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Kagome sat slumped in the middle of a field of flowers, dying. She had been grievously injured in a fight with a snake demon an hour ago. The demon had impaled her stomach before she had managed to purify it with her new powers.

She had time to wonder why she wasn't dead yet, even though she could feel the deadly poison seeping through her blood. She had time to wonder how she had managed to escape to this beautiful (and quiet!) clearing, surrounded by flowers. She had time to wonder why Inuyasha hadn't come to pick her up again.

And then she saw Sesshoumaru.

If possible, the dog-demon-lord looked even more stunning then he usually did. Kagome noticed for the first time how his golden eyes glinted in the sunlight, how the wind gently rustled his silvery bangs back and forth.

Kagome wondered why she hadn't noticed these very attractive qualities about the demon lord before. He was sophisticated, unlike Inuyasha. He also wasn't nearly as reckless as his younger brother.

And those eyes….molten gold, looking at her with an expression she couldn't read. If she lived, she could learn. She knew she could!

Then her fever-addled brain thought she had noticed those beautiful qualities before! They had simply been overshadowed with lust/romantic interest for Inuyasha! Who still wasn't here…

All thoughts of why Inuyasha hadn't come to her rescue were replaced with thoughts of how Inuyasha was with Kikyo (despite her having died for the last time a while ago) or with Sango, or with Miroku, anywhere but with her, dying alone.

She wondered if this was how Kagura must have felt. Looking around, she realized it was exactly where the wind demoness had died. The same meadow, the same flowers, stained with the blood of a woman.

And the same Sesshoumaru. Kagome wondered for a split second if he was here to visit the place Kagura had died, but that thought was quickly overpowered by the most reasonable to her fever-ridden brain: Sesshoumaru was here to see her.

Kagome gave him a beautiful smile, much more beautiful than the one Kagura had given him, she was sure. She felt her body collapsing in on itself.

"Sesshoumaru," she whispered, sure that with his super-sensitive hearing, he would be able to hear her, despite the fact that the wind was blowing the other way and she had whispered.

She wished he would use the Tenseiga on her. If she had that second chance, she would forget Inuyasha (who must be with Kikyo) Koga, Hojo, and all the other more suitable suitors who had loved her. She would give her heart to the man who had acknowledged her existence perhaps five times, the first time involving an attempted murder.

Kagome felt her eyes closing.


If Sesshoumaru wasn't Sesshoumaru, he would have lost his temper at where the miko sat, but he was himself, so he simply allowed himself to feel rather irritated.

Tenseiga pulsed, and he gave both Kagome and the sword an irritated look. Seriously! The one time when he wanted the darn thing to work, it had refused! Now that Inuyasha's girlfriend was dying, it wanted to bring the girl back to life and make his younger brother happy again.

Inuyasha would not be happy if Kagome died. And he was headed this way, probably smelling the scent of blood and poison. Sesshoumaru had been in that same position himself, not so long ago.

Sesshoumaru considered letting Kagome die, and letting Inuyasha feel how he had felt when Kagura had passed on: worthless. Completely worthless. If he didn't have the power to save the one person he wanted to, then what good was the power?

Granted, his anger and sympathy for her death had allowed the Tenseiga to unleash the Mediou Zangetsuha, which in turn allowed Inuyasha to defeat Naraku. So it had turned out alright in the end.

But Kagura had still died.

The wind, as if it had read his thoughts, carefully brushed his forehead. Sesshoumaru blinked.

Sesshoumaru sighed and drew the Tenseiga. He wouldn't wish that lonely fate on anyone.

Not even Inuyasha.


Kagome opened her eyes. Blue skies with a hint of rainfall (meaning gray clouds) looked down at her. A puffy gray cloud covered the Sun.

She was alive. Knowing that immediately that the Tenseiga must have worked, she sat up and examined her perfect body. Even her clothes were repaired. Was the sword really that strong?

Her usual super-short skirt and top were even clean. Maybe Sesshoumaru had gotten her spare uniform and changed her clothes!

She also noticed Sesshoumaru was missing. If he cared to revive her, why didn't he wait around???????

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called out.

The miko turned to glare at Sesshoumaru's younger brother. His cheek was slightly smudged with red – the color of rouge. The fact that this place was demon infest with demons who bled red blood did not matter to her.

Kikyo's rouge.

Kagome felt tears spring into her eyes.

Inuyasha looked around, picking up scents in the wind.

"I'm getting a whiff of Sesshoumaru's scent around here!" Inuyasha said.

Through her tears, Kagome saw Inuyasha running around the meadow, frantically trying to pick a fight with the absent demon.

"Come on out Sesshoumaru! I know you're there!"

"INUYASHA SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The hanyou made a small crater in the ground, messing up Kagura's final resting place. Well now it would be known as Kagome's final resting place. HAH!

Kagome stood; her death experience had absolutely no effect on her legs.

"Inuyasha, you dog! What has Sesshoumaru ever done to you?!"

Inuyasha's voice came up muffled from his mouth being in the ground. "Well, he's tried to kill both of us. Me, multiple times. He's had a fixation with my sword for years. Either he or his mother killed my mom…" he continued.

"You're the one always picking a fight with HIM!"

Inuyasha's head popped out of the ground.

"If you think he's such a great guy, then go with HIM!"


Kagome stormed off, taking to no food, water, medical supplies, bow and arrow, to find the man (dog-demon) she loved.