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Abyss of Twilight Roses

Chapter 5

"Lavi, where is Kanda? Did he get his own compartment?" Lenalee questioned as they began boarding the train. Lavi, putting on his act just looked confused for a moment before smiling brightly.

"Ah! Yu-chan? He said he 'didn't want to be near any more baka-usagis and their embarrassment so get me when the train comes' and left!" he said with a cheer.

"Really he said all that?" a small but ecstatic voice responded with a 'Nope!' and Lenalee sighed. "You do realize he wasn't on the last train either don't you?" Lavi paused for a moment before realization dawned on him.

"Yu-chan's missing!" Lenalee face-palmed.

"You actually left him back there?" Lavi nodded nervously, looking somewhat like a sad puppy. Lenalee, however, ignored the look. "Well go get him!" He pointed to himself.

"You mean me?" he watched as Lenalee nodded. "Why me!"

"Come on, Lavi! Please? You can use your hammer to get to the last town where YOU left him!" she exclaimed. He sighed before putting up his cheerful facade again.

"Fine, fine~~ I have a baaaaaddd feeling 'bout this though," Lenalee ignored his last comment and began pushing him out of the train.

"If you're quick you might be able to make the next departure! Good luck!" she yelled as the train slowly began to pull away. He sighed in defeat before pulling out O-dzuchi Kodzuchi and leaving in the direction he left Kanda at. It wasn't his fault Yu-chan actually relied on him though! He could have asked Lenalee!

Meanwhile, Kanda was twitching in annoyance. He knew he shouldn't have told Lavi to get him! Now he was alone in a town with no damn soba, and he was NOT happy about it. As he stood at the station, he was jumped by an old, fat man. "Master Clergyman! Please save our village Master Clergyman!" Kanda 'che'd' in annoyance before pushing the man off of him, getting Mugen ready if this man annoyed him further. Before he could act, however, the obviously overweight man grabbed him and ran at a speed seemingly impossible for him. As he ran, he finally introduced himself as Georg. In no time at all, they appeared at his home.

"Everyone!" he bellowed, "Our prayers have been answered!" Kanda would never admit it, but he was slightly amazed at the speed in which the villagers grabbed him and tied him down to a chair. As Georg explained the town's situation, Kanda paid him no mind. Instead, he focused on getting back to headquarters and finally getting some of his delicious soba. Kanda did though, for his credit, catch parts of this one sided conversation. From what he heard, some vampire named something Crowley had been attacking villagers. He still wasn't really paying attention and wanted to leave it that way.

"No waaay." Everyone, including Kanda, even though he was tied to a chair, jumped at the voice. In all of his glory, Lavi sat in one of the many barrels in this Georg's home with an intense look of interest on his face. Yells erupted from the mob of villagers as they questioned Lavi's identity.

"Usagi! Why the hell and how are you in there!" he would never actually tell Lavi, but he was rather spooked by his sudden appearance.

Lavi didn't seem to know that Kanda was questioning why he was in the barrel. He answered with a simple, "Lenalee made me come back to get Yu-chan! What are you doing here? Wait! Don't tell me! Yu-chan, did you join a cult?" he asked completely serious. Kanda twitched in annoyance.

"Don't call me that!" he yelled trying to ignore his last question.

"Mayor! Look at his chest!" a villager whispered, quite loudly, to Georg.

Yells of "It's another!" and "Black Clergyman!" filled the room. The next thing Lavi was able to process was that he was tied down to a chair next to Kanda. He'd make sure to record this town's supernatural ability with rope later.

"Sooo..." Lavi started, "What exactly is going on?" On the inside, he could only think 'I knew my ominous feeling was right!'

"Well actually, just before Crowley turned violent, there was another traveler who visited this village. He was a priest who asked for directions to Crowley's castle. We tried to stop him and told him that he'd die if he went. He just laughed at us and left for the castle! After 3 days had passed, we were sure he had been killed by Crowley. However, he came back! He told us if anything happened to Crowley 'tell someone who wears a uniform and cross like mine.' After awhile, Crowley began attacking villagers. So far, 9 have fallen prey to him." The crowd erupted in angry yells of 'Kill the vampire!' or 'Get rid of the vampire!'

"Tonight," Georg began once again, "we made resolution to risk our lives to slay Crowley."

Lavi leaned over to Kanda and whispered an, "I've got a bad feeling about this." Which Kanda of course ignored.

"BUT!" Georg cried, "God has abandoned us! Master Clergymen! Please do something to get rid of Crowley!"

Kanda, was very angry at this 'traveler' that ruined his chances of trying to return to Headquarters for some much deserved soba. "What kind of person was he, that traveler?" he asked through his teeth.

"This kind!" Georg yelled showing a picture or a man with long red hair and a mask covering half his face. One thought went through Kanda's mind, 'I WILL KILL HIM!' After realizing that they had no place to stay and there were no trains coming until morning, the two exorcists reluctantly agreed to rid the town of the 'vampire'. Lavi informed Lenalee through his golem that because they were orders left by General Cross, they had to be obeyed.

