'What does it feel like to be becoming a god father?' Diana teased Superman lightly as the two of them lingered over Sunday breakfast.

A year had passed since that magical Christmas on Paradise Island, eleven months since they had been married. They had been thrice married – by Amazonian rites, followed by a sweet ceremony in the Smallville church in front of Ma and Pa Ken and all Clarks' friends and finally, in a Kryptonian ceremony in the Fortress of Solitude with a Kryptonian priest saying the rites over them as virtual images of Jor-El and Lara looked upon them.

Super-heroes from all over the galaxy had made it to at least one of the ceremonies and good wishes were still pouring in. They had to take a lot of teasing, and Bruce had claimed to have seen it coming. They had both taken a break from JLA duties to spend time with each other and build up their relationship and had only recently gone back to full time duty.

Today was christening of Donna and Terry's daughter, Lia.

'Daunting,' her husband replied ruefully. 'How does it feel, becoming a godmother?' he returned teasingly.

'Daunting,' she laughingly echoed his reply.

The last year had seen a lot of changes in Kal: he was more demonstrative in his love and affection, was softer, gentler, and there wasn't a day went by when she needed to doubt his love. It hadn't all been easy, but then she hadn't expected it to be, and the reward of being loved by Kal and loving him in return had more than made up for any awkward moments they might have had.

'But not as daunting as the prospect of be coming parents ourselves,' she added softly.

Superman shrugged. 'I'm sure we'll cope if the time ever comes—Diana?' He looked closely at her suddenly glowing face.

She got up to come around the table to hug him from behind. 'I've been trying to find the right moment to tell you—'

'The right moment?' He pulled her down on to his knee, his eyes glowing his pleasure. 'I can't believe it! Are you pleased?' he suddenly faltered.

She looked up at him unblinkingly. 'Ec static!' Their dark-haired, blue-eyed baby! Kal's baby.

'You've given me so much—'

'We've given each other so much,' she cor rected firmly, her fingertips on his lips. 'And now we're going to have a child to love and share, too.'

'All my Christmases are yours!' He buried his face in her neck.

Yes, forever.