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This is DarkFox2 here with my first ever fanfic. I'm really excited and I feel my ideas will shine. Please give me a chance and remember to review. This fic has been inspired by my idol LD 1449. Naruto will essentially act like the naruto in lost soul but with a dark personality as well.

Summary: Naruto is a prodigy. He has been told of his father and at the age of four was forced to be a weapon of Konoha. Respected but feared, Naruto's participation in the war with Iwa gives him legendary status that can only be rivaled by Iwa's princess. Naruto has ascended to the top of Konoha's ninja ranks; will he lead his country to domination, or leave it for something more.





A storm bellowed outside, thundering relentlessly, as a dark figure knelt in the office of the Hokage. The figure was donned in a kabuki mask with a fox face and was dressed in traditional ANBU clothes, however his entire wardrobe was drenched in blood.

"Have you completed what needed to be done Fox?"

"Mission success hokage-sama, there was a complication in the security info we were given about the Daimyo's mansion so I needed to improvise. The result was me being spotted and identified, but the original objective is complete. Iwa's daimyo and his family have been all murdered." A cold voice rang, a voice filled with void, hollowness, and a bit of disappointment.

Once again it seems he was not given a challenge, although I wonder how many he killed getting to the Daimyo thought the aged Third Hokage. "How many casualties did you inflict on enemy forces?"

"The end game was inevitable. All the Daimyo's guards needed to be neutralized."

Hmmm, if Iwa's Daimyo had security like our Daimyo… Naruto…

The old war veteran stroked his beard, as he peered at the young man no boy before him, who, in one night, was now responsible for a few hundred families' losses. Was I wrong all those years ago? No he couldn't think like that. Not now, not after everything that has already been done. They were going to kill him or possibly turn him into a drone like Danzo's Root had I not come up with the idea. It sounded so good back then.


"The demon must be killed Sarutobi!" The council room was filled with its members after the recent defeat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. "He is not a demon you fool, he is just the container. Do you trust the Yondaime so little in his seal… in his son?" Sarutobi glared at the council daring one to answer him. The room quieted down but then the pristine clans of Konoha appeared in the council room. "As much as we want to believe in Yondaime Hokage-sama, the child, for the sake of the village, must die." Hiashi Hyuuga spoke coldly and without emotion yet on the inside he boiled in anger. Like everyone in the room, Hiashi lost someone to the Kyuubi, specifically his wife, Toki. The pain of loss flooded the room and Sarutobi new they needed blood. "Wait I wish to voice my thoughts." The council forwarded their gaze to the door where a crippled man stood, with bandages on one of his eyes. The seemingly weak old man had an air of mischief and power to him that made him dangerous. "Danzo to what do we owe the pleasure." Sarutobi groaned on the inside. He knew his rival and what's now going to occur. "Councilmen I vote to have the child turned into a weapon for Konoha. Why waste such a commodity as a Jinchuuriki when we can use it to establish dominance. Let me train him and by the time he is 13, he will be stronger than hokage-sama himself, but more importantly, he will be under Konoha's complete control. " "Yes that's good, Iwa has two Jinchuuriki, we need him, I Fugaku Uchiha vote for the child to be turned into a weapon. Slowly one by one, everyone, even Sarutobi's old teammates agreed sealing this boy's fate. "Well Hokage-sama, what is your answer?" Danzo smirked as he sealed the deal on Konoha's newest weapon, watching as Sarutobi cringed. If only Jiraya was here he could have taken him away. I have no choice, but maybe I can put this in my favor.

"Do what you will; however I will oversee Naruto's training. You will report to me what you do to him for training. Furthermore, he will not begin his training until age four. I will preserve his humanity in that time." Danzo's smirk vanished as it was replaced by a frown. A minor setback, but I'm sure I can put my mark on this boy. The council departed after agreeing to the terms and Sarutobi was left alone. He left the room and went to his office where a crib lay and in it the future Shinigami of Konoha. Sarutobi gazed down at the small babe as the infant gazed back in wonder and curiosity. Naruto raised his hand to grab Sarutobi's finger, his small hand wrapping around the old killer's wrinkled ones. You're life will be full of the World's dangers but at least you will be strong enough to face them. I will do my best Naruto Namikaze, but I hope you are ready.


