This chapter one of a story I'm working on!! its from the video game need for speed carbon. i own nothing. everything goes to the respected owners so please don't sue me!!

this first chapter i mostly a flash back so you have to know a little about the game to get it. but if you have any questions just ask. please read and review.

chapter 1:the return.

It's been years since I've been here. I fought so hard to forget,I tired to stay away tried so hard to stay away. But i just can't do it any longer. I can't stop seeing her face. I don't care if she hates me i have to see her,I have to get revenge, I have to clear my name. I will own the streets of Palmount once again. I

was about 20 miles out when i start seeing images from that night.


I was out in front of them all i could see i was going to win. I could see Nikki waiting a the finish line for me; she could see along with everyone else there i was going to win also. She had the red bag that contained the money and all the glory in her hand. Then things started to get crazy, the cops were everywhere and they shot all the cars but mine. I was focused on one thing at that moment getting to Nikki, i was going to get us out of this if i was the last thing i did. But as she got to the car a cop pulled her back. she threw the bag inside as the cop pulled her back. The last thing she said to me was "run, she be ok." So I sped off searching for a way out. I found an opening an i took it. After I got out of the city I started searching the bag but there was no money, just a bunch of papers and a note that read:


you have to run and never return to this city. I'll help Nikki and we'll meet you some where. Be Safe.


But I've waited long enough it's time to go back. I've been getting updates on how things have been from my former crew member and best friend Colin. He also just happens to be Darius' right hand man. I just hope i can trust him. He's told me Darius now owns the streets and has told Nikki a bunch of lies about what happened the night I left, and Why i never returned, and apparently he always has had a thing for her cause now there together. So I tell him I'm coming Back tonight. He say," I can't help you too much but I can give you the location of the races tonight. oh an Nikki and Darius will be there so go luck."

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