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Chapter 1


Two years had passed since Alice left Underland, and each and every day her memories of it became more and more distorted. In fact, the only aspect of it that she could remember clearly was that pair of bright green eyes, the same eyes that haunted her dreams every night. How she longed to see them once more.

"Alice..." The voice was distant, almost non-existent.


Alice blinked as her eyes re focused to her surroundings. Slowly, she turned her head away from the window to look at her mother, who was giving her a scolding glare.

"Have you been listening to anything I've been saying?" She fumed.

Alice yawned, unamused by her mother's ramblings.

"Yes, yes, you've been talking about the same thing for months now..." Alice turned to look out the window once more, "Why should today be any different..."

"Alice dear.. You're 21 this year, and your pretty face won't hold out forever.." She glanced at her daughter, who was day dreaming once again, "I don't understand why you haven't chosen anyone to marry. I've brought you many suitors, but you always turn them down. There are only so many Lords and Barons who are willing to marry someone of your age."

Alice frowned at her mother's statement. She did not want to marry some Lord who does not wonder what it would be like to fly, or ponder the riddle to why a raven is like a writing desk.... In fact, she wasn't sure she wished to marry at all.. So bothersome..

She sighed and continued day dreaming about a certain set of green eyes.


"Alice dear, this is Lord Jonathan Blakemore, the 3rd."
Alice held out her hand lazily, not really interested. The man kissed her hand and returned it to her.

Alice's mother nudged her. "He's in line to inherit a large trading company in Europe." She smiled at him and turned to leave the two alone.

Alice sighed at her mother's all-too-obvious action. Looking up at the young man now standing in front of her, she noted how his hair was too bland of brown, and not nearly messy enough, and how dull and boring his brown eyes were, no shine of curiosity at all. All and all he was a moderately attractive gentleman, but by no means interesting to her.

"So your mother told me you were apprenticing in your father's old trading company." He flashed her charming smile, "She also told me that you came up with the idea of trading with China. How on Earth did you come up with that?"

Alice studied his face, Men and their politics have they nothing more interesting to talk of..

"It came to me in a dream." She smiled proudly.

The man scoffed a chuckle, "A dream? How ridiculous. Dreaming is for young children and poor people" He was laughing at her. At HER.

Alice glared at the Lord, "I'll have you know I dream all the time, about places far better than this one and people far kinder than YOU!" she shrieked and stormed off into the forest.

"Who does he think he is?? Telling me that my dreams are silly and childish. The nerve of him" Alice mumbled angrily to herself, not paying attention to the direction she was going.


The White Queen stood with her hand to her face in worry.

"He's been like this for days your majesty." the Dormouse lowered her head in defeat. "We've tried everything to snap him out of it."

"Nay, weeks." the Mare Hare twitched and broke the bottom of his tea cup on the table, but proceeded to continue sipping at it none the less.

The Queen cleared her throat and walked up to the table.

"Hatter... what's the matter?" Her face softened at his distant ramblings, but he remained unfocused and continued bantering on about this and that.

The Queen sighed and stood there a moment trying to make out what the Hatter might possibly be trying to say in amongst his ramblings. Then suddenly she heard a name, at first she was unsure if she heard correctly, for it was barely a whisper.


The Queen smiled, she too missed those blond curls and that quirky personality. Looking down at the white rabbit once more, he just nodded and ran off into the forest.


Alice frowned, now which way did I come from? None of this looks familiar...

She was getting worried for it was getting late and would be dark soon..

"They'll come looking for me, mother and the others... right?" She was trying to comfort herself, unsuccessfully.

She leaned against a nearby tree and slumped to the ground in defeat, she was most definitely, and incoherently, lost.

Bringing her knees to her chest she placed her head down and sighed, "I never should have stormed off like that.. I'm so stupid sometimes.."

"Maybe foolish dear girl, but never stupid." Alice jolted her head up in search of the voice.

"..Who who's there?" she tried not to stutter while frantically scanning the dimly lit shrubbery.

The white rabbit bounced out in front of her, startling her to a stand.

"Who.. Who are y.. you?" Alice was terrified by this unusual sight before her, a small white rabbit, wearing clothing and carrying a pocket watch.

The rabbit shook its head in disappointment, and began hopping away.

"Waa waiit!" Alice called, extending her arm out, "White rabbit! Come back!" before she knew it, she was chasing this creature that not a moment sooner she was terrified of. But curiosity always got the best of her.

Running through the bushes blindly, not really certain if she was really chasing anything at all, it may have just been her imagination playing tricks on her in the dark. But Alice didn't care, anything was better than sitting around waiting to be saved. That is if she even wanted to be saved anyways, I mean if they ever found her, they would just force her to marry. She didn't want to be forced to do anything anymore. She was so tired of taking orders..

