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Abyss of Twilight Roses

Chapter 1

The pain Allen felt seemed to triple as she gazed at the gravestone once more. Every time she looked, it just reminded her she was alone in this heartless world that had made her suffer. While she was sad for the loss of her foster father, she couldn't help but be mad at him as well. He was the one who gave her a family, but as soon as she trusts him, he dies? Was he mocking her; her and her pain? 'No, Mana wouldn't do that to me.' Even though she knew Mana wouldn't hurt her like that, she still felt cold, abandoned.

"My, my, my!~ Good evening child!~ What would you be doing here at this time of night?~" Allen briefly looked up into the face of a grinning(as always) Millennium Earl, before quickly averting her gaze back to Mana's gravestone. "Ah!~" The fat thing exclaimed. "I'm called the Millennium Earl. Would you like me to revive Mana Walker for you?~" The Earl could tell the girls focus was completely on him now. Her eyes had a glisten that they hadn't had for awhile.

"Can you... Really do it?" she questioned with uncertainty. Mana had told her before that the dead couldn't be brought back. Even if he was talking about a dog, the fact remained that you couldn't reanimate someone's life.

"Why of course, Girly~~! No one has ever doubted me before~!" Allen began to get up from her squatted position to stand before the living marshmallow. She had a determined look on her face, and the Earl knew he could tell her to do a thousand jumping jacks and she'd believe that was how to revive this 'Mana Walker.' Thinking about it, he had a fuzzy memory of the name, but couldn't place it. Oh well, it probably wasn't important anyways.

"So what do I have to do, Mr. Earl?" She said in her thick British accent.

With a wave of his hand, a skeleton like structure appeared next to him. "All you must do is call Mana's name, and he shall be brought back to you in this container of mine, simple as that," the Earl said, and if possible, his grin widened.

Allen walked up to the structure and was about to yell Mana's name when her forehead had a pulse of pain. She stumbled and moved her right hand, the left being unable to move, over her brunette bangs. The Millennium Earl, thinking she stumbled out of hesitation to approach the creepy looking skeleton, tried to encourage her. "Go on, go on~, it won't bite~!"

Ignoring the ache, Allen continued forwards to her demise. 'I can be with Mana again; a little pain can't stop me!'

"MANA!" A violent light shot upwards to the somber sky, parting clouds as they passed by. Allen looked towards the cage and into the hollow eyes.

"A...A..llen. Allen. Allen! You made me...an akuma!" The bright smile on Allen's face faltered.

"Mana? What are you talking about? Mana?" Allen began to panic. Was he not happy they were together again?

"I'll curse you, Allen; curse you!" Mana began to advance closer to Allen. She grabbed her left hand with her left and held it right above her heart. The pain she felt now wasn't just the burning in her body, seeming like she had a fever. She also felt a pain in her heart: broken. Abandoned, dejected, angry, confused.

"STOP IT!" Allen released all emotions she had been feeling in that one statement. She planned on expressing this feelings, nothing more, so she was rattled when the skeleton actually paused in it's movement. So overwhelmed by her own feelings, she completely forgot about the Earl's presence; although at this point he was glad he had broken away from her radar. He hadn't felt any signs that a Noah was reawakening earlier; so what could this be? As he watched the scene unfold, he finally remembered the name. 'Mana Walker. How dare you do this to his memories~!'

Back with Allen, although she managed to get Mana to stop, the momentum he had continued on. She was frozen as she watched his hand flail towards her face at an attempt to balance. However, rather than just falling, Mana's sword like hand cut through Allen's left eye. She screamed out in pain. Then the last thing she expected to occur happened. Her left arm began to burn and with a blur of black and white her once red arm became slender and pitch black. She felt soothed as a cool feel wrapped around her body. Out of the corner of her right eye she saw a brilliantly white cape. The cape became a web as it shot up at Mana.

"MANA, NO!" Allen shrieked. "RUN! FATHER, RUN!"

"A...llen. I...love you... Destroy me, please." An illuminating cross appeared on his body before it exploded. Allen's knees gave out. The cape dissapeared as her arm remained black but became movable. Not that she noticed. Her forehead had stopped burning which she only slightly registered.

"Well, well, well~! That was unexpected, Girly~!"

"I-I...It's my fault," Allen admitted. It was her fault Mana had to die again. She couldn't' forgive herself.

"May I please know your name, Girly~?"the Millennium Earl asked in the sweeettessttt voice he could manage.

"Allen Walker," she replied sluggishly. She really felt the need to sleep at the moment.

"Well then, Allen-chan~, I'm going to be taking you somewhere safe now, so do do do rest up~~!" he exclaimed like a mother would.

"Debbiiitttoooo~, play with me!" a childish voice whined.

"Not now Rhode, I'm busy!" the voice belonging to the one and only Debitto replied.

"Jasdeerrrroooo, play with me!" Rhode's vocal chords screeching.

"Not now Rhode, I'm busy, hehe!" the more clueless of the twins known as Jasdero responded, repeating his other half.

An evil grin was plastered on Rhode's face. "Tyki~, play with me!"

The Portuguese man didn't even look up from the book in his hand. "No."






"Fine!" he slammed his book shut.

"Yay~! Now, be Lero!"

"What?" the Tyki Mikk blinked in confusion.

"You pretend to be Lero! You know, 'Rhode, let's play, Lero!' Come on, Tyki!"

Sighing, the most sane Noah, in his own opinion at least, opened his book once again. "Lero doesn't want to play right now, Lero~. Go bother someone else, Lero~." he replied mimicking the pink umbrella's voice.

"Wahhh! Tyki!" Instead of responding, Tyki simply picked up the stuffed toy sitting on the table beside him and tossed it above Rhode's head. She jumped for it before rolling on the ground giggling and squealing.

This was the scene the Earl stumbled upon after he had put their new family in one of the arks many spare rooms.

Earl-sama! You're home~!" Rhode ran up to him and somehow managed to wrap her arms around his body. Jasdevi had lowered their guns and decided to leave before the Earl figured out a few items in the room were now broken in bits and hidden carelessly behind the couch. "So what have you been doing, Millenie?"

"Oh, ho, ho~. That's a secret Miss Rhode-chan~. I have some business I'll be taking care of for awhile~. Tyki-pon, you keep watching Rhode, okay~?"

Tyki wanted to slam his head on the wall so bad, but restrained from doing so. "Yes, sir."

"Good, good~, I'll see you later~! And tell Debitto-kun and Jasdero-kun to please clean up their mess~." the Earl said with a glint in his eyes no one wanted to see. Tyki gulped.

"Of course, Earl-sama."

As the Millennium Earl reentered the room he left their newest Noah in, he thought on what he should do. Kill the holder of the Fourteenth's memories, or something else? He decided against killing her. 'It seems that even though she's awakened, the memories have yet to take over~. So young and naive~.' He was brought out of his musings when a low groan was heard. He looked from his seat beside the bed at the slightly foggy gray gold eyes and that were trying to focus on his grinning face.

"Good morning, Allen." the Earl spoke in a calm tone, but had a certain gleam in his eyes that she missed. "And welcome to the family~."

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