Okay, thank you all! This is just something I thought I'd write cause I'm bored! Ha,

Peace be with you.


APOV (Alice)

I slowly walked up the streets in London; the family thought it'd be nice to take a vacation, personally I really thought it was a great idea! The shopping here is great, and it was getting Edward out of the house. After we left, we all changed. But after the first 50 years we just sorta started to get over it. Tried to move on. We all still missed Bella, but she died, many , many years ago. So we tried to move on, and it's getting better. Other then Edward.

"Heard that" he grumbled.

"Hey look" I said smiling, "Poetry reading! By the Author too! Wouldn't that be nice?" I said turning to face my family, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward and my lovely Jasper.

"Sounds great" Carlisle smiled,

We all walked into the book store and sat down with others who were clutching books to their chests and whispering amongst themselves about how thrilled they are that they're going to meet the author and how they love her work.

"This shall be interesting" Esme whispered, "Everyone seems to love her work" she continued.

I man walked up to the microphone "Okay, and here is Mary Tayler" people clapped and he walked off, a women walked off, around 25, maybe 26. She was beautiful, tall, graceful she had long hair that was in a plait hanging down her back and she had some stray hair hanging around her face. What shocked me the most was the butter scotch eyes I have only seen on my family.

"Hello everybody" she spoke, her voice like bells and she had a English accent, "I'd like to thank you for coming, and for all your letters, they give me inspiration" she smiled, showing off a set of perfect white teeth, "I'd like to read a new poem I just finished, so you're the first to hear it" people clapped and she grinned, "So here it is, it's called 'dear my ex-boyfriend'"

"You took a piece of my heart,
When you said you couldn't stay.
I lived those following moments,
Thinking you'd come back one day.

When you left, what happened?
How come you made us disappear?
We had so much love in us,
But you are no longer here.

Will we go back to how we were?
And walk down those roads again.
All those miles that we held on for,
Then you said we were at the end.

Tell me, do you ever think of me?
And still wonder if I'm holding on.
Do you regret walking away from us?
Now that our lasting love is gone.

From day to day, I think of you,
And often wonder how you are.
You'd be driving around by now,
Have you received your loved car?

Sometimes I wonder what if?
We hadn't ended when we had.
Would we be talking about marriage,
And reminiscing on things gone bad.

Well, I'm twenty-six now and I'm okay,
Although I have never had another love near.
I still look for you in crowded rooms,
and remember that you're not here.

Just thought I might write to you now,
As there are something's I want to say.
I know deep down that we won't talk again,
But it would've been our two year anniversary. Today."

She finished up the poem with tears in her eyes and everyone clapped, then I noticed. This wasn't Mary someone-whatever it was Bella Swan.

My eyes went wide at this realization and I looked at my family, they looked back at me, with the same expression that was on my face. "Bella" I mouthed to them and they all nodded, I looked to Edward who was on my other side; he was just staring at Bella with a look of amazement.

"Okay this is next one people have been sending letters to me about, the metaphor I used, well I'm keeping why I wrote this one a secret" She winked and some people laughed "This one's called Vampire" I glanced at my family before I looked back to Bella.

"Eyes shown bright with excitement and fury,
pale and white against the moonlight.
A hunter of the dusk,
a killer.

Teeth bared,
longing for the blood.
A helpless victim running along,
he watches like a hawk with its prey.
Quietly moving through the darkness,
those black eyes never losing sight of their meal.

A murderer,
a predator of all thing living.
Top of the food chain,
no one has a clue.
Inhumanly handsome,
a face like a god.

Blood lust is the key to living,
he closes in on the helpless girl.
She has no clue she's near death,
in a strong and impossibly fast gesture he's at her throat.

To stunned to scream,
he sucks the life out of her."

She finished the dark poem and everyone clapped loudly, to me it sounded like the new born years. "Thank you" she said, "I'll start the book signing now" she announced before walking off stage, she sat down at a plastic desk and people started to line up, I quickly bought a book and got in line to get it signed.

I got up to her and she didn't look up as I passed the book "Name?" she asked and looked up her eyes went wide "A-Alice" she whispered, "Hey Bella" I said, she shook her head and quickly sighed the book "You have to leave" she said standing up, "Why Bella?" I asked hurt "Just leave" she said, "Bella, please let us explain" I said, "No," she said simply I moved to the side and she quickly signed the last two books and started to walk out of the book store, "Bella!" I said going after her I could hear the rest of my family trailing after us, she turned into a ally way and we all followed,

She spun around to meet us "Leave" she said simply, "Bella, Please." Edward pleaded, "Go away, all of you!" she all but screamed, another vampire, a very intimidating male vampire jumped down from a building and came and wrapped a arm around Bella's waste, I heard a small growl come from Edward. "hello, my Bella" he said looking at Bella, "Hello, Daryl" she greeted, "Who are your friends?" he said facing us. Before any of us could speak Bella did, "No one, just fans of my work" she said and sent me a look saying 'don't argue'. "Oh," Daryl said and smiled "Well we should be getting home, shouldn't we Bella?" he said looking at Bella again "Yes, that we should" at that they left and I faced my family.

"Her mate?" I asked, "I couldn't read his mind" Edward said, "and I couldn't read his emotions" Jasper put in and I put a comforting arm around his waist.


I quickly walked with Daryl into the mansion, not walking in front of him and not beside but a few metres behind him. He was in a rage, strange vampires he doesn't know have that affect on him. He stormed into the main room and spun around to face me, "Who are they!" he demanded, "I don't know" I lied, "Rubbish!" he said, "You know who they are and you're protecting them" he said, he always did have a way of reading me "I'm sorry Lord Daryl" I whispered, "So you do know them!" he said he stormed over and through me into the wall, I crumbled to the floor and stayed there staring at the perfect marble, "Answer me!" he demanded, "Yes, I know them from when I was human," I whispered, he laughed "Then they're no threat, they have no claim I presume?" he asked,

"No, mi lord. They don't even know the trade exists" I said, god how I hate the trade.