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"Damn," Olivia said, her head resting on Elliot's chest as they lay sprawled on the blanket on the beach. "I should have gotten that one."

Elliot, his fingers running through her hair, sighed. "You should have, you're a genius," he laughed. "Okay, uh, what has four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?"

"A man," Olivia said. "Way to give me the riddle from 'Oedipus." She turned, laughing, and asked, "What are we waiting for, exactly?"

Elliot looked up at her with so much love in his eyes and said, "I told you, baby. This is a very specific fantasy. We're waiting for the right moment." He looked up at the sky, over the ocean, and he looked back at Olivia. "You married me," he said.

"I did," Olivia said with a nod and a smile. "You asked me to, El."

Elliot laughed and kissed her again. "This is nice," he whispered, dragging the strap of her dress down. "You and me," he said as he kissed her perfect shoulder. "Alone on the beach," he said, easing the fabric lower, over her body. "Talking, kissing, and just being here."

"I guess you found your perfect moment," Olivia gasped as Elliot brushed his thumbs over her cloth covered nipples.

"Not yet," Elliot said, smirking. He moved, rolling them over, and skirted his hands under her dress, lifting it over her head. he tossed it to the side and looped his legs over her, straddling her, pinning her down. He grazed his fingertips lightly over her arms and her waist before they moved back to her breasts, and he unhooked her bra, tugging it off of her skin. "This is just, like, an appetizer."

"So now I'm food," Olivia laughed. Her laughs turned to moans when Elliot bent his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth.

"I've said it before, baby," Elliot said with a smirk as he sucked and nibbled, making her crazy. "A guy's gotta eat."

"Oh, God," Olivia moaned, trying to laugh but unable to, the pleasure coursing through her body not allowing humor to shine through.

Elliot's left hand, the one with the new ring glinting in the setting sunlight, ran down her body and tugged on her panties. He moved his right hand, too, keeping his mouth attached to her nipple, and he sucked harder as he slid down the silk.

Olivia kicked them off, not caring where they landed, and she moaned Elliot's name. Her fingers, though they tingled and shook, moved to his shirt. She unbuttoned it quickly and laughed when Elliot worked out of it, still not moving his lips. "El," Olivia said on a moan as Elliot bit down slightly. "El, baby, please..."

"Shh," Elliot quieted her, letting her nipple go with a pop. "My fantasy," he said, smirking. He sat up straight, still pinning her down, and she helped him take off his belt and they made quick work of his pants. As he tossed them away, he looked up at the horizon, silently cursing. He looked back down at Olivia and bent his head, kissing her. He made the kiss slow, trying to calm them down, to buy himself more time, but when she moved her fingertips lightly over his back and neck, he moaned in aggravation. "Not how this is supposed to happen," he whined.

"Baby," Olivia said, feeling him press into her, "Tell me, what..."

Elliot stopped her talking by kissing her, then trailing kissed down her body. He kissed every inch of her body, and when he reached her waist, he looked up, smirking. "Oh, yeah, definitely eating," he mumbled. He licked up her slit, one long and slow lick, then took her clit into his mouth for a moment.

"Jesus Christ," Olivia cried, her hips raising off of the blanket.

"Taste so good," Elliot grumbled, licking again. He rested one hand on her toned stomach, holding her down, feeling her tense and release as he licked, kissed, and sucked, enjoying her flavor and the noises she was making.

Olivia yelped when Elliot bit down on her clit again, then moaned when she felt herself starting to reach her climax. Something she was refusing to do just yet. "El," she said, "Baby, stop."

Elliot looked up, stopping immediately. "What?" he asked.

Olivia pulled him up slowly, then flipped them around, smiling down at him. "Girl's get hungry, too," she said, easing her way down his body. If Elliot was confused at all by that statement, it all became clear when she took him into his mouth eagerly. This was definitely going to be a long night.

Cragen sat in the first interrogation room, staring at the tape recorder. "Can we roll that back?" he asked Ed Tucker.

Tucker complied, rewinding the tape then pushing play.

Elliot's voice filled the room, he was almost sobbing. "If anything happened to her, anything at all, I would kill whoever was responsible...and then...I'd find her."

"What do you mean by 'find her,' Elliot?" Tucker's voice asked, sounding concerned.

"It means what it means, Ed," Elliot said, sniffling, but angry. "If I had to literally find her, save her, I would. If it was too late...then I would have to take my chances and hope we end up in the same place."

Tucker's voice asked, "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me?"

"Ed, I can't live without her," Elliot said, his voice desperate. "Don't you get that? I didn't do this, I would never hurt her, and to even think..."

"Elliot," Tucker broke in, "What would you do if you couldn't work with Olivia anymore,

"You're gonna split us up over this?" Elliot's recorded voice asked, sounding panicked.

"I didn't say that, I just need you to answer the question," Tucker told him.

Elliot sighed, cleared his throat, sniffled. "If I couldn't work with Olivia, then I couldn't do this job," he said. "I can't go backwards, Ed. I can't be the man I was before her, I don't even remember who I was before Liv. All I know is, she makes me better. A better father, a better lover, a better cop...she makes me a better man, and without her..."

Tucker interrupted him. "I don't think anyone wants to see that."

Cragen stopped the tape, wiping his eyes. "Shit," he said. "Stabler yelled, threw things, and then cried, that part...damn. I knew they were close, but I didn't think..."

