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Chapter: 10

It's finally here the night I've been waiting on! I, Nikki and the crew arrive at the spot of the first race and Darius and his crew are ready and waiting. Nikki squeezes my hand. "You got this baby this is what you've been working. I know you can do this and with Angie and Razor out of the picture it will be a cake walk."

I nod, "Thanks baby." I quickly kiss her as she steps out of my car. I pull to the starting line beside Darius he laughs "yea right." He backs up and four other cars pull up. "Beat them and then we will talk"

I slam my hand on the steering wheel. As I hear his voice comes over the sms. "Awe now doesn't be scared scotty boy."

"Just shut up and race Razor." Nikki stands in front of all of us. Our eyes lock. I give her a reassuring nod as she raises her arms. I slam on the gas as she drops them. We all take off down starlight strip we race out of Stacked Deck into TFK 1 street and Finally Bushido. That's when David pops up. "Scott watch your back Darius's goon is headed your way fast!"

I nod "thanks for the heads up bro." Wolf and Razor pull up beside me and I then see the headlights. I smile as we get closer. "Let me introduce you boys to a move Neville taught me." I swerve right into wolf slam on the brakes as he goes to take me out. He nails Razor as Darius's boy nails them. I smile as I speed past. I continue to the finish line. I step out of the car as Darius walks over looking furious. "I'm soo tired of you. You little prick. How do you keep winning? Well you won't win this next one. Let's go."

We get in our cars and head to north Canyon road. He leads and I stay right on his tail. As we begin. We take the first two curves and I attempt to shoot past him but have to slam on the brakes as I see a hairpin right turn my back wheels come off the edge as Darius goes to slam into me. I gas it causing him to spin out. I speed ahead. I lead the rest of the race until the last eighth of a mile. Darius catches up to me and hits his nos. I laugh. "Too soon D." I hit it as the beamer jumps forward I catch and pass darius right at the finish line. I stop by the crew. I get out and wrap Nikki in a passionate kiss. "You did it baby! The City is yours."

"Finally." I breathe.

Darius gets out of his car furious and runs over to me. He decks me. "This isn't over! You did not win. You don't deserve any of this. You never have and never will."

I stand holding my Jaw. "Yea well guess what Darius. I won. Just like it should've been last time. But you couldn't stand the thought of me winning. And when Nikki was with me it was just too much. But look at you now. You have lost it all. Boys a little help please." Darius is surrounded by the crew. As one of his crew members pulls up he hands me the keys to his Audi. "This isn't over Scott. This is never over!"

I nod. "Have a nice life Darius and don't let me catch you back in my city!"

3 Months Later

Here we are. I won the big race. I got the city, I cleared my name, and now I was about to marry the girl of my dreams. I stood at the alter patiently awaiting by beautiful bride.

That's when the music begins to play. Neville comes down escorting Sarah, Followed by Sal and Michelle, Colin and Erica, and finally my best man David with Nikki's maid of honor Jessica.

David pats my back "I'm so happy for you two bro!"

I nod "Thanks Brother wouldn't be here without you."

As I turn my attention back to the isle. Here comes the bride begins to play. The small crowd rises. And as she comes into view I am taken back she looks so beautiful in her wedding dress. Our eyes lock and she offers me and soft smile as she begins her walk to me. My smile grows as she reaches me. I meet her at the steps of the alter. I grab her hand and we are face to face. "You ready?" she asks softly

"I've been waiting 4 and a half years to do this." I reply. I lead her up to the minster. He begins the ceremony it's the usual the vows and the I dos. I smile slightly when he finally says I pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride. I raise her veil and gently kiss her at first then I bend her backwards to deepen the kiss. She returns the kiss with a feverish passion. We turn to face the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. Scott Atkins. After the ceremony and the reception. We get in Darius' Audi and I ask her, "Well where to first?"

She smiles softly, "I don't care as long as you're going with me."

I peck her lips and slam on the gas.

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