~Chapter 1~

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Naruto is seventeen, he had managed to keep his best friend, Sasuke, in Kohona, a year later he left for two years to train with ero-sennin, and then he lived in the village for another two years. Few things had changed in those five years, well, besides the fact that all of the Kohona 12 (the rookie nine and team gai) had grown up, all of them had become jounin, Sasuke and Naruto had been offered Positions as ANBU. Both denied the offer.

The five years had been good. That is, until Jiraiya died. For Naruto, it was like he had lost another grandfather (the other being the Third) It had been two week after the news when Naruto made his decision. While he was in mourning, it was as if the insults of being called a monster and demon had multiplied. So that night, he wrote a letter, packed his things, left the letter and his keys on the table, and left for the gates.

Hinata is 17, she finally was able to surpass her limits and become a jounin, but she instead of being praised, accepted, she was still called a failure, weak, and a coward, comparing her to Hinabi, her younger sister. After everything she had done, she still wasn't good enough. Still unable to tell one ninja that she admired him for more than a decade, and that she had fallen in love with him, and wanted to be with him.

That night, her father went to the next level of discouraging his daughter; so, at midnight, she packed her stuff, wrote a note, and left for the gates, tears in her eyes.

"So you're running away. . . Kit?" It was more of a statement, the question was just a reassurance that the boy was listening.

"It's NOT running away!" Naruto mentally screamed back in defiance.

"I see, so what you're doing would be called?"

"" Naruto was silent

"Humph" smirked the fox, "what happened to the baka who is going to become Hokage? Hmm?.."

"He disappeared two weeks ago." Tears filled Naurto's sapphire eyes as he looked at the gate. It didn't last long, however, as he was knocked to the ground.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" the women looked to see who she had run into, as she turned a shade of pink, "N-Naruto-kun?!"

Bewildered, he looked at the girl, "Umm.. Hinata, could you get off me?"

Her pink face quickly turned a deep shade of scarlet, "Oh," getting up, "I-I'm r-really s-sorry, N-Naruto-kun"

They both stood in the silence, trying to think of something to say. Hinata started pushing her two pointer fingers together. She noticed That Naruto had a rather bulky backpack on, "umm.. N-Naruto-kun, what are you doing with a backpack standing outside the gates? Do you have a mission?" Naruto looked at her, sighed, and turned to look at the stars.

"I'm leaving."

"I'm leaving too," Hinata said quietly. They both were surprised at the words. Naruto turned, startled, and noticed, as if for the first time, that she too had a backpack, filled to burst. He smiled softly.

"Then let's go together." He took her hand, somehow Hinata blushed even deeper, and they left.