Hi, everyone.

I know it's been a long time since I last updated this fic. It wasn't supposed to happen, but I ended up getting stuck on the next chapter and I was busy with college/life in general. Before I knew it, months passed and well, in just a few more, it'll have been a year since I last updated.

To be quite honest, I don't think anyone is reading this since it's been so long and/or it's possible that no one cares about it anymore, but if anyone IS reading this, I'd like to apologize for my lack of updates as well as thank you for sticking with my story/me. It was a bit unfair to do that to you guys; I know just how frustrating it is when an author seems to vanish into thin air without a warning. You want to know what happened, but the author hasn't left a clue as to whether or not he or she'll even be back on here let alone continue the story.

I didn't want to do that so I decided I had to update you guys on what's going on and I thought it'd be better if I uploaded this rather than silently updating my profile (which most people might not even notice). That way, you'll be alerted that there's an update hehe.

So what is this author's note about exactly other than a bit of rambling apologetic sentiment? There is a point to this.

And here it is: I've reread the chapters I've written and posted on here to shake off those cobwebs and start writing on the next chapter this summer and came to the realization that I'm very dissatisfied with my writing and the way I've written the story so far.

Before you panic, I'm not giving up the story. I repeat, I am NOT giving up on this story. What I am doing though is going back and trying to rewrite the past few chapters so that not only will there be a better plot, a better fleshing out of characters, and et cetera, but that it'll be easier to follow/more cohesive as well.

I will be back with an update very, very soon (aka a chapter, not an author's note. Yay!), so I ask you to be a bit more patient with me. Thank you so much for understanding. Hopefully, I won't look back at the edited chapters a few months or years later and be horrified with how I wrote (which tends to happen a lot as I grow as a writer!) lol.

Within the next few days, I will have the edited prologue/first chapter up and this will be moved to my profile.

Again, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for giving this story, Izumi, and me a chance. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for hopefully understanding. And last but not least, thank you so so so much for brightening up my days with your reviews. They've made my days better...and sometimes I really needed that.