Alice came to a small clearing amongst the trees and decided to stop and have a rest. She saw a large tree whose roots were sticking part way out of the ground and slowly growing back down. It made a sort of hiding place beneath the tree itself. Curiosity, once again getting the better of her, caused her to peer into the darkness under the tree. There was a small hole, possibly a den Alice figured, probably for a rabbit... A rabbit? She turned back and peered further into the hole.

"White rabbit? Are you there?" Alice called down the hole not really expecting an answer.

Suddenly she heard someone clear their throat behind her. She straightened her back and turned to look at who it was to find her. Only to see the white rabbit standing there.

"Oh" she exclaimed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you Mr. White Rabbit"

The rabbit proceeded to tap on his pocket watch.

"We haven't the time Ms. Alice," He began approaching her, "We're late, so very late, the Hatter needs you, oh, you're so very late" he tapped her clock once again.

"The hatter..?" She looked at him confused, "What hatter? I don't know any hat..." Alice paused a moment. "Hatter..." Her eyes widened and those green eyes that had haunted her for years flashed into her mind.

"Tarrant.." Alice sighed in happiness. "Wait.. What's wrong with Tarrant??" she wore a panicked look upon her face.

"No time to explain, we're late we're late, we're LATE" The white rabbit grabbed Alice arm and proceeded to tug her towards the rabbit hole.

"But I won't fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" Alice tumbled down the hole, passing all kinds of furniture, lamps, book cases, and beds. She landed, hard, and groaned disoriented by the fall.

"Where am I?" she looked around at the various doors before her.

She reached for a door, but paused a moment, and then pushed the curtain beside it aside to reveal a tiny hidden door. Turning, she walked to the table in the middle of the small room and grasped the key and drank the little bottle, unsurprised when she proceeded to shrink. Unfortunately, her clothes did not shrink along with her this time. Ripping a piece of her dress off, she wrapped herself in it to cover her nakedness, and began walking to the door.

Walking through the door, she didn't realize she had forgotten to grab some cake to adjust her height. Annoyed at herself, Alice began searching for someone to ask for help.


The White Queen sat next to the mad hatter and silently drank some tea, hoping the rabbit would return soon. She sighed and placed the cup down, having difficulty seeing her dear friend in such a sad state.

"Hatter." She stated, "Do you know what today is?" She smiled when he stopped for a moment.

"Today is your unbirthday.." her smiled faded when he began rambling once more. Thinking quickly an idea came to mind, "And it's a very special unbirthday indeed," She glanced at him, "For I have a very special gift for you.." He didn't even flinch, not even once. She took a deep breath, "Alice.." The Queen began, and her eyes quickly darted to the Hatters reaction.

"A.. a.. a.. al.. Alice..." his eyes turned orange momentarily, and he jumped from his seat and ran across the table, spilling tea everywhere and destroying countless cups and plates. He took off into the forest ranting and raving and... crying?

"Oh dear.." The White Queen frowned.. "I had hoped that might bring him around.." She stood up from the table, gently placing her tea cup down, and began her return to the castle. Oh Hatter, I hope you'll be alright after Alice returns.. You must..


She's not coming back, never coming back. She said she'd come back, never back, never come back. Alice lied, she left, left me. Left me. Naughty girl. I wait. I wait every day. Every day for Alice. Alice.. Everyday... ALICE. Alice.. Alice... Please come back.. I lo.. Never coming back!

He ran blindly into the darkness of the forest, not caring where he may end up, not caring if he ever ends up anywhere that's anywhere at all. Not at all did he care, for all he could think about right now was running and Alice. How he missed his Alice..

After running for what seemed like forever, but was really about fifteen minutes, he slowed to a walk. He was dizzy, light headed, couldn't think, he liked this, it distracted him from his pain.

Sitting down, he took a moment to regain his breath. Breathing slowly, his mind began to return to him, he looked in a puddle nearby and frowned at his reflection, he was mess. He sighed and placed his head in his hands.

It was silent for a long time, he liked the silence, but hated it at the same time. It was calming, but also a reminded that he was in fact, alone.

He sighed as he began to lose himself in himself once again and began to mumble incoherent gibberish to himself once again..


Alice grumbled as she walked, knowing she wasn't really getting anywhere very fast.

"Why Alice, why so gloomy, it's such a wonderful evening." Cheshire's head materialized before her. "I see after these past years, you're still size challenged." He chuckled disappearing.

"Cheshire," Alice looked around searching for the mischievous cat.

