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Chapter 17: Jumbled

*Aiya POV*

I don't think I have anything to live for anymore. 'I imprinted on him…he didn't imprint on me…I'm still single…he's with that slut…' My thoughts are jumbled as I lay in bed after that very eventful day. I think about it while I sleep for the half-hour that I actually get, and I think about it when I 'awake' the next morning.

"Aiya! You're going to be late!" my mother calls upstairs. I reply with a loud groan.

"I refuse to come out, Mother! I'm taking a Mental Health Day!"

"It's only the second day!"

I don't argue with her. I stand, lock my door, and lay back down. I hope that sleep will come to me, and soon. I hate having my mind scrambled like this. I'm befuddled, and it's not amusing.

How did this happen? Weren't imprintings supposed to work both ways? I know for a fact that I imprinted on him; shouldn't he have imprinted on me? I'd heard all of the legends; we all had. Imprinting was supposed to go both ways.

"ARGGHHH!" I yell in frustration as I sit up, my hair gripped tightly in my hands. Stupid imprinting! Stupid shape-shifters! Stupid genetics! Stupid…everything!

I throw myself out of bed. I can't stay in my room. Although it's gigantic (well, it seems normal to me, but Cynai swears that it's three times the size of a normal bedroom), it suddenly seems cramped and stuffy. I get changed into a tank-top, zippered hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers.

I stride over to the French doors on the opposite side of the room, and I throw them open. Stepping back a few paces, I take a running start. When I reach the railing at the end of the balcony, I plant my hands firmly and do a front handspring into the air, two stories up. I fall for what seems like forever, but is actually only a few seconds, before my feet meet solid ground. Smiling at the fact that the impact (which might have injured a normal person) doesn't affect me at all, I sprint off into the forest.

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