower on Mars, Simon," Kathy yelled, her arms folded. "Whatever I said to them last night, I was drunk! I didn't mean it! Why the hell would I tell them that I would be there, and that I would pick up the damn cake?"

Simon sighed. "Of course, I mean, we didn't know it was gonna be today," he said. "But you said it, and they loved you for it, and they were so thrilled! When Olivia called me, I ordered a cake. We're going to pick it up, and we are going out Long Beach, and we are watching my sister marry your ex-husband."

Kathy ran a hand through her hair. "How wasted did I have to be to..."

"Kathy," Simon said, holding her gaze, "You pushed them together. You didn't want him anymore, and you knew he loved her. I paid you, but you knew it was all for the best. Why the sudden change of heart?" he asked. "Is it because you finally found someone who's making you happy again? And you don't want to fail and get hurt a second time?"

Kathy was trying to avoid his eyes, but she was being sucked into them. "Maybe," she whispered.

"Maybe," Simon repeated, giving her a suggestive smile. "Come on, put that dress on, and we'll go. And you'll be happy for them once you see how happy they are. Because you'll look to the man next to you and see how happy...how happy you could be," he said.

Kathy's eyes widened as she took in his words, knowing exactly what he was hinting at. "You...you know you...God, you really are her brother, aren't you?"

Simon laughed. "What makes you say that?" he asked, folding his arms.

"You have the same personality," Kathy said. "You both have jobs where you risk your damn lives, and don't get thanked for it. And you have this uncanny ability to make anyone and everyone...fall madly in love with you. No matter how hard they're trying not to." She sighed. "I understand what he was going through, now, and I understand why he was going through it."

"Falling in love?" Simon said, raising his left eyebrow, proving he was just like his sister.

Kathy smirked, grabbed her dress, and headed into the bathroom as she said, "Maybe."

Cragen pulled over into the left lane on the freeway, speeding toward his destination. "What are we gonna do about this, Ed?" he asked his passenger.

Tucker shrugged. "No clue," he said. "I wasn't even invited, why am I..."

"I meant, about Benson and Stabler. You don't seriously think I believe you're not going to force me to separate them, do you?"

Tucker smirked. "You're down a detective, Don," he said. "Right now, you can't afford to split them up."

Cragen shot Tucker a surprised look. "Are you suggesting that I..."

"I'm not suggesting anything," Tucker said, raising his hands defensively. "I'm just saying, until you have someone in Fin's seat, you've got Munch and Cassidy working together, and you've got Benson and Stabler. You really wanna see what happens when you send one of them out with Munch and the other one out with Cassidy? Or if they go out alone? You really want World War Three to start in the sqaudroom? That'd be a brilliant headline, Don. Special Victims Detective spontaneously combust from lack of..."

"Okay," Cragen chuckled. "You know their gonna wonder why you aren't taking action, don't you?"

Tucker sighed. "All you have to do to know why I'm not is listen to Stabler's interview tape, Don. That man should never be more than five feet away from Olivia."

"Tape?" Cragen asked, confused.

"From that first investigation involving Tutuola," Tucker clarified. "Benson's was emotional, but Stabler's...intense is the only word to...Don, trust me, it's better if they stay together. He'd lose more than just his job if you and I split them up."

Cragen didn't like the sound of that. Not at all. He pulled off the exit for Long Beach and said, "When we get back to the station, you know I need to hear it. Both of them, actually."

Tucker nodded. "Thought you might say that."

Elliot pulled up to the chapel, seeing his mother and two sisters outside. "Oh, here we go," he said under his breath. "Okay guys. Everyone ready for this?"

The kids cheered.

"Not really," Olivia whispered. "But I wasn't ready for a lot of things I wanted to do more than anything, so...readiness doesn't matter, El."