"Yess?" he appeared above her upside down smiling.

"You wouldn't happen to know where I can get some of the growing cake would you." She sounded desperate.

"Hmmm.. well let me think now." Cheshire stroked his chin and disappeared, reappearing in front of Alice. "Now I'm certain I saw some just earlier, now where was that cake.." He disappeared once more.

"Cheshiiree" Alice pleaded, "Please, you must know where I might find some."

"Oh yes, of course, how could I forget, silly me." He evaporated once again.

Alice grew frustrated. Where did he go? He wouldn't just leave her like this, would he?

"Cheshire?" she became nervous, "Cheshire??" Looking frantically around for his devilish smile.

Suddenly something fell from the sky and landed on her.

"Oooof" she groaned.

"Oh, so sorry, didn't see you down there, you're so tiny" Cheshire smiled innocently.

Alice sat up, and smiled, quickly grabbing the cake that had knocked her down. She took a bite and shot up.

"Am I the right size again?" She asked.

"How would I know your size silly girl, you could be ten feet tall for all I know, I mean if you don't even know your own size then how should I?" Cheshire laughed as he began to fade.

"Thank you Cheshire!" Alice called, unsure if he heard her. Glancing down at herself, she noticed that the cloth she has ripped from her dress had, in fact, grown with her, thank heavens. Nothing here ever made any sense, but that's what she loved most, how something that made absolutely no sense, could make total sense when she was here.

She wrapped the torn cloth tighter around her slender figure and began walking, unsure of where it was she was heading. Should have asked Cheshire when he was here she thought to herself.

She stopped walking for a moment, there was a sound, talking? But where was it coming from? Alice closed her eyes and listened intently. Opening her eyes, she began walking to the left, off the beaten path, and came to a small clearing in the forest. Squinting slightly, she searched the darkness for the one producing the vocals that she can now hear so well. None of what she could hear made any sense, it was complete gibberish.

Suddenly, there, she spotted someone sitting on the ground, hugging their knees to their chest. But who was it? Who would sit in the dark and rant and.. cry? Alice approached the figure, and began to recognize the outline of this stranger, which turned out to be the very person she had set out to find..

"..Hatter?" Alice softly called his name. Now standing in front of him. When he did not reply, she knelt in front of him and placed her hand on his wrist to move it from his face.

"Hatter? What's wrong?" She frowned when he did not acknowledge her presence. Alice sighed, and placed his head in her hands to force him to look at her.

"Hatter? It's me, Alice." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Never come back. Alice. Never came back. Left me. Left. Left me.." He mumbled eyes still looking down.

Alice was heartbroken, did he really think she was never coming back? Was she going to? She couldn't remember. If she could she would have definitely come back. Back to Underland, back to him. In fact, she was back.

"Tarrant?" her eyes were watering now, so hurt by his appearance now that her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, he was a complete mess, and it was all her fault.

Tarrant's eyes darted up feeling the silent sobs of that who was kneeling in front of him. Eyes widening. He stuttered.

"A.. A.. A... Al.. Alice" and without thinking, he lunged forward and captured her lips with his. The electricity pulsing through their lips was enough to send anyone over the edge, he hungrily nipped at her now tender lips, so full of passion, neither of them ever wanted it to end. Alice wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss, just as hungry for it as he.

Tarrant's eyes widened suddenly, and he jumped back, startling Alice. He was breathing hard, terrified, what had he done?

He quickly looked down and covered his face in shame, and began sobbing into his hands.

Alice sat there, light headed, what just happened? He kissed me.. He kissed me? I kissed him back.. I never knew a kiss could be so... Alice placed her fingers to her lips, "electrifying" She whispered and closed her eyes for a moment, before realizing that the Hatter was sobbing.

"Tarrant.. What's the matter?" she frowned, did he regret it?

"I.. I'm... I'm so so.. So sorry.. So sorry Alice... I had no right... I mean.. I never should have... I'm so sorry..." He stuttered not daring to look at her.

She stood up and began walking over to him. She knelt down in front of him again, and removed his hand from his face and held it in her own.

"Tarrant..." she closed her eyes and leaned into him, capturing his lips once again with as much passion as she could, telling all she could not say.

His eyes widened, then softened, before he closed them and kissed her back just as fiercely.

Nipping at his lower lip, Tarrant opened his mouth so Alice could forever taste him in her mouth, the sweetness of tea, as well as the sweetness of him. She sighed into the kiss.

They, unwillingly, parted, needing to breath. The air that entered their lungs was cold, but satisfying. Alice opened her eyes to meet those two gorgeous green eyes that had haunted her dreams for so long. He held her closely, humming, he had his Alice back.


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