Zoey, Lola and Quinn are sitting in the lounge Quinn is looking at her laptop Zoey leans over "Have you found anywhere yet ?"

Lola leans over as well "yea spring break is next week and I do not want to be stuck here"

Lisa walks over from the counter "Hey ya'll"

Lola, Zoey and Quinn look up at once "Hey Lisa" ever since their friend Michael had became Lisa's boyfriend after he saved from Chase in a runaway goat cart last year [1] her and the girls had become great friends Lisa looks at them "So what are ya'll doing for spring break ? I guess I'll be stuck here"

Michael over hears her as he walks in after overhearing her "Nonsense lil' Lisa" He bends down and gives her a kiss "I have an idea"

Zoey looks at him "It's not to send a bunny up in a rocket again is it" [2]

Michael looks at her "No but that would have worked if we had a bunny…and a rocket" The girls look at him "Anyway it's about spring break"

Lola looks at him "Should we be scared ?"

Zoey looks at her "I'm thinking we should be scared"

Michael looks annoyed at them "No you shouldn't be scared let's go to England"

Zoey looks at him "England ?"

Michael looks at her "Yea England where you're boyfriends at or have you forgot about him"

Zoey looks at him "No I haven't forgot about him we talk over our webcams at exactly 6:00 every night 10:00 his time but what dose that have to do with England"

Michael looks at her "We can go surprise him"

Zoey looks at him "But he'll have classes"

Michael looks at her "No he won't I already checked Covington has the same spring break we do which means he'll be on spring break to"

Lola looks at them "Plus there's cute boys in England"

Quine looks up from her computer "Plus there's a lot of historical sights in England"

They all look at Zoey who still looks unsure she looks up "Well then" she looks at them "I guess where going to England"

The scene changes to a few days later Michael and Lisa walk into the girls room where Zoey, Lola and Quinn are finishing packing their suit cases Michael walks over and sits on Zoey's bed "Ladies are we ready to go party it up in England" Lola is trying to skip her suit case which is overstuffed "Almost"

Zoey's looks at her as she sits down on it "Why are you bringing so much were only going to be gone seven days"

Lola looks at her "Because we are going to England which means cute English guys so I have to look my best at all times" She looks at Michael "Do you mind ?"

Michael picks up on what she is about to ask "Sure" he gets up off Zoey's bed and walks over and sits down on the suit case beside Lola who is then able to zip it up

Lola smiles at him "Okay ready"

Michael looks at them "Great now ladies if you will follow me our cab awaits to take us to the airport"

They start to exit the room as Zoey pulls Michael back into the room "Our you sure it's ok to surprise him like this"

Michael looks at her "I told you he has spring break this week it will be fine "

They then exit the room

[1] Zoey 101 Michael like Lisa

[2] Zoey 101 Paige at PCA