A/N: Welcome to the sequel to My Sandy Wolf! This is a story mainly about Aiyala Clearwater (Phoenix and Seth's eldest daughter) and Kierian Black (Renesmee and Jacob's eldest son). It will also include sub-plots featuring: Tai Call, Dimitri Black, Arabella Clearwater, Heidi Call, Kaia Black, Zane Clearwater, Gianna Call, Kairissa Black, Zach Clearwater, and Jane Call. So I hope you enjoy, and I hope that I can get at least 50 more reviews than I received for My Sandy Wolf! Read on!

Chapter 1: Pit Of Despair

"I think that I'm in love with her," Kierian confessed.

"With Annika?" Aiyala gulped.

"Yeah. Next month is our two-year anniversary, so I'm going to tell her then," Kierian continued.

Aiyala choked back a sob as she tossed her homework into her backpack, slung the backpack over her shoulder, and ran out of Kierian's bedroom. She kept running, running, running until she reached her house five blocks away. And then she ran up to her room, slamming her door shut.

Her backpack fell to the floor as she fell on her king-sized bed. The tears, held for what seemed like years, now fell quickly and freely. Aiyala made no move to stop the tears. She instead covered her head with a multitude of pillows, trying to muffle the sounds of her sobs so that none of her family members would come and check on her.

Obviously, her plan had failed, because soon someone was nudging her in the side. After enduring five minutes of persistent nudging, Aiyala finally gave in. She removed the pillows, and rolled over to glance at her 'attacker through red and puffy eyes.

Standing over her, and smiling cruelly, was none other than Annika Panarin. Annika was the head cheerleader at Forks High School. She was also the biggest slut at the school, and Kierian's girlfriend. Aiyala envied her.

"What're you doing here Annika?" Aiyala whispered through the onslaught of tears. Annika slapped Aiyala hard across the face.

"He's mine, bitch, and don't you forget it," Annika hissed over Aiyala's whimpers.

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Question: How old were you when you had your heart broken for the first time, and what happened?