My Dear Readers.

Ok, So thanks to a Review from Jessie Brown, I realized that I haven't updated this fanfiction in 11 months.

For not telling anyone why, I sincerely apologize.

Now I know that I shouldn't have to give reasons, or even really bad excuses. But I'm a looser, so I'm going to anyway.

At the start of my middle school life, I skipped math classes. Which later led me in taking harder classes the year before I was supposed to. That meant more AP classes as a Sophmore (no one takes AP physics in my school as a sophomore except those that have no other option) I'm a procrastinator, I joined the school play. I used these as excuses to put off my writing.

In the more practical sense-I kept looking back, and I realized I didn't like the way my story flowed, and many key points in the plot just didn't make sense.

Putting it plainly- I thought it generic and boring.

I, even as an amateur, do not feel I have the right to give readers who were kind enough to WANT to read my story, my second best.

Now I know. Every story is somehow related to another. After Harry Potter, all of a sudden, children had magic powers in all the books you read. In more recent stories, everyone is a sparkly pixie *cough* I mean vampire.

So I'm taking a new direction with this fanfiction. Instead of many flashbacks retelling Naruto's and Hinata's story, I'm telling it from the beginning. I've already restarted it, but since I rarely finish what I start (a bad habit of mine) I'm going to completely finish (or get very close to the end of) this story before I ever post it.

Now don't worry, the main points and story won't change (Well, a few, but they are essential) But this is something that I must do to satisfy myself, and I hope that you will support me in it.


(The Stupid Author) AppleSauce18