"Don," Tucker said, shaking his head, "This was Elliot Stabler being completely honest, raw. He didn't hold back like he usually does. Do you know why?"

Don nodded. "We were questioning his feelings for Olivia, and their relationship," he said. "If this was about anything else..."

"We wouldn't have gotten passed, 'Yell and throw things.' He's serious, Don," Tucker said. "I think if we split them up, you're gonna lose your best detectives. Neither one will work with someone else. At least, they won't be effective or happy about it."

"Then we don't split them up," Cragen said, pushing the tape recorder away from him. "We give them new contracts."

"What?" Tucker asked, confused. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Cragen rubbed his eyes and said, "If they can't work without each other, maybe they should be bound, by contract, to not work with anyone else. At least, not permanently."

Tucker looked at Cragen and shook his head. Some of his suggestions were just amazing.

Kathy walked in, looking around her place. She sighed when she saw his shoes on the floor in the corner, and she felt a strange pang of guilt that they weren't Elliot's. "Simon," she called. "We need to talk."

Simon came out of the kitchen, a large wooden spoon in his hand. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I know it was hard for you, watching him marry her..."

"I'm fine, this isn't about them," Kathy said. "If we're gonna do this..."

"This?" Simon asked, tilting his head.

"Us," Kathy clarified, "You need to choose. Me or your job. I have already been in a relationship with a cop and the hours he pulled, with the woman he pulled them with, destroyed our lives."

Simon smirked. "I'm not Elliot," he said. "And I don't have a female partner."

"You work the same shitty hours," Kathy said, rolling her eyes. "I would never see you, and I'm not going through that again."

Simon stepped up to Kathy and smiled. "It's not gonna be like that," he said. "I swear. If it means that much to you, I will switch shifts. I'll transfer to days. They could always use..."

Kathy kissed him, shutting him. "Thank you," she whispered, smiling.

Simon looked at her, and he said, "It's still just as dangerous, ya know."

"I know," Kathy said, nodding. "But at least, during the day, there's less of..."

"No, there isn't," Simon said. "People die during the day. People are killed during the day, Kathy. It's the same as it was with Ell..."

"But he was never off duty," Kahty said, smiling. "You would be. Right?"

Simon nodded. "If I transfer shifts, yes. I'd come home at five." He kissed her. "Is that what you want?"

Kathy shrugged. "Just a suggestion," she said, winking.

"Oh, you and your suggestions," Simon said. "Ya know, it's not gonna be any easier. Homicide and Special Victims, we see the same things, and I'm not gonna..."

"Talk to me," Kathy interrupted. "Don't shut me out like he did."

Simon looked up at her and sighed. Then he nodded, knowing he would have to open up to her, or he would lose her.

Elliot, finally moving inside of Olivia, felt the water swirling by his feet. He had waited for sunset, and as soon as the sun hit the horizon over the water, he grabbed Olivia, flipped them over, and slowly eased inside of her. The tide came in, just as he imagined it would, and was lapping at their feet and ankles, sparking chilling sensations that contradicted the heat coursing through their bodies. This was his fantasy, come to life. This beach. This moment. This woman.

"Elliot," Olivia groaned, raking her nails up his back as he thrust into her.

Elliot kissed her, moaning unintelligibly, still in shock that this was happening, really happening.

"Oh, El," Olivia moaned, pulling him closer. She clenched around him, holding him close, writhing, vibrating under him.

"I love you," Elliot told her, hitting into her slowly. "I love you so much," he whispered, kissing her again.

Olivia clamped around him hard, her orgasm rushing through her, and her release triggered his. He shot hotly inside of her, grunting and murmuring her name over and over again. When they had finally finished, he stilled inside of her and rolled them over again, so he wouldn't crush her when he collapsed.

"Oh, my God," Olivia gasped, trying to catch her breath, her feet settling into the water.

"Liv," Elliot breathed. "Tell me everything. Everything you're thinking, everything you're feeling, always. Promise me. I can't live through another marriage where I'm closed off and shit out, and I know you tell me anyway, I just...you need to do that for me. Promise." He kissed her sweat-covered forehead and said, "Keep nothing from me, and I won't keep anything from you. No secrets."

Olivia nodded into his chest. "I promise. We don't have any anyway," she whispered, her eyes closing. "Jesus, that was incredible."

"It always is," Elliot chuckled, kissing her eyelids. "Liv," he said, waiting for her to look at him.

"Yeah," Olivia replied, looking up at him.

"I have something...that I want you to sign," Elliot said, taking a breath.

Olivia tilted her head. "It's a little late for a pre-nup, El."

Elliot chuckled. "No, I...I want you to sign the deed to the house, and the title to my car, and guardianship papers," he listed, staring up at the sky. "I want everything to have your name on it, including the kids. I want people to know, everyone to know, legally, that we're in this together, forever."

"Forever's a long time, El," Olivia said, tears in her eyes.

"Yeah," Elliot said, looking into her brown orbs. He brushed a tear away with his thumb and said, with a chuckle, "But ya know, it's only a suggestion."

Olivia smiled at him and kissed him, moving herself over and onto him again. Their relationship had come full circle, from one suggestion to another, and they finally felt as if everything was falling into place. They were happy, in love, and living in the moment, a moment that would last forever. They defied anyone to suggest otherwise.

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