Elliot looked into the rearview mirror, seeing his kids getting out of the car, and he looked at Olivia. "I'm ready," he whispered, taking her hand. "I've been ready since that night at your apartment, when you told me you had my divorce papers in your pocket. You knew I'd leave and forget them, so you picked them up and saved my ass. I knew then that we were two halves of the same person. We share a brain, a heart, and now, tonight, we're really gonna share a life. I didn't think I was when you suggested it this morning, but I'm ready for this, Liv."

Olivia squeezed his hand and smiled at him. "If we share a brain, and a heart, then you know. You know what I'm thinking right now, and how I'm feeling."

"You're thinking about how much you love me, how sexy I am, how much sand is gonna get into places we didn't know we had tonight," Elliot joked, smirking, "And you're ready."

Olivia leaned over and kissed him, then opened the car door, prepared to face Elliot's family for the first time in a very long time.

Bernadette, Elliot's mother, smiled as she saw Olivia walking toward her. "Olivia," she said, "This was a surprise, but I can't say it was unexpected." She pulled Olivia into a hug and glanced at her son. There was something hidden in her glare. Something Elliot didn't like.

His sisters gave each of them a hug, smiling, though they each made suggestive comments about not being bridesmaids, not having any of the traditional accoutrements, and of course, Olivia's not being Catholic.

They walked into the chapel, sitting for the service first, and turned as the doors opened. Elliot's two brothers, Joe Junior and Michael, the cop, walked in, followed by Cragen and Tucker who had just arrived. They eased into a pew in the back as the priest finished his sermon, then the people not staying for the event filed out.

The priest walked down the aisle as they stood and said, "I'm doing you a favor, Elliot." He shook Elliot's hand and said, "Normally, I wouldn't perform an interfaith ceremony like this, especially on such short notice."

Olivia looked nervous as she smiled at the man. If the priest asked about her faith, she was toast, since she didn't have any. At least, not in any supreme beings. All her faith lay with Elliot and the kids, and herself. In tangible objects, people who really existed. It was easy to believe in things that were real.

"I know," Elliot said with a smile, saving Olivia from having to explain her lack of Catholicism. "Thank you, Father."

The priest looked around. "Is this everyone?"

"Guess so," Olivia said with a light chuckle.

The priest smiled. "Well, if you will all please..."

"Hey," Simon's voice called as he pushed through the doors with Kathy. "Not without us, you don't." He headed toward them, pulling Kathy by the hand, and said, "Hope you don't mind, but there were a couple of people who, uh, I really don't think wanted to miss this." Simon pointed to the doors and Munch, Casey, and Alex walked through them. "Cassidy didn't want to come because...well, you know."

Olivia looked at her brother with her wide, brown, doe-eyes glittering. "Simon," she said, her voice breathy, "This is supposed to be..."

"You know damn well you're only doing this once," Simon said. "Do it right." He kissed heron her cheek, then slid into the pew beside him.

"Simon, buddy," Elliot said, jerking his head, "We're actually doing this on the beach. Outside."

Simon nodded his approval with a silly grin. "All right, Stabler," he said, getting up. "Nice to know you pat attention when she talks," he chuckled, slapping Elliot on the back.

The priest chuckled, then asked that everyone follow him out, using the rear doors, onto the white sand behind the brick building. Elliot pulled Olivia back for a moment, eyeing her up and down, memorizing the way she looked in her cream colored slip dress. Her hair, up in a loose bun, made every bit of her face visible, every expression readable. "Liv," he said, "We're doing this. Right now. If you wanna change your mind..."

"Marry me, El," Olivia said, cutting him off, "Because I'm not leaving that beach until you do."

Elliot let out a small sigh and said, "Thank God." He kissed her quickly and ran with her to where his family and their friends were waiting. As the sunlight warmed their skin and they stepped onto the wooden pathway, heading down to meet the priest, they looked at each other, for the last time before they became husband and wife, and they smiled. Elliot winked at her as they took their first step toward their new life, and neither could believe that it was all brought upon by a suggestion. One, little suggestion. Tonight, when there was nothing but them and the most secluded part of the beach they could find, Elliot would make another suggestion of his own. A shocking one.

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