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Chapter 1 Pitch Black

Pitch Black, that's all there was. I was caught up in my own mind unable to free myself from the dark that plagued me. Every inch of my body was uncomfortably stiff. I started to think about everything that was stiff-- my toes, my knees, my hips, my fingers, my shoulders, my neck---Ahhh, my neck! It was at that moment when all of a sudden I felt my heart start beating, faster and faster. I was running now with so much adrenalin pumping through my body. WAIT! WAIT! Why was I running? I looked over my right shoulder and saw a dark, tall, lean masculine figure running toward me. I couldn't make out his face. Why couldn't I see his face? And, why was he chasing me? He was gaining on me and I knew that with the stiffness of my legs that I was not going to outrun him. And with every stride I took getting slower, I knew that my life was over. He was behind me now—I heard him growl as I felt him grab my hair. He slammed me to the dark, hard asphalt, grabbed my throat with his long, cold fingers and the again everything was pitch black.

My eyes popped open, my upper body shot straight up even though the stiffness had not left, gasping for air and trying to scream at the same time. It was strange I couldn't hear my own scream. As my mind and eyes adjusted to my surroundings I became extremely aware of how my eyes were having a hard time adjusting to the brightness of the room. And out of nowhere there was a fuzzy figure approaching me and I was hearing the humming of a voice, but not fully comprehending on what that person was saying. I blinked through my dark, long eyelashes a few times and it seemed that my vision was starting to clear. I blinked one last time and recognized the figure in front of me was my mom and it was at that moment when I tried to say her name that I was still in my own personal darkness.

"Mom, mom," I tried saying but I could not hear my own voice. I clutched my hand to my throat and I tried again even louder. "Mom, mom," I screamed, still there was nothing.

"Bella, Bella. What's wrong," my mom said with so much worry in her eyes. All I could do was clutch my throat as I had tears rolling down my face. "Bella, hold on I will go get Dr. Cullen."

As she got up it was just then that I realized that I was in a hospital. I was lying in one of those uncomfortable beds with white sheets and a blue blanket. I scanned the room. There were balloons, flowers, posters all saying 'Get Well Soon' all over. How long have I been here? I looked over to my left and noticed all the machines that were pumping and beeping. As I followed the tubes, that were coming out of the machines, and they led up to me. One attached to my finger and I knew that the beeping sound that I had heard was from my own heart. And then I followed up my arm and noticed I had an IV in the crook of my arm. I couldn't make sense of all this, why was I lying in a hospital hooked up to all these machines.

Just as I was thinking about that my mom walked back in with a tall, blonde haired man following her. They walked over to me with a lot of worried anticipation in their eyes.

"Hello Bella, I am Dr. Cullen," he said as his strong sympathetic voice hummed through my head.

"Hello," I tried to say with my hand still wrapped around my throat, but still hearing no sound. I was so confused because even though I couldn't remember how and why I was in the hospital I still remember me being able to laugh, tell jokes and have conversations.

"Bella, even though you want to try and speak try not to. You have been through trauma in the 6 months. You have been in a coma. Your body suffered from 4 broken ribs, a broken arm and a severe laceration to the back of your head, you were in casts for a few months and you healed up really well. And when we look at you now you wouldn't be able to tell that you had any injuries at all, except for the large scar on the back of your head, but that is covered up by your hair," he said being firm, but sweet at the same time.

Wait I have been here for six months! I must have looked very confused and shocked as my mouth hung wide open because Dr. Cullen furrowed his eyebrows and looked over to my mom who was now standing right next to me. I looked at her and she had tears running down her face.

She looked at me at asked. "Do you remember what happened to you?"

I started to cry uncontrollably and all I could hear were the gasps I was taking to bring air into my lungs. I was crying so hard I didn't notice that someone else walked in the room. As I looked up I saw a man dressed in a white overcoat standing next to Dr. Cullen. As my eyes traveled up his body I noticed he had broad shoulders, messy bronze hair and shiny emerald green eyes. As I stared at him he began to smile and I felt my face blush.

"Ms. Swan, I am happy to see you finally gracing us with those beautiful brown eyes of yours," he beamed while a smirk flashed across his. All I could do was snap out feeling sorry for myself and smile, who was this guy?

Dr. Cullen turned and faced him with a frown as he cleared his throat. "Bella, this is Dr. Edward Cullen, Jr., my son. He just got his Ph D about seven months ago and he has been assisting me with you since you got here. He has shed some light on your case and may have some answers for you. We were afraid maybe that you were going to be suffering from symptoms that we were not aware of until you came out of your coma…."

"Yes, when you came in here you had severe cuts and bruises on your neck, which looked to have been inflicted by someone's hands and then by an abrasive rope," Dr. Cullen Jr. interrupted. "But to be honest we were not expecting it to affect your speech. I think…….wait are you alright Ms. Swan." He looked me and I felt all the blood rush out of my face, my heart started to pick up pace and my eyes were feeling really heavy. I watched as both Dr.'s and my mom looked over at the machines and noticed for themselves that hearing all this was way too much for me to handle.

Dr. Cullen Jr. hurried over to me rested his hand on my cheek and whispered into my ear. "Bella, you need to concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out." I am not quite sure if it was him helping me be more aware of my breathing or if it was his tender sweet voice, the smell of him or the close proximity of his lips that helped me start feeling better. This man was making me want to scream for joy. That was the first time since I had awoken that I was happy that I couldn't speak because I probably would have just embarrassed myself and tried to run from him.

He pulled away from me and frowned. "Maybe we should have waited for you to get adjusted to being conscious before we talked to you about what state you were in when you entered the hospital." I just shook my head and gestured to him like I was holding a pen and writing into the air. "Oh, would you like a pen and paper so that you could communicate? Why didn't we think of that?" I just nodded in approval.

My mom ran over to a table a chair in the left hand corner of the room and brought over a pen and a little notebook. It looked like she must have been writing in because she was flipping through it like she was trying to find a blank page. She handed it to me.

I figured some had to know so I scribbled, I mean chicken scratched. Who did this to me?!

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