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Since Kagome was traveling safely through a forest infested with demons, she allowed her mind to wander to her real home: modern-day Japan.

Namely to stress about her next exam. To get back to her world, Kagome would have to go to the well. Going that way, she would probably have to get through her former companions. They would want to know why she had suddenly dumped Inuyasha.

As said before, Kagome was paying no attention to where she was going. She tripped and fell in a hole. Brushing dirt off of her uniform, Kagome realized that this was probably a trap meant for demons. Soon, some vicious villagers, ones who would hire kids to exterminate demons, would arrive. With her strange attire which she refused to change, Kagome was often mistaken for a demoness or, correctly, a priestess.

A shadow fell over her, blocking out the Sun. Kagome looked up. Sesshoumaru was above her, not looking particularly concerned with her wellbeing. But Kagome knew that within his tough-guy exterior, lay an adorable, puppy-like interior just waiting to be unleashed into the Feudal World.

"I do not know why you wish to follow me," he said calmly. "I would advise against it."

"But—you saved my life!"

His eyes hardened. "An act I doubt I will be repeating."

Suddenly, Kagome felt her eyes watering.

"I…I thought you…actually cared!"

"I have found, priestess, that when one does truly care beyond the norm, the usual means of resurrection rarely are available." Sesshoumaru said coolly. "Inuyasha will be here soon, before the villagers arrive."

In an instant, he was gone.

A very loud rustle brought Inuyasha to face Kagome. Seeing his face, as well as the bond the two of them shared that transcended time jarred her back to reality.

"Inuyasha?" all thoughts of Sesshoumaru left her head.

He blushed and held out his hand. She accepted it.

"Are you going to go with Sesshoumaru?" he asked quietly.

"No." She replied, taking his hand. "I don't know what happened to me."

"No. I don't know."

Kagome grinned and led him back. "Never mind."