She decided to leave them some advice saying, "Be careful you two. You'll become vampires too if you let that...vampire guy bite you. Don't become one, okay!"

"Right..." Lavi answered before turning to Kanda, "There's no such thing as vampires anymore right, Yu-chan~?"

"Baka Usagi, don't call me that! Che, how am I supposed to know?" After climbing up the very steep hill they finally arrived at the castle. Horror filled sounds and screams filled the air around them.

"I-I'm scared, Yu-chan! Hold me!" he yelled before pouncing. Kanda just twitched in irritation before side stepping Lavi's attack, resulting in one red head face down in the dirt. Acting like that didn't happen, the group continued through the gate. "Wow! This Crowley has really bad taste... Huh? Kanda? Why did you already unsheathe Mugen?" an evil grin made its way onto Lavi's face. "Are you...Scared?"

"W-What? Baka, no way. Although," this time Kanda couldn't help but smirk, "Now that you mention it Usagi, why do you have your hand on your weapon?"

"E-E-Eh? I'm not scared or anything~" During their bickering, a dark presence made itself known. They both turned serious, well, Lavi turned serious. Kanda is always serious. The two exorcists could only watch as a blur ran by. Soon enough, a scream filled the air and a villager yelled, "Fr...Franz...It got Franz!"

Everyone turned around to see a man with a black cloak on biting into the prey's neck. Both Lavi and, surprisingly, Kanda's mouths dropped. Lavi leaned slightly towards Kanda and whispered, "What the hell?" before watching as the vampire ripped through the mans neck. Everyone's face drained of all color. "Yu-chan, we are soooo screwed."

Allen was bored. Oh so veeerrrryy bored. She had stayed at the Earl's home for the night. He ended up waking her at four in the morning asking her to 'spare some time and answer my phones'. He had to have at least a billion, quadrillion phones in that shitty room of his! To make everything worse, the day before her favorite akuma was killed. It wasn't that strong or anything, but it sure knew how to cook. Maybe she'd ask Lulubell if she would let Mimi give her a pedicure or something. That sounded like it would relieve some stress.

As one of the many akuma maids brought her a mountain of food Allen started wondering what had happened to her last personal maid. What did she call herself again? Ellen-no, Erica? Not right...Oh yes! Eliade. She was never that obedient which made Allen like her even more. But one day when Allen allowed her to go out and hunt she never returned. Allen hadn't been alerted that Eliade had been destroyed, so the only thing that could be concluded was that she was a very naughty little akuma! She had decided what she would do today.

"Allen-chan~ Did you abandon my phones~?" a hand on her head brought her out of her thoughts. She turned her head slightly and saw the Earl out of the corner of her eye.

"Ah, Earl-sama! Nope! Me and Jasdevi are having a contest to see who can answer the most phones in twelve hours. Oh damn; I think they're winning," she said sarcastically. The Earl just chuckled. "Earl-sama? Can I go out today?"

"By yourself? Of course my Little Noah~! Make sure you have a lot of fun~!" he said as he exited the room. Allen quickly scarfed down her food before making her way to the front door. As she was exiting, Rhode was entering.

"Rhode? What are you doing here? I thought you were going somewhere with Sheryl?" Allen questioned.

"ALLEN-CHAN!" she yelled even though she was right in front of Allen. "I missed you! So I came for a visit!" Rhode jumped Allen and hugged her like there would be no tomorrow.

"R-Rhode! Can't breathe!" Allen choked out. Rhode reluctantly let her go, instead moving her grip to Allen's hand. "It hasn't even been a day, Rhode! Besides, I'm coming home tonight." she sighed.

"Whatever~! So where are you going, Allen-chan~?"

"I have some business to take care of. The Earl already said I could go out alone."

"Alone! Allen-chan! You don't want me with you? I'm so hurt!" Rhode cried.

Allen pushed her off. "Rhode! You're getting me wet!" Rhode let go dejectedly and looked at Allen with puppy dog eyes. She tried, but could not resist. "Come on, Rhode. Cheer up! When I get back... I'll play with you then I'll get us some ice cream! Just stop using that face!" Rhode's mood immediately went flying.

"Yaayyyyy! Thank you Allen-chan!" As Allen began walking away Rhode stopped her once more. "Are you going to use the ark?"

"Huh? Oh, no. I decide to do it the old fashioned way and take the train," she explained.

"Oh! Well then, have fun, Allen-chan~!" she waved as Allen began towards the station.

Once she arrived, she used her Noah ability to find Eliade. Allen realized she really didn't want to have to take the train all the way to some German town, so she decided to take the train until the next stop before using the ark. She really only wanted the peace and quiet of a private room on the train. As Allen boarded her compartment of the train, she decided to use this time to take a well deserved nap. Answering phones had to be the hardest job on the entire Earth. At a certain castle, a pair of exorcists were thinking along the same lines of their occupation.

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