Yes, that day still plagues me. I relented so easily because of the Uchihas and the Hyuugas. At least he had a childhood while it lasted, the four years I spent with him may have saved his humanity, but what's left of it is in the darkness. He only reveals himself to me so it's my responsibility to help salvage what's left and I will do so for the rest of my life. It's the least I can do.

The hokage broke his musings and reverted his full attention onto his most trusted ANBU. "Fox, can you please take off your mask?" It was such a long time since Sarutobi last saw Naruto's face, and the conversation about to begin as well deemed the certain intimacy appropriate. The 5'6" pre-teen gave a quick nod and unclasped his facemask revealing three whisker-like marks on his cheeks as well as cerulean eyes. His face was perfectly sculpted showing no baby fat, his cheeks angular. Flowing blonde hair with red streaks fell in his eyes as the 11-year-old killer gazed at his leader. What most struck Sarutobi though were not the tell-tale signs of fangs protruding from his mouth nor the feral look the scar-like whisker marks made, but it was his eyes. Eyes so hardened, frozen in a sheet of ice. A look of void indifference marring his gaze, however if one were to look very close, signs of anger and hate were hidden as well in them.

It seems I was right after all. Danzo and the council did not eradicate all the humanity in him. There is still hope. "Naruto, how are you? I realize this has been a relatively easy mission considering the ones you have done in the past, but is there anything you wish to voice?"

"I do not understand why I wouldn't be alright. It was a mission nothing more. Any casualties or collateral damage were just obstacles in the way of the objective." Sarutobi looked downcast. "However, I would actually wish to know what will become of our relationship with Iwa. We were already on very unfavorable terms with them, if they verify who was responsible for their Daimyo's death, especially since I was spotted, could it not start the next ninja world war?"

"Yes, it will and that is the objective Naruto."

"May I be so daring as to ask why?"

"Our war with Iwa is a long time in the making. Since Yondaime left their forces in ruins, the tsuchikage, Aoshi Obunaga, has built his forces to exact revenge. He has even gone so far as to train his daughter personally for most of her life to use the Obunaga clan's famous bloodline, Dotonrui to its fullest. I refuse to be sneak attacked. This way, Konoha chooses when the war will start, and that will be our advantage."

"I see, then will that be all hokage-sama?"

"No Naruto wait," Sarutobi reaches into his drawer and pulls out a form, quickly filling it out he hands it to Naruto. "Here Naruto, with this you will join the ranks of ANBU Captains starting today. This mission was the catalyst to possibly the next world war, but it was also a test. Congratulations."

Naruto's only reaction was a deep bow before accepting the form.

"Thank you hokage-sama, I will not fail."

"I am counting on you Naruto, the next few years are going to be tough and many will die. I know this is a lot to ask for but I also want you to do one more thing for me."

"Anything you wish, hokage-sama."

Sarutobi handed a scroll to Naruto with the Namikaze crest. Naruto widened his eyes. He knew what would be asked of him.

"Naruto Uzamaki Namikaze, I entrust you to master the rasengan and hiraishin fully and surpass your father. Jiraya will be here soon and he will help you on the two jutsus. Our war effort needs you, not only as the ANBU, Fox, and Konoha's Shinigami, but also as the yellow flash."

"It shall be done hokage-sama." Naruto took the scroll and exited the office via shunshin. Sarutobi continued to stare at the area Naruto just inhabited deep in thought. He is already at Kakashi's level without Kyuubi's power, which he can access to four tails, and now I've given him this. If he does master those two jutsu, he will be far past my level or any level in this village for that matter. And he is only 11. Such power and potential… but at such a cost. Was it really worth it?

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